HNT The Cock that was Too Damn Big.

One of the things Master has required of me following a visit from Guest Dom Sir P, is to write him a letter of thanks. It can’t be too “come hither” or as Master says, “none of that writing bs you put in your blog stories”… (which makes me giggle)…it has to be “real”.

My real reactions to things… how I felt when I did thus or so. And to express gratitude in the things that occur. This time I was stumped. There were several “new” things that happened for me.

I got to ride cowgirl for the first time. Now, Sir P has a verrrry big cock, and it isn’t a comfortable fit for this old slut’s pussy.  His cock hurts…and of course, being a pain slut, and wanting to be used as a sex toy…this adds to the thrill for me, even as it is uncomfortable and a bit painful.

But as a new Dom, (and perhaps because I am not his to fuck around with totally) he is reluctant to “really” hit me.  So the pain is just from matters beyond his control, other than the fact that he’s fucking me with his big damn dong.

Master and I fit verrry well together (in fact I told him it was harder for me to cum with Sir P because there just wasn’t room for my pussy to contract!) …except when I was on top and riding him cg. For whatever reason, he fit better that way.

Master NEVER lets me get on top. He is the Dom in every way. And that’s fine, I don’t have any issue with that. I find it amusing (You know I giggle about that incessantly, Master), actually.  But when He is fucking me?

Oh. Yummmy. He makes me cum. He makes me squirt. Hits me in all the right places.

The only thing I can compare it to is the time I accidentally bought a dildo that was tooooo damn big. Man that thing sucked. I tried and tried but it just was never comfortable and I wound up throwing the damn thing out. But I have one now that is perfect…is very much like Master’s cock, now that I think about it…has a nice curve to it that just hits *that* spot…mmmmmmm.

So anyway, now that I’ve digressed, I have to find a way to word this to Sir P that isn’t offensive.

Gee Sir, thanks for fucking me but your cock is too big and I don’t really enjoy it.

Yeah. That just isn’t the note of sincerity that Master wanted me to convey. So I settled for writing something that was 3 sentences long. Stilted. And sent it to Master with the caveat that He wouldn’t like it.

“Your right, nilla. This sucked. Do over.”

He gave me firmer parameters, and that released me to write what I needed to say…that Sir P’s cock was large for me, for my mouth and for my pussy, but that pain is good, and played into my kink.

Master was *much* happier with the new letter, and sent it, along with some pics from our playdate.  I can’t show you any of those, but I can show you one from before things really got rocking ….