Orgasm Denied!

I’ve been busy. Flat out busy. Wildly busy. I’ve not responded to comments in two days (and I’m so sorry…I *hate* doing that to you…you took the time to write to me…and I will respond, I promise), nor have I written anything new here until now. (the joys of auto-publishing!) And it is so late at night now, and I must be up early to head out for my work-away-from-home day.

But I couldn’t go to bed without just a wee “hey there”…hey there!

Hurricane Sandy brushed by us lightly – we were without power for 12 hours, but no damage. We got more rain the next day than during the actual “hurricane” event. Figuring that I’d lose power sooner rather than later, I took on another home renovation project which is nearing completion.

I figured out tonight why I’ve been *driving* myself to finish this. I’ve painted the room 3 times, primer and two coats of color, with a paintbrush because the roller was leaving unsatisfactory results. Painting in sections because there was no place to move all the furniture to all at once, AND decluttering the space, rearranging things and generally making a HUGE mess.

The end product is already stunning. A dark room is now pleasant and light and will help my mood during those darkest of winter months.

But why the dogged drive to get the room done in 4 days?

I can’t cum.

Well…that’s not true. I could certainly cum! The truth of the matter is that Master has put the brakes on orgasms for this week…

The first day was okay. The second day challenging. Today was hell. He didn’t even communicate with me much, which was fine, we were both busy …. but I realized that the hard hard work was exhausting me. Then I’d go out to do my evening job, and come home totally beat. Fall into bed and into sleep fast.

Work has taken the place of orgasms.

Ha. Not really. But it has helped me  get through not having them. It’s only one more day before I get to see Him, and we play…and I’ve begged Him…BEGGED Him, multiple times for an O. I’ve even admitted to Him that if He hurt me, even the tiniest bit, I’d cum.

He laughs.

“Oh, this is good.”

He doesn’t usually like when I beg.

But He sure likes knowing I’m desperate.