Space Sex (2)

Before I get into today’s story, let me add some really AWESOME news!

Felt Tips, the anthology that I have a short story in, is released today. Yes, TODAY, 12/12/12!!!! It is available at many ebook forums, including Amazon, Smashwords, BN, and soon, at iBooks.  There are a ton of authors who have added to this “Work Place Sexy” story theme, and you’ll find mine under “Kiki Snow”. I hope you’ll see it, buy it, download it. Eventually it will be in “real” book format, but not just now. All proceeds will go to Adopt a Classroom. So? What are you waiting for? Go! See! Buy!

felt tips cover art

and now, onto today’s story…..

(part one here)

He lay in his berth, his left arm wrapped around the soft, warm body of the ….woman? he had just fucked.

What was she, exactly? Computer generated, but real to the touch. To all the touching. His hand stroked over her flesh, touching, exploring. Her tits were works of art. She breathed, he could feel her soft inhalations in and out against his belly. She slept, as well she should after round one of intense sexual release. He decided he wasn’t going to try to figure out what to call her, human, humi-graph, whatever. What he was going to think about, now that the initial blow was over, was what would come next. Computer had been right, dammit, knowing exactly what he’d needed to clear his mind. Three hundred seventy one days without fucking was a long, long time. The hand jobs he’d given himself in the scant shower had been less than satisfactory, just a release of tension.

He felt his cock growing firm, the tightness in his groin pressing against the round ass pressed back against him. She shifted, inviting his shaft to press between her cheeks. The heat from her body ignited a burning fire in him. In one fluid motion, he turned her to her belly, and growled at her to pull her knees under her. Her face turned against the mattress, her ass raised in the air, he didn’t need words…her body spoke eloquently to his shaft. He felt the throb and pulse intensely, and knew he had to be inside of her.  Hands braced on her bottom, he pressed her butt apart, and found that tight swirled button hidden deep in her cleft. His cock, already dripping, painted the entry to her backside with a dash of wet, and then he pressed forward. She moaned, a deep, throaty song that spurred him on. Wildness, barely contained, had him surging forward, pressing into that tight opening, his cock plummeting  inside.

She was hot as a fucking furnace inside. The walls of her ass held him tight, the spincter at the entry a tight grasp that massaged him with every stroke. It was the best ass fucking he could remember, her body accepting every thrust, her moans feeding that primal beast inside of him. His hips moved like a piston, pounding her rectum, until, fingers digging into her hips for balance, he ground against her, and shot wad after thick wad into her asshole.

They melted together, falling bonelessly to the bed. Sleep claimed him, then.


He woke, refreshed, when the chime for his shift alarm bonged insistantly.

“Lights,” he yawned.

The computer knew his preference for not-too-bright-in-the-fucking-morning, and a soft glow illuminated his sleeping area. He stretched, feeling as if he’d had the best workout in his life. Muscles moved fluidly as he rose, and slid into unders, then his worksuit.  Pausing, he looked back at the bed, frowning.


“Yes, William?”

Was it his imagination, or had his computer become more familiar in her tone?

“Where is she?”

“She is me, and I am she.” The sound of soft female laughter filled his head. His computer was fucking giddy. Shaking his head, he asked again.

“The she…the you…whatever you call her. Where is she?”

“She has been…withdrawn. You must report for your shift in 27 minutes. Your coffee is in the unit, prepared. A muffin is in the food bin.”

Then, shocking him, she anticipated his next question.

“She will return to you when your shift is over, and will happily entertain you to sleep. And she will continue to return to you for as long as you remain. The ship is scheduled to return to Dock Station Earth in 22 days. You will be able to debark there, and go to your Bimini Island at that time.”

“I’m thinking more South Pacific, actually,” he jumped in. Still puzzled that the computer was being less like a computer and more like…more like a companion, then ever before. Still, having spent most of the prior evening fucking the holy fuck-all in a computer-generated form, perhaps this was more like a morning-after chat?

“Cook Islands then. I will help with your travel plans.”

The chime that alerted him that he had 15 minutes left, pre-shift, had him agreeing with ‘her’, and moving into his small kitchenette. The coffee was perfect, and the muffin, blueberry, his favorite. He ate, hungrily. As he finished the first mug of coffee, there was a soft “bing”. He opened up the warm foods door, and there was a thermos of coffee.

“For later,” came her voice. A hand touched his shoulder. Turning, there she was. Standing on tiptoes, she kissed his cheek, then tucked her head shyly into his neck. As before, she was naked. Pulling the thermos from the unit, he tugged her closer still, his fingers wove into her hair, tipping back her head, and taking her mouth in a kiss as full as hunger as if last night hadn’t happened.

“go,” she whispered against his mouth. His lips tightened. For the first time in 371 days, he considered taking a personal day.

“Your coffee,” she reminded him, breaking eye contact with him, pointing to the counter behind him. He turned to grab it, knowing when he turned back she would be gone.

The chime sounded.

“Time for work, be safe…” Her voice, soft and sweet, filled the air in his room, and the empty place where he claimed he had no heart, as he moved out the door and into his day.