Fucking Asshole

some dragon for today…..tastes good with…your favorite topping…~nilla~, laughing evilly…..

The ropes bit into her wrists and ankles. She could always count on Andy to secure her well, but this was fucking ridiculous. As she’d stepped from the kitchen to the bedroom, He’d grabbed her from behind, scaring the shit out of her, blindfolded her with that fucking hood, and thrown her on the bed. Things got a bit hazy then, as she struggled with Him, but also for breath.

It was hard to feel excited and turned on over the annoyance factor. She had a shit day, her boss was a fucking asshole. She’d said that about him in the break room, ranting about what a jerk-off he was. Nitpicking her work to death, it was like working for a cranky 2-year-old sometimes. He didn’t like this, he didn’t like that. All she wanted now was a glass of wine, to kick off her heels and peel down her hose and unwind a bit. Yet, here she was, tied down and unable to vent to her lover about her crapper of a day.  She couldn’t complain because he’d used the ball gag over the fucking hood. Mostly, she had to concentrate on breathing. She tugged her wrist.

Not going to budge.

She took another breath, slowly through the cloth over her face. Something tickled the bottom of her foot. He’d taken off her shoes? She hadn’t realized that. She tried to kick it away. Fruitless. She hated being tickled.

She’d told him that innumerable times. Sometimes she wondered why she bothered. She wasn’t feeling submissive, she was feeling pissed.

She tried to say “leave me the fuck alone, you prick” but all that came out was a muffled “woh woh a-woh”. There was no verbal answer but she felt his presence. She really hated when he did that. Totally ignored her until she wanted to shriek.

Oh, she was in no mood for this today. She tossed her head, and tugged her arms and legs furiously for thirty seconds, a minute. Nothing. He’d tied her securely. She growled, screeched, scrubbed her head around.


She lay, unable to pant, out of breath. She trembled. She shook with a rage that rose in her belly. There was a press between her splayed thighs. She shook her head, no. She was angry, annoyed, frustrated. How dared he do this to her. The fucking bastard!


He watched her struggle on the bed, arms crossed. Oh, she was truly pissed.

This was going to be some fun.


She had no idea how long she fought before exhaustion, and futility made her relax.  She felt the hood sticking to her cheeks where tears had dampened them.

There was the sound of snipping from across the room. He wouldn’t. But now she wasn’t at all sure that he wouldn’t. The floorboard creaked under his weight as he crossed the room towards her. She felt the faint vibration of the scissors as he snipped the front of her blouse. It cut through the thin fabric like a hot knife passed through butter.  There was the cold touch of the back of the blade against her belly, then it was gone, and her shirt was peeled away. A warm finger slid under her bra, between her tits, and in seconds, the snick of the scissors and the sudden release as her bra was severed, and the weight of her tits popped sideways.  The cooler air of the room teased her nipples hard, as he tugged her skirt up around her waist.

He had yet to speak a single word, and she was surprised that arousal was fluttering its way through her annoyance. He’d never treated her this way before.

It was strangely erotic. A bit of fear, a lot of anger, and total helplessness was mixing her up. She was mad. She was turned on. She was annoyed. She was wet.

The fucking scissors were employed to cut away her hose and panties at the crotch.  There was the touch of fingers as he grabbed the sides of the slit he’d cut, and then the tug and sound of ripping as he opened a larger portal.

In moments, she felt the press of a cock against her folds, and the sudden jolt as he slid inside her.

This was not her boyfriend’s cock.

She inhaled sharply as the long fat shaft filled her. It was…uncomfortably large. She felt stretched, and very full. She tossed her head, and tried to jolt him off of her, but he only chuckled and pressed his torso harder against the opening of her hole, thrusting another inch or two into her. She grunted at the size of him filling her. Over-filling her. She winced under the hood, trying to will her body to relax. She wondered who the fuck this was.

Was this one of Andy’s games?

They’d “double-teamed” her before, he and his best friend. But this wasn’t Seth’s cock either. Thought fled as he pulled out, then battered deeply inside her warm belly. She grunted around the gag. Fingers found her tits, kneading them like bread dough.  There was a pinch on her left nipple, then the hot wetness of a mouth. The sucking of his mouth and the pistoning of his hips sent waves of sensation through her.

She felt the orgasm building, building. Fingers slid down her body, squeezing between their joined bodies, to rub at her clit. She came apart, body arching, fingers curling into fists as the climax roared through her. The mouth on her tit sucked hard, as his teeth worked around her flesh, nipping and biting. The finger continued to rub her clit furiously, painfully. She tried to breathe, to gasp, to say noooooo, it was ohtoo sensitive…but another orgasm ripped through her.

And then his hands were on her hips as he pounded into her, withdrew and pounded again. The third orgasm drained her, made her see stars.

He pulled out with a wet sucking sound.

Fingers spread her wetness down, and around her asshole. One finger, then another circled and played around that tight hole. She squeezed her eyes shut, and whimpered.

Noooo…the thought of that giant cock filling her ass had her struggling again, but the fingers continued to move in and out of her rectum, stretching her, loosening her. Three fingers, then four and her body began pressing down, urging them deeper. His free hand circled her clit, never quite rubbing that spot, until he jabbed those four fingers deeply into her asshole, making her groan around the gag.

Her clit was attacked, rubbed roughly.

The orgasm made her faint, but she roused quickly as the head of his swollen rod pressed inside the tightest of her holes.  He pressed into her, relentless. She growled, but the gag muffled it. He shoved his dick into her helpless ass, and slid home. Whimpers and tears came, but her clit throbbed. His fingers played with her clit, her nipples. He slapped her pussy, then withdrew, and thrust inside. She felt her body stretch and relax, and felt another orgasm building inside her.


But the hard cock in her ass pressed on, building speed, becoming rougher, greedier as it dug deeply into her tight hole. Her head jolted as her body was taken, used.

He was rough at the end, brutally fucking into her bum. He was close, almost there. His fingers bit into her tits, leaving bruises, pinching moans from her as he grabbed her nipples, tugging her tits together, pressing his face into them and biting the tender flesh. His rough crotch hairs rubbed along her pussy, and she came, a flooding orgasm like she’d never experienced before.


He lay on top of her, and reached around to unfasten her gag, and tug the hood off her face. She was a mess, snot and tears and drool over her face. Her mascara had run, black rubs along her cheeks. Her eyes, red and puffy, stared up at her boss.

“Now you know the truth; I am  a fucking asshole. Or rather, I was fucking your asshole. And…you certainly enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

She, for once, had nothing to say.


His cell phone rang as he pulled into the garage at his condo.  He smiled when he saw who was calling.

“Hey Andy. Yes. Oh, hell yes. She was a fucking animal. Yes. We’ll have to do it again sometime. Soon.”