The Mindfuck Continues

Dateline: Tuesday night

The hurricane remnants decided to spin up the northeast, drenching us with more rain than we had during the actual hurricane….and we got a quick, hard hit of 3+ inches in under 3 hours. Where I live is hilly country, and where I work is at the crest of such a hill. My home is about 6 or so miles from my job, and it usually takes me less than 10 minutes to get home. Usually. On this “dark and stormy night” I was diverted four times, due to flooded roadways, and wound up going through a “puddle” on the highway that came halfway up my tires…scary stuff. (They had blocked access to the highway at the place where I exited so it was even worse ahead.) It took me 40 minutes to drive home.

I was actually very nervous driving, something that is rare. I drive in snow, and fog and rain…but this was different. What else is a slut do do but call her Master. Not that He could do anything, other than reassure me. And tease me about the hole I almost drove into…

me: OMG! There’s a GIANT hole in the road! Oh CRAP!

Master: You’re crapping in a hole in the road? Good girl!

me: MASTERrrrrrrr! You’re not helping (giggle)…

Master: Tell me more about your hole, nilla.

And it goes on from there. But He distracts me from my fear.

So…we’re talking and He’s making me laugh, and then He says something about a picture He sent me, to which I reply blithely … “I know, Master, I saw her.”

“Oh no, not her, nilla. A new pic. I sent it about 1o minutes ago so I know you haven’t seen it. You’ve been at work, remember?”

He’s so slick, that Man. Totally distracts me. And then He has to go, and I am instructed to call Him later.

A picture, I think to myself. What kind of picture. He’s sent some of the slut that will be coming to play day. What the fuck does He have up His sleeve now? When I get home, I get swept into vanilla life, and hours pass before I can get to my computer and check my email.

It’s a cock.

A picture of a very, very large, long, erect cock. Not Sir P’s cock. I am pretty familiar with the fat thickness of Sir P’s dick. This is not his cock.

I swallow hard, my stomach doing somersaults in my belly. And I pick up my phone and dial Him with fingers shaking with a bit of a tremor.

And gawd.

I’m so fucking turned on. How He manages to flick that switch in me…amazing. Yes, my  name is nilla and I’m one dirty slut…this is one of  my kinks, for Him to do this to me.

“So Master,” I manage to utter in my suave and relaxed voice (yeah, right!), “um…who’s pic is that, anyway?”

“Why that’s Dom number two. Or Three, counting Myself, of course.”

“D…d….d…” the slut stutters…”M-m-m-m….D-d-d…wha?”

And He laughs. It is a Red Letter Day if He can stifle me, knock me down to a stuttering lump of slut. And He did. Bigtime.

“Think about this slut; I know math is not your forte,” His tone is droll and dry here. Indeed, math is definitely not my strong suit! “But if there are two sluts, there must be two Doms to entertain, n’est pas?”

So, He will watch. He will control. He will Dominate the scene. And Slut one and nilla will entertain Dom One and Dom Two.

It will be an enlightening experience.


Dateline: Wednesday

a demanding text from Master while I’m at work: send two pictures of my ass from one of our many rendezvous.

I get home, and actually have to stay up late doing vanilla stuff. I finally get up to my room well after ten. There are two more texts.

where the fuck are my pictures?

He is *rarely* this peremptory with me. I text back about having to be up late, He responds *immediately* (this is unprecedented, really!)

Hurry it up.

So I stop talking to my friend on facebook, and get to looking at the picture archives and geeze there are a lot of shots to hoe through…and finally I find 3 and send them to Him, then one more and send that.

I send Him a text informing Him that they have been sent, and I get an immediate “goody”.



I called later (why do I do this to myself?) and asked why He wanted them. I knew in my heart…because He’s sending them on to someone else. I wondered if it was my “pussy date”…but no.

It’s going to Dom 2, he of the overlarge cock. Yes. Overlarge. I may write about over endowed cocks but man…so yes. I *am* nervous about Dom 2 seeing ass shots of me.

I asked Master…”didn’t You tell me that my ass was “Yours” some time ago?”

“Yes,” He replies. “But that was before Sandy.”


Part of Master’s kink is stirring me up. Making me stutter.

The Master of the Mindfuck. He’s doing a helluva job thus far!

Dateline: Friday

“nilla, don’t forget about your clocks tomorrow night”

“Yes, Master.”

“you know, that gives me an extra hour to beat you!”

“Master if You keep saying things like that I swear I’m gonna cum!”

“Don’t you fucking DARE, slut.”

Dateline: Saturday, driving home from work

“Hi Master”

“Hi slut…we’ll meet tomorrow morning and have breakfast together. We’ll eat bagels and I’ll torture you with different scenarios of what might or might not happen.”


(a bit later)

“….but Master what about….”

“Shut up nilla. The only thing you need to think about is that you, slut, have absolutely zero choices, no decision making. They will be made for you. And I’ll take pictures to document the events as they unfold. Is this fun or what? By the way…no cumming. You only have 15 or 20 hours to go.”

Dateline: late Saturday night….

I sit here and wonder how to tie this post of my feelings and thoughts and conversations with Master into a neat and tidy package for you. To leave it off with a sense of completion.

And realize, of course I can’t.

For one thing, my mind is never a neat and tidy package, and certainly not after this week. My thoughts are swinging round and round, up and down and everywhichway. I’m nervous, and excited, and horny, and a bit scared, and yet I trust my Dom, my Master, to take proper care of me.

And to beat me, of course.

“Master, I think I really need a spanking. It’s been a tough week.”

“Not a problem.”

Which I think is Dom-speak for “guess what, slut, you were going to get spanked whether you thought you needed it or not.”

And I guess that’s a neat a package as I can offer you all today… 🙂

As for the rest of the story? ….I’ll write an update as soon as my fingers and my brain get reconnected! I get a bit discombobulated the day immediately following a meet. (Especially a meet with a lot of beating promised!)

But for now? I really gotta go!

Subspace (and Master, and two Doms, and a Pussy) awaits!