Ass Ache

You know how when someone drives us nuts, crazy, and annoys us how we call them an ass-ache? “That Mr. Cameron…he is such  an ass-ache. He made me redo that report 3 times before he accepted it.”

That is not the kind of ass ache I am experiencing.

This is serious, deep-seated pain. (oh, punny!)

I’m kinda crooked as He beat on my left cheek way more than my right. And we had all sorts of adventures, but right now my head is still firmly wrapped in subspace.

I’m a bruised and battered piece of slut.  There will be more, later. Tomorrow later. But there will be more. Later tonight, perhaps, I will sit my bruised butt down and start to process our adventure. You can be sure of one thing.

I am smiling my happy ass off.

oh…and Wolf?

I might just hate you. 🙂