HNT ~ Sari for Bein’ Sexah…(not!)

My much beloved Donna sent a care package that included this incredible turquoise/teal sari cloth. I knew immediately what it’s ultimate destination would be…my wee room, and a HNT picture!

Thank you Donna…for the gift of your friendship, the wisdom of your convoluted mind, and the incredible sweetness of your spirit.

I felt so sexy wearing this that I took a ton of pix…this one is my very favorite (Master has yet to pick His, so don’t be surprised if you see a different one next week!)


17 thoughts on “HNT ~ Sari for Bein’ Sexah…(not!)

    1. sweet. You are sweet too. A bit tart (all my friends are just like that…sweet and tart, too…i see a pattern!) And Donna? I just love her to bits. Or I love her bits. Or something like that. *laughing*


    1. Thank you Southern Sir! I love this sari, it is stunning. Not quite green, not quite blue…and lovely embroidery work on it too. As to the breasts…thank you. Not quite as perky as when I was a young thang…but I’m not complaining. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. hey there slave bunny….that absolutely cracked me up! Yanno…I can thing of worse ways to go, dehydration by cumming is …well, it’s on my top ten list of ways to kick the bucket!



    1. I saw your “re-do” but this one? Made me giggle…I *knew* you meant “great” but gyration is pretty much a nilla favorite word, dontcha know?!

      Thanks for the grin…made my evening!


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