Happy Nekkid Dancing


Hey, you know how I was talkin’ the other day about my stats? And how I had almost every continent? But I didn’t have Greenland, Iceland, or Antarctica? (and YES! I know Greenland and Iceland are not continents!!!)

Read my weekly stats yesterday…guess who has a reader in GREENLAND!!! Woot. It’s silly to be so thrilled, isn’t it? But I’ll tell you a small tiny nilla secret.

I love maps.

LOVE maps. One of the best things of my weekend job is getting to look at a map to route drivers….omg. I so LOVE that. And so watching the map of the Earth come “alive” with all the colors, showing me where you all have popped in from excites me.

Though honestly? Not as much as today being Today excites me!

Today is Play Day for Master and nilla. As you read this we’re off doing our separate day thing. I’m at work and He’s….also likely working, actually. But by day’s end, we’ll meet up, and have dinner together, and …then there will be fire works. Big ones. 🙂

Someone asked me in comments the other day about the header. I admit I am woefully behind in comments…typing is a huge chore for me just now as I attempted to remove a slice of finger this week while cutting something. The wound is not ginormous, but it has to be well covered…and bulky bandages hit multiple keys simultaneously.

This is very frustrating to me…I type fast, normally. Having to go back and fix, fix, fix all the fucking typo’s is annoying as shit. (heh. I typo’d ‘hit’ there… Freudian slip, anyone?)

So, back to the header question…yes, the header is in order of curiosity. If I could, I’d move those last few floggers right off the page. Wordwitch has offered me advice on how to “pop” the strings (which are rubber, people. Rucking rubber!) (that was supposed to say “fucking”…see what I mean?) But no. I just know He’ll figure it out all by Himself.

And then there is the hairbrush, for follow-up.

And …yanno..there was that little nipple thing this week. He’s promising to write something on my ass…using the blows from the brush to form the letters.

I really hope it’s a small word.

9 thoughts on “Happy Nekkid Dancing

  1. Wolf is looking forward to hearing how things go with the toys. I’ve been cautioned not to say anything about your header alignment. (biting my fist here!) Else there will be “hell” to pay. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. no, i did research those after someone else mentioned them. The rope floggers have a bit of not quite a barb but a little rubber bit wrapped around the knot…and that fucking A hurt.

      soft rope floggers are NOT soft on impact.

      Just sayin’…


  2. I Don ‘t know if this helps your statz or not but I have been stationed in both Iceland and Antarctica. Of course nilla was just young lady then. Tip

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