Space Sex (1)

ever have a story just grab you by the throat, shake the fuck outta you and *make* you write it? that’s exactly what happened with this one. Stuck in my head for two days, zinging around in all that space, and then finally throttling me until I sat down, at 10:21 p.m. to write the damned thing. And so it is done. A bit on the weird side, but yanno…it is a nilla tale…ya gotta expect some weird here! And I know, I know, unfinished tales in my queue, but really ….this story threatened to hurt me if I didn’t start writing it…

He threw his duffel across the room, landing it with practiced ease on his bed. His rack wasn’t all that big, but big enough. He’d worked long and hard to secure quarters that wouldn’t make him space-crazed.  That he was here in his quarters at all, rather than on deck was pissing him the fuck off.

Yeah, so he’d been snarky. Fuck ’em.

“Fuck ’em,” he growled.

“Request not understood.” The soft, sexy, definitely female voice of his room recreation computer even sounded puzzled.

“Nevermind,” he said with a sigh, ruffling his hair. He wore it longer than most did out here. He was an individual. Not a droid. Not a space nut, not even a long-term ranger. He would do his time, earn his credits, and then settle back on Earth on some tiny island like…Bimini or one like it. Someplace peaceful, warm, with miles of blue sky and blue water all around him.

He was getting tired of the blackness of space.

Perhaps he should have taken Rissa up on her offer of some bone-melting sex. Her words, not his. Any hole in a port, he thought a touch snidely. Rissa had fucked every other body on this ship, likely including the droids. She was one horny fucking bitch, to be sure. A terrific science officer, but her pussy was on overdrive. He’d never quite managed to be “caught” by her, but tonight, she might be just what he needed.

“That’s it. I just need a good fuck. But not just a hole…maybe someone to listen to me. Someone sweet. Someone horny but obedient. Someone who wants to please me, who won’t be upset if I smack her ass while I fuck it.”

He hadn’t fucked an ass in a thousand years, it seemed. Way back in his earth days, when he was at the institute, his girlfriend. What was her name? Kayla! Yes, that was it. She had been into anal big time, and had cum like a bitch in heat. He smiled, remembering.

He jolted at the soft tap on his shoulder.

She stood there, soft perfection.

And naked.

Very, very naked. Her tits were exactly what he liked. Round, firm melons with hard nipples jutting out, seeming to beg for his touch. His fingers ached with the longing to tug them, even as his mouth filled with spit from the strong tug of desire to suck and bite.

Her waist was narrow…but not wasp-thin. He preferred his women with a bit of meat on them. Her pubs were bare. He saw the fat puffy lips and the long line of her slit disappearing between her closed thighs. Her legs were long and strong looking-perfect for wrapping around his waist as he fucked her.


He was nonplussed. Who was this? Why was she in his berth? And how soon could he get his rigid cock in one of her holes.

“I’m for you.”

“She is for you, William.” The mellifluous voice of the computer came from the air around him…and from her lips. They spoke simultaneously.

“I am yours. Your body specs were read, and you were depleted in the area of sexual activity. Computer designed me to supplement your need. Do I please you?”


“Yes?” Again, like stereophonic sound from the olden days, he heard Computer’s voice from the hidden speakers in his room, and the naked girls mouth. He shook his head.

“Do I displease you?” She sounded…dejected.

“No! No, not at all. I just…had no idea that the computer could…would…was able…to do such a thing as this. I’ve never heard of it. Ever.”

“This is for you, William; you have gone without sexual release for 31 days, and without sharing sexual release with another since you arrived on the ship.  371 days.  Other humans have coupled. You have not. Your …preference for not sharing sex with the others on the crew have been noted.”

“So…you ….designed her for me? And I can …” he paused, reaching out to touch her, his hand on her shoulder. Her skin was soft as a rose petal, and warm. A smile bloomed on her face at his touch.

“She is a working unit of soft tissue. She is usable for several days before she needs to be refreshed. She will learn your preferences.  And grow and adapt to them. If you like to bite, she will enjoy being bitten. If you like to …”

“I get it!” He interrupted the computer before she could go into any more detail.

“I get it,” he spoke slowly, stroking down her shoulder to her tit, weighing it in his palm and stroking the hard nub of her nipple with his thumb.

“You get it,” she agreed, her voice a soft whisper as she leaned into his touch.

13 thoughts on “Space Sex (1)

  1. Ha! I like this one. Would have made Star Trek TNG more exciting if captain Picard had used the replicator to make something like this as opposed to his cup of earl grey.

    1. yes yes yes!!!

      I often wondered why they didn’t, actually. “Computer…blonde, buxom, and bare. And wanton.”



  2. LOL! I agree with michelle! This looks like it will be a good story.
    And yes, I understand those stories that just beg, no … Demand to be written. Oak & Thorn is sort of one of those.

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