Cheeky (HNT)

He’s called me a sassy cunt.

He’s called me a pain in the ass, spoiled, needy, whore, and a bitch. Or maybe it was that I *was* bitching. I forget. 🙂

When I feel a certain amount of disconnect, I tend to bury Him in texts. He still will ignore me if He is busy, but if I send an especially provocative picture, He will take time to mention it. So, being the strange and pervy girl I am wont to be, I sent Him an image guaranteed to pique His interest.

His reply to the text was

I know what to do with the pink brush, nilla.

Still, I could just about feel His smile when He opened His phone and saw this:


Coz yanno, us pervy sluts *enjoy* feeding the Dragon tidbits that are guaranteed to give us a “brush” with weapons of Ass Destruction…!

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