i wrote this way back in June, and for whatever reason, never published it. It’s a wee snippet from a playdate with Master, way back when the summer breezes were blowing, and things were hot and full and ….(yeah, I’m not talking about the summer anymore, am i? *grin*)…

It was late in the day, but I wasn’t ready to stop. We’d had a bit of a breather, a bit of some refreshing sports drink to try to re-hydrate a little bit. We were laying twined together, likely He was poking or pinching some part of me.

I remember a wave of horny just flowing over and through me.

It was intense and incredible. I pressed the junction of my thighs against his lower leg. His hairy, thick, strong leg.

“What? What? Are you humping my leg?”

I giggle. Totally busted, I laugh and nod.

“Well, get on then, and do something with it.”

I think He likes to see me that totally desperate. Humping and writhing against his flesh, grinding my throbbing clit where the bone passes close to the surface; the hardness makes me yearn all the more.

I’m almost there…panting, head drooping, sliding up and down his lower leg.

“You’re not going to cum on me, are you?”

I nod frantically, and make mewling noises.

“Ewwww,” He says, “Pussy slime on my leg!” And I giggle and start to lose the almost-ready-to-cum. Whining a bit, I’m slowing down, tiring fast.

Then out of the blue He says, in this curious, musing tone…. “All of the chairs in your house must have very skinny legs!”

And I fall over to my side, and give into the hysterical laughter.  I lay there, tangled in my own hair, feeling the weight of his large hand on my head as I absolutely convulse in amusement. I’m not just giggling, not mere laughter, but gut-wrenching deep guffaws that drain me completely, accompanied by laughter tears.

Killed my orgasm with laughter…wiley Man. (He was laughing almost as hard as I was, I should add.)

A bit later, after we’d recovered some semblance of decorum, I tried to get up. He would not let me.  Silly slut…I thought pussy was done, she was tender, swollen. Definitely done.

He was not done.

And that’s all that really matters, right? He pinned me so that I couldn’t move an inch…hair pegged under His shoulder, His strong leg over mine, holding me open and pussy accessible. He pinched my nipple, then the other, then His fingers slipped lower. I tossed my head no, no…moaning. His mouth over mine, kissing me, shushing me, taking my struggle into Him.

He parted my lower lips, squeezing my clit, drawing more moans from my mouth, into His. Writhing, trying to get away, there was no place to go. His fingers pressed on, moving deeper into my cleft, hurting, and turning me on. So sore from an intense day of fucking and beatings. So swollen from so many orgasms.

“You’re wet. Soaked. You slut.” He whispers into my ear as His fingers find my opening and begin to glide inside of me. Soft, gentle but insistent, He is suddenly inside me, his big fingers filling me. It hurts so, my flesh is so tender inside, outside…and yet, with the pain is a growing need. My hips roll, seemingly of their own accord, urging Him to come deeper inside me.

“Whore,” He whispers, then takes my mouth in a savage kiss, swallowing my groans as He suddenly fucks me mercilessly hard, curling His fingers inside me, hitting all those tender trigger spots. The orgasm roars through me ~ a tsunami of sensation ~ and still he fucks me brutally.

“There’s more there, I know it,” He growls against my ear. “you’re not done yet, slut,” and He pummels my pussy.

I cum again, harder than the first time, squirting effusively on His hand, the bed, my legs. And still He fucks, His voice whispering “more” and driving me wild.

The last orgasm, harder and wetter than all the others, clamps down on His hand, muscles locked in a paroxysm of overwhelmed sensation as I go rigid in the throes of wild release.

I wake slowly, disoriented. I’m speaking in tongues, He tells me later, one of His favorite parts. Driving me to the point where I am insensate, can no longer think/protest/fight/speak is, I think, His ultimate goal.

He won, again.

Then again…so did I.