HNT~Giving Thanks

I have much to be thankful for this year.

My family is healthy, and gathered close to share this meal together today. (Even when they drive me CRAZY I still love them wildly.)

I have friends in my vanilla life, and some that straddle the fence that separates the two halves of me, some that know the vanilla me…

as well as

the dark side

and like me anyway. 🙂 Not everyone can say they are friends, good friends, with someone who writes porn that features a lot of tentacle sex, right?

I have a beautiful home that has had a fair share of work from my own hands. (I *finally* got all of the paint out of my hair …..before Thanksgiving! Woot!).

Over and around all of this is my


So thank you, Spirit of Thanksgiving.

for the many, many blessings in my life.

Most especially my Master.

I would not be complete without Him.

This one is for You, beloved Master…

since You favor the ‘denim shots’…

i love You.