Pain and Sex

There are a ton of images floating in my head. Upstairs. Downstairs. In the kitchen, in my room. So much that I am still processing. So much I want to hold close. So much I want to say.

I want to start here, though. At the junction of pain and sex. Where blows to my body make me leak. Early on, right after dinner, He spanked me, bare hands on my ass. His touch turns me on, lights my internal slut engine. Is it the beating? Or is the feeling of Him touching me?  Some cosmic pairing of His pain and my lust seem to slam together with every blow, sending searing jolts of sex between my legs, with every slap of His hand on my throbbing ass.

And oh! The feeling of His skin touching mine. A caress, then a slap.  His hands are strong. He pinches me,  as if sizing up my butt for more. And then it comes. Another slap. Then a thud. He has this way of striking me with the heel of His hand in a painful punchy-esque slap.  My butt goes from shock at the initial blows, to a tingle, to a throb. I feel the heat burning up towards him, and down to my sex.

Which do I crave more in that moment, pain or touch?

Don’t know. All I know is that there is need, one that is  deep, burning, intense.  Need for more more more of the slaps. Need for the touch, for the brutal blows to keep coming. Need for His Beast, need for Him.

He makes me wanton, makes me moan and grunt. Every slap makes me whimper just a bit. Yet I remain, face pushed into the couch, ass up and available to Him. Do I try to rise up? I think I did. I remember His hand pushing me back down, His voice telling me not to move.

My hair is a tangled mess. My ass throbs. My pussy leaks.

And I remain, face-first on the couch, kneeling on the floor. He’s slapping me. It hurts, but it’s good, too. There is no rhyme, no pattern. He hits when He wants to, where He wants to, how hard He wants to.

And then He stops.

His fingers slip down my asscrack, and I hear Him “Hmmmmm” as He finds my lower folds.

He leans over my back, growls into my ear.

“You’re wet.”

That’s all. He says nothing else, just a Master’s comment on His property. And that makes me wetter. More wanton. I want Him to fuck me.

Instead, the couch moves as He shifts.

And sits on my back to watch the football game on the television. And to spank. To spank. To drum-beat spank upon my bottom.

Turning me on with the disharmony of His strikes, the warmth of His ass on me, the weight and  presence of Him, using me as His chair.

“The couch,” His voice comes from far away, “is far too soft. You, slut, are just right.”

He’s correct (as usual)…everything, everything, is “just right.”

11 thoughts on “Pain and Sex

  1. ROFLOL! Ah Nilla the couch? Oh my….
    Wolf spanks with his hand and does a ‘thuddy’ too. And while you are a couch/chair, I am his pillow and teddy bear. 🙂
    (especially when he doesn’t feel good)

    1. I wouldn’t mind being His teddy bear. Well…maybe I would. I don’t like being constrained when I sleep (I am a very restless sleeper.)



      1. 🙂 Wolf is a very nice person to do the teddy bear thing.

        And in some ways it isn’t so much constraint as puppy pile. He did use it though in a constraint manner to get me over some bad tapes. (ex’s… grrrr)

    1. oh, it was the best. So much shorter than I wanted, but…we made the most of what time we did have. Three hours is better than nothing, and just spending time together is special. Thanks sis!


  2. Oh, you are a wonderful writer. I love this. What is it with spanking and pain anyway that makes it so good? I don’t know, but it is for me too.

    1. thank you ancilla….a lovely compliment, and I do apologize for how long it took to get back and thank you for it. Vanilla life has been a bit…overwhelming of late. But spanking pain is…it’s more than erotic. It is freeing. (for me at least)…where I can cry a bit, and just…let go…in ways I cannot in any other aspect of my life. When my entire focus becomes His hand (or tools) on my body. I don’t have to think, just feel, just be.

      There’s such honesty there, isn’t that so for you? He strikes, i react…moan, cry, whimper…and it is just the two of us, and the sharing of pain…


  3. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time.
    I love that image of you as sofa.
    And that mix of pain and lust and need that is just so hot.. been a long time between drinks for me! Thanks for sharing your joy~

    1. I hope you get your “drink” of pain soon nancy. It is quite the thing. It hurts, hurts a lot and at the same time, I could feel how wet I was getting. There is a throb that just thuds through my entire body…it says something like “alive, you’re SO alive…”…


  4. You describe the connection between the feel, the touch of His hand, and the reaction to the spanks. It is why hand spankings are always the best….Nilla as a couch….Your Master is creative!
    hugs abby

    1. It was pure fantasy for me, come to life. Nilla as a couch, tugged around by my hair, thrown on the floor, used as a footstool, and a spankable chair.

      oh yes, it was so, so good! Thanks abby!


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