HNT~Bad Girl

We met at a small coffee shop. One of those hip, new-agey places that serves funky, delicious teas, and wonderfully decadent desserts.  Funky and decadent being two of my favorite things, I fell in love with the place. It doesn’t have the slickness of Starbucks, and it is  less crowded than Starbucks as well. In short, it was a lovely place to meet.

He came to stand behind me as I tried to connect to the internet link…it was a bit perplexing. And it took a long while to make it work. And the entire time, His left hand slid up under my arm and pinched the fuck out of my left side. Hidden by my arm, the sneaky Bastard got me good. Additionally, He would tickle the right armpit…so I’d squeal and giggle uncontrollably.

I’m sure we were disturbing the one guy sitting on our side of the wee cafe…but he didn’t leave so maybe not. Likely thought it amusing that this odd, older couple were having such a silly time of it. I didn’t moan and cry when He pinched me, not aloud. I know He knew how much it fucking hurt…I’d drop my head against His side, and quiver, breathing hard through it. And He’d laugh.

When He sat down, He “admonished” me for being such a bad girl in public…for being so wiggly and giggly. Told me I’d have to write you all a blogpost about being so naughty.

Of course He was smiling when He said it. And now I’ve done it, Master, told the whole sordid tale.

Oh! Almost forgot the picture…it is HNT after all!

13 thoughts on “HNT~Bad Girl

    1. my badges of honor…or “look what I survived”…bragging rights? LOL! I do bruise easily, and He pinches horribly hard…wonderfully hard. Both.



    1. monkey…that cracked me up. I have a bruise on my other shoulder that looked for the first day, like the face from “life is good”…that smily, oval face? and i thought of this comment and just erupted…thanks for the chuckle!


    1. it was lovely. and the bruises are still there. He showed them to guest Dom Sir P on Sunday, and they were still pretty purple then. He has the wickedest pinchies…


      1. 🙂 Rope…on my “bucket list”….for someday. And I know he’ll make it happen… :)..likely when I least expect it!


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