Beginning….at the End

As I sit here and try to put logical order to my thoughts, and wonder exactly where to start…that song from The Sound Of Music rolls through my head…”Let’s start at the very beginning….a very good place to start…”

Except…today I want to start backwards. Coz I’m Aquarian, and we like to have things mixed and upside down, and often go with heart over logic.

At the end, we were dressing to go our separate ways. My brain works strangely with random thoughts popping in all the time. You might call me more than a bit ADD by todays terms (I prefer to use the word “creative”!). I was repairing my face, putting on make up to hide the red flush from His beard on my cheek.

One of those sneaky thoughts popped into my head.

I stepped out of the bathroom and just went to Him.

“What?” He knows my body language, my expression so well. “What now, nilla?” He says, not impatiently, but with that cautious tone.

“Sir P is a good guy,” I begin.

“He is, yes. And?”

“But He’s not my Dom.”

“Indeed not.”

“Okay.” And I lean in to kiss Him, and He pinches my aching ass, and calls me a silly slut.

All is well in nilla land.