The Dentist (3)

oh my….the “dragon eggs” (as wordwitch so aptly phrased it) have hatched, my friends…this one is a bit darker than I usually post here…be warned. ~nilla~

She woke, sore and disoriented, and tired. She could barely move, and she felt dizzy from sleeping somewhat inverted. Her pussy protested the invading plug that had kept her waking up through the long night. The door opened with a soft snick.

“Hello and good morning, girlie.” Dr. Abernathy entered the room in boxers, his heavy cock leading the way like a dousing rod. In his hand was a key. He leaned over the bottom of the bed, pressing to button to right it to level once more. A wave of dizziness rolled through her; she felt slightly sick.

“No special medicine this time,” he said, as he clambered up on the bed, kneeling between her splayed thighs. He worked the key into the lock and tugged the chain loose from around her waist. He spat on her pussy as the chain fell away, rubbing it between her lower lips. She cringed. How fucking gross. He worked the plug out, none too gently, making her whimper and moan. He cackled.

“You animal! Horrible little man!” She yelled as he tossed the pug beside her. He looked up at her, rubbed his enormous cock suggestively.

“Not so little, girl,” he replied with a snicker. He pressed the engorged thing between her legs, moving into her pussy. Fucking her deeply, she cried out as the huge beast impaled her again, riding her hard. She felt the thickening pulse, the surge, and his cry as he filled her pussy again with thick wads of his slimy jizm.

“I do like ’em tight, and girl, you have one tight pussy. So nice. I’d fuck you even if I weren’t gettin’ paid for it. I’ll be back in a bit.”

With that, he rolled off of the bed, and walked across the room. The door closed with a solid thunk. She could feel it, his heavy spunk, inside of her. Someone had paid him to do this to her? She tugged at the strap binding her wrists. They held tight. She tugged at her ankles. Same thing. There was no way to get loose. She wanted to yell, to scream. Yet she was trapped, and yelling wouldn’t help.

She yelled anyway.

***   ***   ***

He released her as night fell soft around the city. Walked her out to her car solicitously. She hated him for that most of all. Her pussy was throbbing and swollen from the repeated rounds of fucking. That she had eventually cum over and over was a moot point. He closed the door, and waved as she drove away. The tears started as she pulled up to her apartment building. She rode the elevator to her floor, tears running down her face, too tired to even wipe them away. She all but fell into her unit as she unlocked the door, sobbing bitter tears. She thought she should call someone, talk to someone, but she was out of talk. Her throat ached from screaming, first in panic, then in release as he drove her over and over into the most intense orgasms of her life.

She made it to the bathroom before she vomited, and woke hours later, curled on the plush mat beside her tub. Too shaky for a shower, she realized. She made it to the kitchen, getting some water, and crackers for her empty belly. Her mind was devoid of thought, and she realized she was in some kind of shock. Taking the crackers, and the water, she went to her bedroom, where she tumbled into bed, utterly drained.

Waking to the buzz of her alarm clock, she got into her work day routine. In the shower, she scrubbed vigorously, trying to remove the taint of him. She winced as her hands rubbed her pussy; she was still so very tender there.

An hour later she walked into the office. Janice looked up as she set her purse onto the desk.

“Feeling better?”

She remembered then that he had called her out sick the day before. She’d spent an entire night, and most of the next day being fucked. Sick? Hell yes.

She nodded, tugged out her chair. Janice leaned closer.

“I’ll be a bit sad to see you go.”

She looked up at Janice, confused.

“What? When I go?”

Janice leaned closer, and the smell of her perfume, Chanel no. 5, was a jolting reminder. The room, with rosebud wallpaper, and the lingering scent of perfume. Janice’s perfume. Her eyes widened as realization dawned.

“When that baby he planted in you takes root. I’m guessing you’ll be here another month, maybe less, before the rumors get going about you being preggers. You know how Martin feels about pregnant women working here. And unmarried? Oh, honey, you’ll be gone in a heartbeat.”

She looked up at Janice, her supposed friend. Rage bloomed behind her eyes.

“B-but why?”

“You’ve been here, what? Three months? And already you’re the favored go-to girl? So efficient. So proper. I’ve been trying to get where you are for almost a year. And then he hires you and I’m back to square one? No, the little angel must fall, and I will once more be considered for Senior Executive Secretary. Go back to your honky little bumfuck town, and leave the city to those of us who deserve it. And by the way, congrats. I’ll be sure to send you a layette set.”

She didn’t remember standing, nor smashing her fist into Janice’s perfect little nose. She only remembered standing over her, fist bloodied, panting, when Martin Maxwell walked into the fray.

***   ***   ***


She stood outside of the brownstone,, her husband at her side.. Her belly was swollen and hard, the baby was due any day now.

“You’re sure this is the place?”

She nodded. She hadn’t remembered the name of the street, or anything beyond the rose wallpaper.  Shock had held the memories hostage,  until now.  The early days, the shock and horror, falling at Martin’s feet and spilling the entire sordid tale to him, everything she had been through, all brought her back here, back to the beginning.

It still surprised her that he’d believed her.

Martin took her hand as they climbed the steps. The tarnished name plate still read “Dr. Abernathy.”  The detective with them jotted down the name, then opened the door. There were the long corridors she remembered. Finally they were at the room with the roses.

“I smelled her perfume here. I didn’t know, then that it was hers. Not until later.”

“The day you clocked that bitch and broke her nose?” Martin smiled at the memory. He’d never liked that woman. Avery, now, was an entirely different matter. He’d been trying to find a way to ask her out, when he’d heard the scuffle. Seeing her standing over Janice, who was on the floor and screaming, bright blood spilling between her fingers had made him seriously consider the priesthood.

And then Avery had turned, and seen him. She’d fallen at his feet, sobbing hysterically. He’d taken both women into the conference room, put an ice pack on Janice, and a shot of Jameson to all of them. Avery began her tale, haltingly, interrupted every three words by the vicious viper that had worked for him for nearly a year. She had denied everything, but he had no recourse but to suspend both of them until the matter could be handled.

His attention returned to the woman he’d married quietly, the woman he had fallen in love with in such a short time.  She was frowning, and he wanted to stop her, stop this. Kiss away the bad memories. Yet the shrink she had been seeing had supported her choice to find this place, and put it into her past, so that she could continue to move forward. She stopped, trailing her hand along the wall.

“I hung my coat there,” she spoke softly, touching the third hook. “And he pushed me back here.” She made her way through the confusing tangle of corridors, until she stood before the door to what she’d believed to have been the dental room.  The detective leaned forward and turned the knob. The door swung open.

There was nothing in the room.

“The chair was there.” She pointed, and they crossed to where she remembered it all beginning. There were fresh holes in the floor. That something had been bolted there was apparent. The hint of sawdust around one of the holes confirmed that the move had been fairly recent. They found the room with the bed, but all that remained was the bed frame.

There was some vindication that the place did exist. Janice had disappeared, as had “Dr. Abernathy”, as if they were just smoke and mirrors.

I’m okay, she thought to herself. The baby shifted inside of her, and she placed her palm on her belly.

“I’m okay. Let’s go home.”

Hand in hand they left the decrepit building, and the past, behind them, and began building on their future, together.

***   ***   ***

Epilogue 2

She struggled against the bonds he’d secured her in.

“Fair trade,” he reminded her, making her growl and writhe again. “You are such a wild slut.” He rubbed his hand up and down his massive shaft. “You promised me a big fat bonus, or else. You’re my “or else, baby girl. Such a naughty girl. I do like that about you.”

He moved to stand over her, between her tied-open legs. Janice grunted, straining against the rope. She had run, run back to him, and here she was. He’d shaved her head, done graffiti on her body with a permanent marker, including her face. He’d fucked her, fucked her, fucked her. She resisted it all. Resisted the orgasms he forced on her, resisted being his toy.  She wished she’d never come home to Daddy.

Epilogue 3:

The baby was born as the moon rose fat and full in the crisp mid-winter night. With a final push, Avery brought her daughter into the world. They named her Aurora, for the new beginning she had brought to them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The detective sent them an email later that week. Dr. Abernathy had indeed resided in the building, until 1984, when he had passed away. The house was owned by a slumlord landlord, who never visited the place. It had been rented by a Janice Dunovan a month before Avery had her “dentist” appointment. What had happened to her remained a mystery.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the sounds of sex pervaded the basement. the three men strove at their ‘work’, pushing their cocks into any open hole. mouth, ass, and pussy were filled, emptied, filled again. he sat in his easy chair, watching, stroking his own solid erection. soon enough the paying customers would be done, and he’d get his turn. again.


(no apologies for the darkness, other than for posting it here rather than on the Dark Fantasies blog….sometimes the Dragons need to come out to play…~nilla~)