A Guest Redux?

Remember back in the “some time in the past” when Master had a guest Dom visit with us?  There’s a post somewhen about it, with pics of me giving him a blowjob, and later, being fucked silly by him. Sir P, I think I referenced him as.

Saturday night Master mentioned him. Sir P, I mean. We were talking a bit about the submissive that is coming to our playtime. I asked a few questions, He dodged them. Well, he did tell me that I can’t talk to her. 🙂 He did mention that He’s known her for a long time, anyway. . . and then there was that little comment.

“Oh nilla, by the way….”

Master let drop that Sir P has been invited to our playday.

I’ll let that thought hang with you a moment…I wonder if your mouth is hanging open like mine was on Saturday night when Master informed me that Sir P might put in an appearance. It’s contingent upon his schedule, but as I understand it, he is eager to see me again.

That’s  a thrill that also creates more of those silly nerves that dance up and down my submissive spine. It was so intense. And good. Now, I don’t spend tons of time going back over it in my head…some of it was lost to subspace, but really I don’t dwell on these other encounters.   I spend time thinking of my Master,  hoping that I have served Him, and His purpose in loaning me out, to the best of my ability as His submissive slut.

I guess I kind of think of it like …a job.

That’s unsexy sounding…but it is a job, isn’t it? He asks me to perform a service, and I provide that service. My “payment” is my Master’s pleasure in having me complete the task well.

Heh. Job well done, as it were.

And hell, it’s exciting as hell to be a sex object. To be objectified, and used. To be fucked and to suck another, to be a good little cock whore? It’s all wicked. And exciting. And a turn-on. He is there, Master, watching all. A voyeuristic pleasure for Him, and the pleasure of His control of the dynamics that are unfolding.

But I don’t think about it all the time. Don’t think about it in any way shape or form the way I do about Master. I hope I did good. It was a wild experience. I know it could (and likely will) occur again some day, but I don’t focus on that. Maybe because I was objectified. I was blindfolded, and focused on the actions of service. There is no “connection” between the Guest Dom and I other than the fact that I was there to be used.

Am I weird for not thinking about it a lot? I haven’t fretted about it, haven’t lusted for it, haven’t not wanted it again. It just is something that happened. *shrugs* I’m very blaise about the memories of it. Like I say…it was a fantasy to live out, but it doesn’t change, diminish, or increase my affections for my Master.

Then again, perhaps I’m just wired verrrry differently.

I know there are some of you who say ‘I could never do that, be whored out for another”…and if that works for you, that’s fine. This is a judgement free zone here in nilla land…it is a kink of mine to be treated like a sex toy…and Master brought that to fruition for me…and for His pleasure too.

The only repercussion from that event was *my* worry that Master would feel upset about another using me after He thought about it. I guess that He wouldn’t want me, or would have bad, jealous feelings about it. That was my fret, and as it turned out, a pointless one. He got what He wanted from the event, and is willing to make it happen again.

It is, so it’s said, what it is.

I’m here to serve. And, apparently, to suck cock.

And let’s not forget about that mystery pussy…but then, that’s a tale for another day.


17 thoughts on “A Guest Redux?

    • Thanks, mlb…this is a judge free zone…and sometimes I think “wow, that is not my thing” when i read other places…but I try really hard to not judge. I have *opinions*… (grin)…but I’m working harder at keeping those to myself unless I’m “here at home” on my blog. I’m so secure about this because my Master has worked to make me secure. He’s discovered my kinks, over time, sounded me out, an made it work in a way that ….feeds us both. I love that about Him. I have no control over it…but I have no fear…or not devastating fear…certainly a lot of nerves and some frets…but not a true disabling fear. And I’m so excited sexually about this. I’m such a whore sometimes. 🙂 hmmm…maybe more than sometimes…:)


  1. You are going to be one busy little lady. And…as they often say in New England..whatever floats your boat…or your Master’s boat!
    hugs abby

    • Hi Butterfly,

      I’m trying to find the links..I think there were two posts. The first is here and hang on ….okay, here’s a bit more here, and then more here, and then this one here which may be the last of the tale (tho I’m not certain!)


    • Yes…it is all of that…exciting, scarey…and ultimately? It was an *amazing* experience for U/us, for me.
      I wish you well on your journey!


    • 🙂 oh ain’t it the truth! I’m not to think, just to be there and let Him decide how things will roll. No decision, no choice, just *be*…and that’s a pretty fucking intensely erotic thing. To just *be*.

      *big smile*


      • Yes, it is. I hope you have a great day.

        ps… Wolf screwed up. Went the wrong way down a one way street Right In Front of a Cop. The cop was nice though. He saw the out of state plate and basically said ‘be careful’ and let Wolf off with a nice polite warning. Funny bit was how over the top nice he was to Wolf after he ran his license.

  2. Go ahead and use the codes we have set up for the address, and I will use my decoder ring and show up, and bring a couple of the guy’s from camp. It will be much better than hunting in the warm weather. Or maybe better than that, you could come up to camp…..Tip

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