Smart slut

Tonight we talked…very briefly. He has work to do to prepare for a meeting tomorrow (yes, tomorrow, before we meet).

No O for nilla tonight.

Gods it’s been since Tuesday. I know for some subs that isn’t very long at all…but for this “spoiled slut”…it’s practically a lifetime. And that’s all *my* fault for reminding him on Sunday about this little “pause” in my O’s that He used to do when we first got together.

My family has gone on their mini-vacation, leaving me rattling around my house alone. It’s nice, actually. Quiet and peaceful and I have things to do and can do them at my own pace without interruptions. I texted Him when they left.

I was surprised to go up with laundry a bit later and find a response from Him.

Within the hour that they go, put your nipple clamps on for 11 minutes.

*shivers delightedly*

I did as He had directed, and texted Him when it was done. He didn’t respond, as I expected. But to me, it felt very much like a “now you’re fully Mine” gesture.

I went to work, and when I came home texted Him again. He responded when He could, but it was fairly quiet. Then I come back down from doing more “stuff” and there is another text from Master.

At 8 p.m. put pegs on your nipples for 11 minutes.

I text my “Yes, Sir” response, and another one when the task is done. And I’m so wanton. Wet, and ready.

After all, it’s Friday night, right?

That’s when it hits me. . . He is not  going to fuck me. Get me hot? Check. Bothered? Double check.

I text Him.

He texts me back.


Nuthin’ for nilla.

After a bit, we talk. He has “microscopic” time for me.

Which it turns out, is verrah lucky for this slut.

You know, nilla, I thought about making you have a half-O tonight.

There is a long pause. I’m almost afraid to breathe. He goes on to say that He doesn’t have time to listen to me moan and whimper, doesn’t have time to set it up.

Doesn’t have time.

We chat, briefly, about tomorrow.

And then His voice drops into “Sexy Dom” register. My pussy sits up and whines.

You know what else I was thinking of, slut?

I was thinking of multiple half o’s. Maybe 30 minutes apart, maybe an hour. That thought is still in my head nilla. But the time is so limited, and I’m busy and I really need to go….

Once more I’m afraid to breathe, afraid any percieved “fear factor” that He picks up on (and He is so adroit at picking up on it) will land me  a passel full of half-o’s.

Thanks, but yanno? No. (shakes head, backs away slowly).

“Goodnight Master!” I rush to fill in the questioning silence.

He laughs. A deep, sexual laugh.

Yanno slut, that’s the smartest thing you’ve  ever said. Goodnight nilla.


clit flicking ~or~`torture by the hour.

Thursday is ZNN.

No touching. Nada.

Except….this Thursday?  Was ZNN… with a little sadistic twist.

Wednesday night we talked. And teased. And He was musing about my lack of O’s and “oh, too bad it’ll be ZNN for the little girl tomorrow,” He chuckles at me. I grumble. I had been sure that I could tease an O out of Him, but alas. He remembered an off-hand remark I made this  past weekend about the week of abstinence prior to a meet. Turns out He had forgotten about that, and I fucked myself in the ass with that one. Duh.

So….He chortled through reminding me about my epic fuck-up in reminding Him, and then hmmmm.

Master “hmmmmming” never bodes well for me.

Now, Monday He usually sets aside some time for torture. (That looks so funny, just written like that. Like I set aside time for ironing, He sets aside time for torment. *grin*)

This week was clit flicks every hour and half hour beginning at noon. It is a double edged sword, that thing. It hurts! And…it turns me on. And then I’m denied an Orgasm and that makes me triple-fucked. Geeze.

He decided to revisit Clit Flicking….on ZNN…just to keep me focused, He said. And I reminded Him that I had to go to work during some of the hours.

He offered me a “deal”…..


A deal with the Devil. I could continue as scheduled, from 11 a.m matching clit-flicks to the hour (11 flicks at 11, 12 at noon, 1 at one…you all are smart, I know you get it!) Then on the half-hour, a pussy squeeze to equal, in seconds, the total sum of the numbers added together. (12:30 would be 6 seconds squeeze time …1+2+3+0=6…get it?)

The unfortunate part?

Pussy squeezes turn me on like crazy. I have very weak hands, and yet, even when I do it, it makes me hummmm with pleasure.

The deal, His deal, went like this: I could do the day as outlined, including doing it at work (easy enough to slip into a bathroom in my job and attend to this), and go to bed whenever I chose.

It would be a bit of a hassle, stopping what I was doing to run to the bathroom every 30 minutes.


I could do 11 and noon, then have a break until 9 at night, but. I had to stay up until midnight to get that last 12 flicks in there.

Oh boy.

I took the deal. That long window of opportunity to not have to clit flick was too tempting.

So here it is, almost 1030 pm. (4 seconds of pussy squeezing coming up momentarily) I am tired and want to sleep…but I have 90 more minutes of torture to be attentive for. Damn.


And each time it’s flicking time, the pain is worser. And every squeeze of my pussy pushes on that tender clit. And I’m sore. And I’m turned on. And I’m wanton.

And tomorrow is Friday Night Fuck.

Which He has already told me will have precious little chance of happening, since Saturday looms.

“I like you horny and wanton,” He says.

Yeah. I grok it.