Is It Mindfuck? oooOOOh my…

Dateline: Friday

We have been texting sporadically during the day. He was teasing me and I was teasing back…

So when I got the text that said “well, better stock up on the red lipstick because you’ll be sucking cock and licking pussy on the 4th” …




That should say *BLINK*

If only I knew how to make that font bigger, it would fill the front of your computer screen.

Oh. My. Gawd. Did I just read what I *thought* I did? I read it again. And again. Yes. It said exactly that. So I ponder that for a few minutes…and then text back.

“I thought this next time together would be just Master and nilla.”

And then I went outside to play with my kids. But when I came in and checked a while later? He’d already responded.

“Well…I guess you thought wrong, n’est pas?”

I’m feeling…fluttery. Nervous. Aware, suddenly that this isn’t a vanilla affair, but a true D/s dynamic. This could be a total mind fuck…or it could be His way of giving me a bit of warning that things will be verrah different next weekend.

This is not, by the way, on my “forbidden” list. There’s only one thing there and I’d guess most of you know what that “thing that can not be mentioned” is….and this…challenge? This…whatever you want to call it that He says will be happening…makes me nervous.

And hot.

And…yes. I’ll admit it here. This is a D/s Blog, is it not? I’m wet. Wet and throbbing with that incredible balance of nerves and …whatever it is about being a submissive that is such a turn on.

Well, that and not having had an orgasm in days and days.

The bottom line here is that I know He will be alert to my safety…he won’t let me be maimed, or injured beyond the …well, I was going to say reasonable, but sometimes after being just with HIM it seems like it’s not “reasonable” doesn’t it?!  Okay, so I won’t be injured beyond what would be appropriate  to allowing me to continue living my vanilla life normally…ie not armless, legless, titless or brain-dead, or incapacitated… or any of those type nature of extremes.

And if I trust Him implicitly ~and I do~  then I can allow the other feelings…the submissive feelings, the lust feelings, the nervous feelings…to rise up and be part of the experience that awaits me next weekend.

There was one last text from Him  Friday…after I had expressed my “nervous” state of mind to Him…

Don’t fret – she’ll be eating you at the same time.


Geebers! Now all I can say is …strap in for the ride boys n gals…coz it for sure will be a bumpy (and interesting) week ahead!

19 thoughts on “Is It Mindfuck? oooOOOh my…


    While I can’t find a way to change the font, I did find a way to change the color. Click the button on the far right side that says “show the whole Kitchen Sink…. and that will give you a few more buttons. Then you could put BLINK in RED BOLD.

    You are going to have so much fun. 🙂 And yes, we can’t wait to hear about it.

    1. It will be a trip. And I know you’ve walked that path…it’s still kind of new for me, despite living as a lesbian for these past 30+ years…nearly 10 of them sexless, and prior to that? not much. And very…proper? dunno the right word for it. We had some rousing times in the beginning…and then it just stopped.

      Ah well…new adventures, to be sure.


    1. yes, exactly so, Gardener. He won’t cause permanent harm…unless He decides to tat or pierce me, and I don’t consider those “harmful” only “permanent”.


  2. Just reading your post makes me nervous.. ohmy
    You’ve got a whole week to stew.. good luck~~ enjoy and whew.. there is NO font large enough ~!

    1. yes, you have the right of it nancy! there is no font large enough! and i’m nervous. and excited. and…its playing with my head fiercely. and there’s this huge hurricane headed this way …and i’m thinking more about Master than about a ginormous weather history event (i’m a weather junkie)…yeah, no doubt about who is in control here, is there?!


  3. Oh – wow – mind-fuck for sure…weather he is playing with you or is intending to expand your horizons, for the next week it will be nothing but a complete mind-fuck! YEA nilla!!!

    1. 🙂

      there won’t be much opportunity for me to lay back and relax, to be sure. I’m all on tenterhooks with that Master of mine. He knows just how to prime the pump!


  4. O, wow, ‘nilla. It’s going to be an intense week, and an interesting play session no matter what happens, huh? Gosh, i think i’m anxious too!



    1. that makes two of us! He asked me the other day how long it had been since I ate pussy. I had to give him the year. It was a realllllllllllllllllly long time ago.


    1. i’m a lucky slut (singsongs to self)…we’ve come a long way in 3 years, to be sure. There were some bleak moments to be sure, but we’ve grown together on this journey. And I am a lucky slut. 🙂 And…I don’t think this is a mindfuck. But if it is, its a good one.


    1. hey there abby…this is going to be a week of torture…mind torture. OMG. You …you’ll see. more coming up …the story deepens…gods.


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