The Dentist (2)

this is getting darker than I had originally thought it would be. The muse works in mysterious ways, my pervie friends…. Reader be warned….for here be dragons…~n~

She roused slowly, a feeling of languor in her body, and yawned. She moved to cover her mouth and discovered her hand didn’t work. Blinking, she opened her eyes.

“Dr. Abernathy?” she said, peering at him. He stood between her legs. There was something odd about that. Aside from the fact that he was stroking her thighs, and that her skirt was rucked up around her waist. His hands moved further up her  legs, reaching that junction.

NO, her head yelped, yet she lay there and watched his hand as it disappeared, felt it touching her pussy, roughly exploring her cunt.

“You got fat pussy lips. Like that.” He nodded, and went back to his “exam”.

Now just a minute here, she thought, he was a dentist not an ob-gyn. Had she seen any dental equipment in here? Other than the damned chair, no.

He stepped away, his fingers damp.

“You’re gonna yell. I can always tell the yellers. Room is sound proof, of course, but I can’t stand the sound of you yelping. He opened a drawer away from her sight. She heard the sharp snap of it closing, then his feet as he crossed the room. She looked down at her arms. Thick straps wrapped around her wrists, securing them tightly to the arms of the chair, same as for her ankles.

He stood beside her, and gestured for her to open her mouth. She shook her head, clamped her mouth shut. She wasn’t going to just lay there and be a good little girlie. No no no!

Grabbing her nose, he squeezed firmly. Soon it would be open or pass out. He pressed something that looked like a short, very fat cock against her lips. Pressed hard enough to cut her bottom lip, the sharp tang of blood causing her to open her mouth at last. The gag slid into her mouth. It was not comfortable. Her mouth spread wide to accommodate the girth, while the head of it pushed her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. It was all she could do to stop from gagging on the damned thing. In moments he had it buckled around her head.

“Grumble all you want.” He chuckled to himself as he came back around between her legs. He’d unfastened his fly as he moved, and from his pants jutted the largest cock she’d ever seen on a man. He patted it fondly.

“I’m a bit of a freak, me an’ big Dan,” he said, amused at her wide-eyed stare. “You can be sure it’s gonna hurt some when I fuck you. But you’ll get a nice prize out of the experience in nine months. We’ll have a fun night together. Dan is one tough cock, he’ll fill you up with juice, rest a bit, and be ready to go again in no time. Why, if you’re lucky, he and I will fuck you 7, 8 times before I send you home.”

She tried to speak around the huge thing in her mouth. NO way she could take that cock in her. NO! She did NOT want a baby. She was certain she was in her “fertile time”, but since she didn’t have a boyfriend, she’d gone off the pill months and months ago. Some women had a residual effect, she’d heard. She could only pray it was so for her.

The thick head of his shaft pressed against her pussy, then slowly he pressed into her. It was painful, it was big. She felt stretched, as full as she did after Thanksgiving. There wasn’t enough room, and yet, her cunt stretched and let him in. He withdrew, and she gasped a quick breath through her nose. He was an old man, how long could such a fucking last? Just a few minutes, perhaps.

His strokes were hard and deep. His muscled hips bunched and rolled, fucking into her pussy with a steadiness that made her groan. After a few minutes he picked up the tempo, fucking faster, grinding deeper. There was resistance to that; she yelped every time his giant cock hit her cervix. The pleasure built too, just behind the pain.

That embarrassed her.

She knew it had been a long while since she’d fucked anything except her favorite vibe, but this was..beyond her control. His fingers pinched and caressed her clit, driving her wild. Teeth clamped around the thick rubber dong in her mouth, her eyes closed as she concentrated on her building orgasm.

When she came, it was explosively.

“Good girl! An open cunt is a ready cunt, I always say,” he spoke pedantically, then groaned as her pussy clamped down on his steadily pumping rod.

“Here it cums!” He roared as his cock twitched. Buried deeply inside of her, she swore she felt each thick pulse as he spewed his seeds inside of her.


Her pussy was full of semen, blocked with a thick plug that he’d inserted before releasing her from the chair. He’d fastened a thick chain through an eye bolt at the base, which protruded between her pussylips, then went around her waist like a chastity belt. It was anything but that, she thought bitterly. The anti-chastity belt,  then. He wanted to be sure his swimmers stayed inside her, he’d said, his voice as crisp as when she’d first walked into his office. She was exhausted, unable to fight. Tomorrow she would be called in sick from work, he’d gone on to inform her; his office would handle the details.

He’d tugged her from the chair by a fistful of hair. Her knees shook, but she knew if she fell he’d just drag her along. Down a corridor, another, still with that fucking gag in her mouth. He’d taken her to a small room, strapped her wrists to a leash that was mounted to the headboard, and her legs to the bottom of the bed.

With a push of a button, the mattress began to lift, tilting backwards until her head was dipping down towards the floor, and her feet were raised.

“Won’t be the most comfortable sleep you’ve ever had, girl, but you’ll be fine. I’ll be back later tomorrow to check on you, you just stay here and absorb.” Removing her gag, he didn’t even look at her as he slipped from the room, though she thought she heard the snap of a lock.

His last words came back to her in a rush.

She was to stay in bed and absorb.


This was fucking absurd. What the hell was going on here?