Nuthin’ Much…

So…it is done.

4.5 months of renovations.

Three rooms.

My work is DONE! *happy dancing*

Yes, if you just pictured my red hair flying around, my boobs bouncing and my toes tapping…pretty fucking accurate picture! I’ve mudded walls. Sanded. Primed. Stripped wallpaper. Painted woodwork. Painted walls. Special treated walls. Organized. Designed a closet system. Organized. Scrubbed, cut, built, nailed, hung….you name it, I’ve done it.

I live in a very big, very old house, just a dozen years or so shy of its 200th year. There are always projects to be done. Always. And this year we did our three most popular “public” rooms (as opposed to bedrooms). And Friday I finished the last one for this year.

Now I have time on my hands. A very dirty house, since I did the last room in a mammoth push, in 9 days. Yes. Nine. I worked 7-8 hours on the renovation, then 3 hours at work, every weekday. Crazy. But it’s done. And it is glorious, this final room. Now I have time to read blogs. To write again. My mind isn’t swirling with timetables. Thanksgiving is still 10, 11 days away, and I have time to manage it without panicking.

Life, ah, it is good. (even with all that crud under the bathroom sink on the floor. Why am I the only one who sees this ??)

So…here it is, Saturday very late. And I can’t get ahold of my Master for my orgasm. I was supposed to play a Dom version of spin the bottle and maybe get an O.

And I think He fell asleep early.

And I can’t just *take* the O…dammit.


So I was talking to a friend on facebook…and telling her about my day today in Maine (it was a glorious Saturday in Maine!) and all the craft fairs my MIL and I went to…and the very last place was an alpaca farm.

I am a yarn-a-holic…and they had some gorgeous gorgeous yarns…and yes, I came home with some. Not tons…it is pricey stuff….but neat to see it outside on the hoof, so to speak, then come inside and fondle the goods. Alpaca wool is super soft, and has no lanolin, which some people are allergic to, I guess. And as I was talking to her about this wonder of yarn, she called me Obi-yarn. Which cracked me the fuck up.


I like it. 🙂

And now I’m wishing I’d brought it up to my room, since it is obvious an orgasm isn’t in my future tonight. *frownyface*

I’ll bet this will all just make Master smile, knowing He got me all twisted up and needy. Kinda like that alpaca yarn. (in the next circle of my life, when my kids are older, I want to learn to spin. Yes, on a spinning wheel, not in an exercise class!)

During my 3 hour drive home, I got a few ideas for stories. And that always makes me happy. Something that I’ll have time to work on now that all my other big things are done. And on that drive, got to see a glorious Autumn sunset…snapped a few pix with my phone….note that all the deciduous trees are leafless…thanks to Hurricane Sandy…(if only she’d blown mine out of my yard! Alas she did not..instead, I got some of my neighbors!)


the picture doesn’t show the glorious hues of pink, the golden glow underneath, the wisps of clouds…but it was lovely.

And with that, I’m going to stfu, and go to bed. ‘night peeps…catch ya Monday!


15 thoughts on “Nuthin’ Much…

  1. Sorry. Damn ADD. I get sidetracked sucking cock sometimes.

    This was the message she left me. You would fit in all too well. I can’t wait to read it. Yay!

    “If you like twisted fairy tales you should join the project I’ve got going on called F*cked Up Fairy Tales. It’s where bloggers sign up to take a classic fairy tale and retell it the way they wish it had been written. As it turns out, the person who signed on for THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF had to drop out so that tale is available. Don’t worry about it being too sick for this project. I’ve read snippets of The Gingerbread Man and yeah, you’ll be in like company.

    Once they are all submitted I am going to compile them into a book (at this point, probably two) and sell them for charity. As an author you wouldn’t get paid since 100% of the profits are donated, but you would get a publishing credit and a place on the charity page. I’ve got Spring 2013 as a deadline. If you are interested here are links for them both:”

  2. I understand what you mean about the yarn. A friend has an angora goat and all I could think of was how soft the yarn would be. 🙂

    Glad you got the renovations done too.:)

    • oooooh…I didn’t know goats had angora too. The alpaca is so different from lambs wool…much softer. and a bigger “loft”…then again, this isn’t spun, just the roving. The yarn I almost bought was very thin…sock weight yarn. But the problem with making sox? You have to make the 2nd one. 🙂

      I hate knitting sox.


      • yeah, Angora goats. So soft! And I’m strange. I like to knit socks. Oh! When I get home and dig it out, I have a knitting pattern for you! It’s a Willy Warmer! Mwahahahahaha!

  3. I’ve tried spinning, with a drop spindle and with a spinning wheel. It’s kind of fun, but I’m such a perfectionist that I decided it probably wasn’t for me. And then I thought maybe weaving, though I never really took the time to learn to do that properly so it was damn frustrating.


    • I thought about a drop spindle too, but really want to try my hand at the wheel. Have a friend who has a huge one that would teach me willingly, but I just don’t have time or space now. And yeah, not a task for a perfectionist, unless you can convince yourself that the variety in thickness is part of the charm of the handspun yarn…we don’t *want* it to look like millworked stuff! I also have a friend who is a weaver…that is one handworking thing that I would never have patience for. (reminds me of the Island of Shallot, tho! And so she weaveth, steadily….)


  4. Holy Cow, your house IS old!! It is amazing to get three rooms complete. That has to feel amazing! I’m so excited that you’re dreaming up new stories. How exciting for us!!! Yea nilla!

    • It is amazing to have it done, to be sure. There is more in the offing for next year, but no way, no how will I do three. And I have all winter to just relax. (stop laughing aisha) and be lazy (I hear you snorting, sfp).

      and the stories are just waiting for a bit of quiet in my vanilla to have time to be born!


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