Forced Orgasm Blog


That’s how someone searches for me, if not daily, then pretty often. Is it you? I don’t mind at all, you know. So don’t feel you need to out yourself here. I think it’s cute. And hot. Hawt.

You all are reading and wondering where is the story I need to write for Master, aren’t you? I have a one day reprieve. I accomplished a MAJOR milestone today in my renovation project, and I was tired. Psyched, but tired. Sometimes, in my head, I forget I’m not in my 20’s anymore. Doing big projects tires me out. Not that I’m complaining about my age…I am loving my 50’s. Just don’t have the stamina I had back in the day. So, major accomplishments come with a bucketful of tired.

And the Patriot’s are playing …or attempting to…I came to bed at half-time because I’m tired and I was stressing too much. But I know Master is glued to the screen. He may not yell much, but He gets pretty invested in the game. *I* yell a ton, and that’s not good with the kids in bed. Best for me to be up here, and talking to you guys.

So what’s up?

I got to be with Master for a bit tonight. It was something we’d planned on, not a play day, just a wee bit of face time. I was going to meet Him at the gym, but as I was driving, I had a feeling. At a stop light, I checked my phone. Yes, there was a text from Him. A “Change In Plans” text, that makes me feel all fretful, worried.

There, I didn’t even know what it was about and I was already feeling crestfallen.  Jump the gun much, nilla? uh huh.

I called Him. And immediately am relieved. He still wants to meet.


I needed to go to Starbucks now, and He’d be there waiting for me. And He was. As soon as I got there, He ordered me into His car. “Change in plans” He says, and that is all. We chat about this and that as He drives.

He’s taking back roads, beautiful area where He lives. And we pull up in front of a farmstand.

An Ice Cream stand.

He’s taken me on an outing to get an ice cream cone!! He’d told me that one day He would…and this was the day. It was a chilly evening, and we stood and licked our ice creams, and looked at the cows. He has such a dirty mind. I do love that about Him. And we were talking about cows fucking (which made me laugh aisha, and Donna, regarding our prior emails about animal fucking….) (won’t people get to wondering about that, eh? LOL!), and I was just giggling. It was fun. We didn’t stay terribly long, just long enough to munch them down to nubbins, and then got in the car because we were both chilled to the marrow.

And He drove me back to my car, and we kissed, and He tickled me, the fucking brute. 🙂 I do hate being tickled. Kinda. Sorta. Okay, not by Him. But kinda. It’s confusing, and I don’t feel like pondering on that tonight.

We’re sitting in His car and I’m about to go.

“Oh, Master! You know what I really, really  want to do?”

I lean against Him and bat my eyelashes at Him. He sighs, rolls His eyes.

“What, nilla?” He says at last.

“I want to write You an orgasm report tomorrow,” I say, my voice chipper and hopeful.

He laughs.

“Clever slut. To write that report, you’d have to have an O tonight…” to which I nod and smile encouragingly.

“I know,” He says, His eyes dancing. Rut roe. “How about you write the report as IF you had the O…and don’t?”

Oh, He doesn’t like being manipulated. And I so was trying to (yes, I can admit to it!). And I laughed, and pleaded.

And then He had me tell Him my O report from last night, since He hadn’t had time to read the one I sent Him this morning. I’ve not missed sending even ONE!. Talking the report is something I have a hard time doing. I had to explain that my masturbation was short and frenetic, for two reasons. I didn’t even have time to build a proper fantasy! First, I was racing the clock. It was getting ever closer to midnight and that is the end of my opportunity to cum for that day. AND….it was lightning outside. And who whats to die with a vibe (a plug-in vibe) in their pussy? That’s the kind of stuff they put on Fox news, yanno?

So I told Him straight up. No fantasy Master, just this fucking-fucking-fucking, get that vibe going, and hanging. I had to hang and hang and hang…and I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it and there was this wicked flash of lighting and I thought, I’m gonna die doing this, and then I pictured YOU there saying “for fucks sake nilla, cum NOW” and I did.

He nods sagely.

And yes, I said it just like I typed it, one giantly long run-on sentence. And it was hard enough to get it out. Talking my masturbation is painfully hard for me.

Writing them is way easier.

“Well, tonight you’ll have plenty of time for your orgasm, slut.”

I jump in and thank Him immediately. And then wonder about the long time part.

“Because, you’ll have the small plug up your ass. Clamps on your nipples. No vibe. NO vibe, got it?”  I nod, yes. “And finger fucking. It will take you a good, long time to get there tonight nilla. Fingerfuck.”

I sigh.

Truly, fingerfucking is not fun for me. I have short arms. It’s difficult. And frustrating.  Forced orgasm? Forced fingerfucking. Forced to do it HIS way.  And it takes for-fucking-ever to cum.

He knows.

He just likes it that way.



9 thoughts on “Forced Orgasm Blog

  1. I’m laughing and giggling as I’m reading this and Wolf of course asks what I’m laughing about. So, I start all over and read it through from the beginning. He laughed at all the “right parts”. Said you were incorrageable, and laughed when he said it.

    I’m glad you got an ice cream cone and face time. Good luck with that O.

    love and hugs!

  2. Ooooooh, ice cream and face time and an orgasm all in the same day! You are a lucky slut! PLUS you got your house stuff done?

    SMH, what an amazing day, Ms. ‘nilla.



    1. SMH…nilla does not know this acronym!


      it would have been PERFECT…if I hadn’t slipped between the sheets and instantly fallen asleep. I NEVER do that. Like, ever. AND….i slept the night through. That never happens either. I woke up at 7:15, completely rested, and very horny.

      and of course He said NO last night. Still, Sunday was an awesome evening!


  3. What a picture I have in my demented mind… Short little lady with very large brea.., trying to reach her pussy with short little arms trying to have a O. It really is quite a picture… and you painted it. Tip

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