sexual overdrive (6)

She had never eaten her own pussy sauce before.

She sat on the pillow on the floor of his kitchen, trembling. The aftershocks of orgasm, of the control, of the dominance  of him made her weak, light-headed.

“Subspace already, little one?”

She blinked. He was in front of her, smiling.

“Is that …? I… I don’t know Sir. I feel like I’m here…yet not.”

“An apt description, from what I understand. Rise, slut. The evening is well begun.” He gestured her to precede him from the kitchen.

“Turn left, yes. My room is at the end of the hall.”

It hung there a minute, a bald statement. This was a moment to decide…was she moving forward, or out the door.

She made the right turn, the correct turn, the only turn she could make,  moving down the hall towards his bedroom. No way was she going to miss out on any moment she could spend with him!  She’d never known anyone like him before, nor experienced anything like this before. Alive, throbbing with sex and greed and …who knew what else. He excited her, intrigued her, and kissed her boneless.

She stepped into his room and to one side so that he could enter. She had no idea what some of the stuff was in here.

“The lift is to help me up out of bed and into my chair. It is also a very good holder for one’s submissive. I can hang you up there in it and eat your pussy.”

She felt her face flame. He mixed the regular with the dark, constantly catching her off guard. He laughed at the play of emotions on her face, then continued. She thought he must really enjoy making her squirm.

“Of course, I can do that in the chair too. There are many, many ways to fuck you in – here in my lap, up in the lift, on the bed. It’s harder for me to ejaculate, so you’ll have to work hard when giving me a blowjob, but we’ll get to that in good time.”

“uh…okay.  I…don’t mind giving blowjobs.”

He smiled at her. “It’s not a question of “mind” anymore, Melody. If you are my submissive, you’ll give me a blowjob whether you’re “in the mood” for it…or not.”

It was simply stated. Not up for debate or challenge. As the popular phrase of the day went, it was what it was. . . a statement of his terms. His way. And she knew,  knew to her marrow, that by satisfying his needs, he would be certain to satisfy hers.  Perhaps not always the way she wanted,  or when she wanted, but….eventually.

At least, she hoped so.

Gods knew he’d done much to satisfy cravings she’d never given voice to, and in such a short time.  Why his words made her knees tremble, and her pussy grow wetter (as if that was even possible), she had no idea. She’d read about submission a lot. Blogs, stories, anything she could find. Not ONE of them explained the feelings she was feeling just now.



Turned on, immensely turned on. He didn’t make her feel “less than”…but important because her job was seeing, catering perhaps, to his needs.

“Up onto the bed.”

She moved across the spacious room, noting that what she thought was a wall was actually a pair of pocket doors. She wondered what was on the other side of them.

He looked at her, sitting on the edge of the bed, and grinned. Oh, that seemed such an inane word for that wolfish look. Her heart flipped over a bit, and she trembled again. Her nipples rose, poking hard as if for their own share of his attention.

“The other way, slut.”

Rising, she began to move to the other side of the bed. This time he actually guffawed.

“Slut! No…” his laughter broke through, as he shook his head at her. “On your belly, slut. So that I can look at your ample ass.”

“Ohhh…” she flushed, embarrassed.  She stood facing the bed, and then flopped forward, face-planting into the comforter.

Her muffled voice came through the covers.

“This is actually a good thing, Sir, so you can’t see me blush, but it may be possible that I could be setting your comforter on fire soon…”

He laughed, then she heard the sound of him moving towards her, the faintest creaks as he wheeled closer. In moments, his hand was caressing the curve of her ass through her skirt. His hands moved to her waist, tugging at the waistband. She felt the give of the elastic, then the slide of it. She shifted, just a bit, to ease him in pulling it away. Downward, over her hips. Downward, below her ass. Downward, over her legs, until at last, it fell into a soft fabric puddle around her feet.


She felt the slap of his hand between her thighs. Obligingly, she spread her legs wider.


Another slap, harder this time. It stung a bit, and excited something dark and needy inside her. Gawd. She was splayed across his bed, only her tiptoes still on the floor. She could feel the weight of her skirt on top of her left foot, and then he was touching her and she was lost in his sensations. His hands moved up and down her legs, sometimes just a soft whisper of touch, sometimes a hard pinch. She was squirming, moaning, whimpering and giggling in turn. The touching went on and on, never quite hitting where she needed it most.

Craved it.

Lusted for it.

Soon giggles turned into panting, and she pressed back, desperately seeking his fingers inside her.

“Does the needy slut want something?” His voice was husky, with that overnote of amusement she was coming to know very well.

“Yes! Yes! Touch me, please? I ..can’t bear it…”

“Of course you can bear it. What a greedy thing you are.”

His hands curved up over her panty-clad ass. Then tugged those down, exposing her ass to his view. For a moment, there was nothing. Not a sound, nor touch broke the stillness. She could almost feel his eyes looking at her. Drinking her in. Part of her wanted to squirm away in embarrassment. Part of her wanted to squirm down and hump his leg.

The swat against the fullest part of her bottom was unexpected. She’d thought there’d be more of the caressing, the feeling of the lay of the land, so to speak. She jolted, yelped. He smacked her ass again, in nearly the same spot.


He swatted her again, again in that spot. Three firm blows and already she was trembling. It hurt! It burned, a bit. And gods above, it was like a blast-furnace had erupted in her cunt.

His hand caressed the warm spot.

“You pink up nicely, slut.”

That was her only warning, as he rained a series of blows all over her left cheek. The right one still had the ringing sensation from the first three swats, but the left was now burning all over. He smacked from her hip to her lower back; from across the crack of her butt, down to that tenderest bit, where ass and upper thigh met.

Gritting her teeth, fists clenched in the coverlet, she rose to her toes and yelled loudly at that last one. So fucking sensitive. And he had the strongest hands! There was no tender caress when he was done, but she yelped again as his fingers went to work.

The bastard was pinching her!

“OW!” she howled, trying to evade his fingers. He slid his thumb into her pussy, grabbing the top of her cunt with his fingers curled up around her mons.

“OH….ohhh” she moaned, as he pressed hard against her g-spot with one hand, while assaulting her bum with the other. She didn’t know whether to cry or moan.

She did both.

He slid his thumb out of her pussy, and pinched across her pussy lips.  Her back arched at the feeling.


He slid three fingers into her. She froze. HE froze. She tried to move, to get some friction on that needy place inside.

“Want something?”

“oh Sirrrrr, please fuck me? Please?”

“nah. Way too early for that yet, slut,” he said, and she heard the fucking amusement there. Again. Her ass throbbed, burned. Her pussy yearned, burning with raw and wet need. She screamed as she felt his teeth biting into the underside of her ass. His fingers slid in and out of her once, twice, as his teeth bit into her tender buttock. She was torn between the incredible pain on her asscheek, and the incredible sensation of him caressing the inside of her pussy. At long last, his mouth left her ass, his fingers slipped out of her. She moaned deep in the back of her throat, whether in realization of the pain, or in loss, she was uncertain.

“You’ll remember this when you sit,” he said, pinching over the spot he’d just bitten.

With a swat, he bid her to  turn over.

She flopped, graceless, onto her back. He was grinning wickedly.

“We’ve only just begun, you and I and already you’re so wet.  What a delightful little slut you are, Melody!. And yet, we have another thing we need to discuss now. That of a safeword. Do you know why we need one?”

“So you don’t cut off my arm and I don’t protest until it’s laying on the floor?”

He barked out a short laugh.

“Essentially, yes. You need a word that you can say in the deepest throes of pleasure, and of pain. I will feed you a mix of both, little one. Think carefully. Your safeword will stop me, immediately.  It will stop everything, because it will mean that you have reached a limit that you cannot get through.”

She lay there, thinking only of her pulsing pussy. She was so fucking turned on she could barely stand it.


“Pizza?” His tone bordered on the incredulous.

“I will never again see pizza without thinking of you, Sir,” she said, speaking to the ceiling. She smiled up at the ceiling.

“Pizza it is, then.”

She felt his wicked laugh echo deep within her body.

13 thoughts on “sexual overdrive (6)

    1. 🙂

      That is the most lovely of compliments, you know. “Can you just keep going forever?” That just made me smile, and feel very happy inside, to know that my imagination, my words, make you happy. Thank you.


  1. Oh I will think of Pizza and pussy sauce together now. Wow, I should have waited until tonight to read this, but I was so eager when I saw there was a continuation, I simply COULDN’T!!

    1. 🙂

      you read this at 2 a.m.??? OMG mlb! You need your rest!! My post *usually* come out at 3 minutes past midnight, eastern time. Just, yanno, so you don’t have to stay up so late! New Chapter Wednesday (Tuesday night after midnight!)


  2. Thankfully I didn’t notice this before I left this morning.. I wouldn’t have wanted to go at all.
    Thanks for keeping this story going so fast~~love it~~!

    1. Hi nancy…I had to take a weeeee little break today (Tuesday) but I got some great writing time in during the day and the new chapter is on for tomorrow…but you might want to wait to read it until after work. Coz…it’s…well…hot. 🙂


      ps…you’re welcome…this one is (pardon the pun) cumming fast! In my head, I mean. 🙂

  3. This story is doing wonderful things to my cardiovascular system, trouble is I’m a little light headed when I read the chapters. Being light headed isn’t so bad once you get use to it. Tip

    1. LOL! Oh, Tip you constantly make me smile. Sweet. I’m picturing you smiling, holding onto the wall as you head down the hall to the bathroom to “take care of business”… so to speak. Hope you got through the earthquake okay. I never felt it. 🙂


  4. Pussy juice as a condiment… hm… I’ll have to remember that next time I make pizza. Delightful story by the way. Oh… and why is it so many safe words are food? I know of people who’s safe words are taco, jello, apple…

    1. LOL…mine isn’t food. Maybe because food is so primal? That we won’t forget our favorite because it is so closely linked to the pleasure center? Good question.

      Mine, btw, is stiletto. 🙂


      1. really? Idathunk it was “quark” or “fractal” or some geek term like that! LOL!

        OUCH! OW! FRACTAL, DAMMIT!!! (nilla rolls on the floor, laughing her ass off…)


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