Love Our Lurkers Day!

Good morning everyone! It’s that time, that day, when we who blog stop, shut the fuck up, and yield the stage to YOU…those of you who read here-whether daily, or sometimes- and never comment.

Why don’t you comment? Because you don’t know what to say. Because you don’t want to repeat what someone else has said. Because you’re afraid you can be traced. Because you don’t want to look stupid.

How do I know this?

Because I was a lurker too, for almost a year before I ever made my first comment on a blog I read (and still do) religiously. She isn’t one who responds much to comments, so I felt kind of safe leaving a comment. And I had pondered for months what I might say. I was vanilla, through and through, but Kaya’s blogposts never failed to make me wet. I would sit in a puddle of my own sexjuice, and feel flushed, and guilty and nervous..and excited.

I understand.

It is how I developed my persona of “vanillamom”…because when I started to reply to blogs, I had zero D/s experience. And then I wrote my first blogpost…and my life changed. Now *I* am the blogger, saying “I LOVE my lurkers”…and I understand how hard it can be to leave a comment, all sweaty palms and hard-beating heart.

But know that today is YOUR day, lurker. Take a moment and leave a comment. You can do it anonymously. That’s okay. Just a wave, so that I can “see” you for this one day.

Because with or without your comments? You inspire me.

Hi Lurkers! Know that you are so very welcome here…whatever your kink!