Yes…that’s me, a happy nilla.

The holiday was wonderful–and now it is over. I don’t tell this to many people because I’m usually met with a gasp, as if I’d uttered some dire, sacrilegious statement…but…nilla is not a fan of Thanksgiving. I have never liked it, from the time I was a kid. It’s not so much the ode to gluttony (my table was groaning, as I’m sure many of yours were as well…) as to just the …I dunno. I can’t really put it to words. There was no major family drama, other than my dad threatening us kids if we broke the “special china” that we’d be out the door on our asses. I remember when I was about 15 or so turning to him, tired of the same old speil since I’d NEVER broken one of the damned dishes, and sassing him about “why don’t YOU do the damned dishes if you’re so worried about US breaking them, which WE’VE never done?!” Pretty sure I got the Sargent’s best glare, and maybe a pop on the ass with that cutesy remark. I still, btw, did the dishes that night.

But that’s not really the sort of thing that lends itself to “bad memory”…more just one of those family tales. My personal philosophy is to give thanks freely, and often. It’s one I think I do pretty go at, most times. I certainly appreciate it when I am thanked for a task…so I give it back to others as generously as possible.

But now it is done, the dishes are washed and stored away for another holiday, all the Harvest Decorations are stored up in the attic, and Yule has come to the nilla household, big time.

You might think that a Christmas factory just exploded here! Fifteen giant boxes of decorations, an 8 foot (fake) tree, 9 boxes of lights, and 34 years of assorted ornaments came from the attic downstairs. Six people scurried hither and yon singing carols at the top of lungs, and the entire mood of the day was cheerful, despite the long day.

(This is SUCH a vanilla post…but I’m in a very good vanilla mood tonight, so suck it up sunshine…there’ll be porn aplenty soon!)

My wife has been home on vacation almost the entire week, so my time for writing has been strictly curtailed. I’ve not even spoken to Master since Wednesday. I think He is actually asleep just now, as I’ve been texting for permission to have an orgasm (it IS Friday night fuck night, after all) …or He is ignoring me which I hate. More than likely He is sleeping tho…it’s late on Friday night, by old people standards anyway. 🙂

Oh gosh. I just made that sound like Master was old…and I really meant me! He’s usually quite the night owl…the other night He texted me at 1130 p.m….and I didn’t get it until I woke at 6 a.m. So you see who the “true” old person here is, right? ! LOL!

I’m not only behind on posting stories, but I am woefully past due on responding to all your comments. Thanks for all the congrats on the top 10 number….I’ve been pretty damned psyched about it myself! And Master is so proud of me, too. 🙂

So Monday life returns to normal, which is nice. A busy day, but normal schedules for us all…which means way more time for writing. I do need to finish my little drunken tale (hey, no hangover today, either 🙂 …) and then I’m thinking of cruising my archives to see what stories I need to finish…our girl with the “contract”…and gosh…somewhere I feel …dragons  beginning to stir…and there’s an alien in the Home Pond….I can see that I have a LOT on my plate…and it ain’t calamari (snikkers wildly)…

So, pervie friends…any votes for one of the unfinished tales that you’re wondering wtf happened next?

Enjoy your Saturday…I’ll be happily at work-for while I’ve had a GREAT time with my family…I’m craving a bit of quiet time, too. (What is it with 5-year-old girls? Do they have NO volume control at all? sheesh!)

And hey…if you’re going out shopping (or going out again)…let me just say “local, local, local”….

(that was not loco, loco, loco, you guys. Seriously. (giggles))


13 thoughts on “:)

  1. THE ASSISTANT!!! Please finish that one 😀 LOL

    I am also in decorating mode for Christmas. 😀 😀 I LOVE this time of year.

    1. Not just another chapter but finish it, eh!? 🙂 Yes, Angel, that is exactly what I’m working towards. Mood is better, and i have time…so more writing should be in the offing!

      I’m so glad you love this time of year too! I’ve always loved all the weeks that lead up to Yule…all the prep work, the cookies…all of it.

      (and the lights, when I drive home from work at night…makes it very special!)


  2. Glad you survived turkey day. I’ve been off work as well but I am not looking forward to going back to work Monday.

    What is it about 5 year olds that feel they have to talk at full volume? I have one of those as well.
    The thought had crossed my mind but I don’t think his parents would appreciate a him being gagged.

    As for a story, well Visitor 😉

    1. 🙂

      You know I’ve thought of the gag a few times myself… 🙂 your comment made me laugh out loud, S.Sir! Yes, Visitor is next in my writing queue…it takes me a bit of time, so I should work on that a little today. This is one of the few stories that takes me about a week to write a chapter.


  3. Christmas decorating is in full swing at my abode also. And by the way…5 year old girls, 7 year old girls, 9 year old girls…They all have volume control I think…it’s just BROKEN on HIGH!!! YIKES. Discrete ear plugs work nicely 🙂

    1. it IS so true…broken on HIGH!…. made me laugh out loud when I read this one! We did ALL the decorating in one day. By nightfall I was *wiped* out. Tho…I did put outside lights out last week when it was in the 60’s…a good thing coz it’s been freezing since Thanksgiving !


    1. Yeah, I have a bunch of old ones that are sparking my interest just now. I love this quiet time of year…we’re not *quite* there yet…but almost!


  4. I don’t care which story you finish. 🙂 And yes, I’m behind on writing as well…. ugh!

    As for noisy 5yr olds…. I’d take them any time over a cranky 76 year old!

    1. read your adventures..omg. Haven’t had time to comment much anywhere, well, Ms. C, but other than that? It’s been flat out full. Tomorrow is a new day. And hey…it’s snowing.

      nilla 🙂

      1. Yeah, Iife has been interesting, and it isn’t slowing down. I’d go for some snow. We haven’t had any moisture in over 45 days. At least not anything that didn’t dry up in 20 minutes. Too Damn dry!

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