sexual overdrive (7)

She sprawled on the bed as if she was boneless. Truth to tell, she felt boneless.

She also felt…fabulous.

Her ass throbbed where His strong teeth had bitten into her flesh, her pussy and clit throbbed with a deep, primal, need. She understood the words of all those sexy stories she had read over the years.

She yearned for him.

What a funny, archaic term.  Romantic and foolish. Yearning for someone? Never would she have thought herself capable. Yet, here she lay, giddy, and longing for a man she barely knew.

“Mel-o-dy….” His voice, soft and mellifluous  brought her back to the present. To His presence.

“yes, Sir?” Her voice was a thin whisper of sound. She pressed herself upward on her elbows, looking at him. His eyes, deep and fathomless,  glowed at her. She should have been embarrassed, with him looking up across her body, staring at her cunt, her round belly, her floppy tits.

“Why don’t you embarrass me? I’m just ….”

“On sexual overdrive? That’s what I see. I see a weeping pussy, the flutters of your body telling me what your words do not. That you are hot and horny, and, even more important to me, that you don’t fear pain. That your body is excited by even the small taste I’ve given you.”

His finger teased up her thigh, rubbing against a plump and swollen lower pussy lip. She stared at his hand, as he moved deeper into her cleft, until her head fell back, her eyelids drooped, and all she could see was the red haze of lust erupting within.

She squealed as he tugged her forward, off the bed.

“Move with me, Melody,” he chanted in a sing-song rhyme of lust. Her legs passed over his shoulders, as he supported her hips.

“I hold you, you hold me.”

“Wha-a-a..?” She began…

“Your feet will hit the floor, and my chair will tip back, far back. Your feet will be the support of both of us, my little slut, while I eat your sopping cunt.”

The dirty words, mixed with the practical. She trembled at the force of them, the reactions that they excited within her. She could see it, in her head. Her feet on the floor, him tilted back in his chair….and in moments, he had maneuvered them into position. He set the brakes and, wrapping his arms around her hips, dug his fingers into her soft bottom as his mouth went to work on her pussy.

His tongue lapped the outer folds of her flesh, long, slow, sensual laps up and over each puffy lip, then driving deeper, licking into the cleft between.  The tip of the questing tongue swirled around her clitoris, making her arch and try to press that needy spot against his mouth. She felt the laugh as a warm vibration.

“needy, greedy slut!”

His words were muffled, and tickled her. She’d never had anyone talk to her through her pussy before. It felt strange. And sensual. He continued to torture her, avoiding her clit.

“Want more?”

The words rumbled up her cunt, barely registering in her overheated brain.

“mmmmmmmmmm” she responded, wordless, guttural.

She felt the sharp pinch on her ass.

“OW!” she responded.

He was silent.

“Yes! Yes! More, please Sir? Please? Pretty please?”

He smiled at the desperate tone in her voice.

“You’re kind of a bastard, you know that?”

Whoa. Was that her? How had that slipped out? She could barely move, suspended on her back against his thighs, her feet planted on the ground, his head buried deep in her snatch. His deep laugh echoed up her pussyhole, through her belly, making her smile, despite the increasingly desperate need growing between her thighs.

His lips settled over her clit, and he began to suck. Much as he had while kissing her earlier, he sucked hard and deeply, until the pleasure was slashed with pain. It hurt. It felt fantastic. No…it hurt.

An orgasm began to build, faster than the tides in a hurricane. She stiffened, her body going rigid as it ripped through her. She felt like she’d drawn up into a tight bow, and then as an arrow was set free, flying through the cosmos.

She was half-unaware as he gently, slowly, righted his chair, her feet hanging limply over his shoulders. He moved her left leg, ducking under her knee, and turning her sideways on his lap, cradling her like one holds an infant.

It was the pinching that roused her. Her nipples were suddenly under attack, sharp pinpoints of pain.

“ow..ow! Ow!”

He looked down at her, as her eyes flew open.

“There she is. Off, slut.” He pushed her off his lap, guiding her to the floor between his legs. She looked up at him, a faint frown between her eyes.

“I have tasted you, and found you, frankly, delicious.” She blushed at his look. His cheeks were still wet …from her pussy, she realized. She felt the heat in her face grow deeper.

“Now it’s time for you to taste me.”

Her eyes widened, just a bit. He scooted forward in the wheelchair, then leaned back. She sat, looking at him.

“That wasn’t a request, you know.” Their eyes met. Held.

“I…” her eyes fell.

“Total communication, slut. Do not forget that is our cardinal rule.”

“I don’t know what to do. If …” she gestured at his legs.



“Are you asking if my cock works? Because I can assure you that he does. When you were squirming on my face, he was straining against my zipper; oh yes, slut. My cock works very well.”

Face flaming, she nodded, then a soft “Yes Sir,” as she remembered he preferred to hear her words. Reaching up, she unbuckled his belt, then lowered the zipper on his fly. Feeling the bulge growing under her fingers she realized that his cock worked very well, indeed.


13 thoughts on “sexual overdrive (7)

    1. Thank you!

      It is what we do, isn’t it? Paint pictures with words? I love that I can do it. For whatever reason, I seem to only be able to do it with porn…my mind is a dirty movie set? LOL!!



  1. I just read all parts of this..the advantage to being away, is having lots of delicious reading to come home to…Thanks! Now i need to go see if I can beg a permission from Master!
    hugs abby

    1. Hi abby…welcome back, and I hope you got your O! On popular posts, I make a Page for it, so anyone can read the story in its entirety. Glad you got to have “bulk reading time”!!


    1. You are very welcome. I’ve already put the entire piece together in its own Page (see it up under my header?).



  2. This is just fantastic – like aisha said, a perfect combo of sweet and hot. I could totally see this getting fleshed out into something longer. (just sayin’)

    1. Thanks Michelle…I’ll bear that in mind. Very very kind of you to say so, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the series so !


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