A Short Post…

A few hours ago some ….beast…entered a school…where 5-10 year olds go to class….and shot them. Eighteen children, between 5 and 10 have died, and 9 adults.

In this world of senseless acts of violence…I’m left feeling (as most of you are, I imagine, shock and horror and a deep sense of fear. I’m very glad I school my kids at home.

I’m just asking you all to take a moment today, and hug your kids, and say a prayer for this sort of non-sensical violence to end.

In deep sorrow, nilla

11 thoughts on “A Short Post…

  1. I am hugging my kiddos so tight today. Ugh. I have been sick to my stomach since I heard….. So so tragic, and senseless and devastating.

  2. It has been a long sad day. My concerns are that there will be more incidents like this as our economy has more and more issues. Issues that effect mental health providers and many other entities.

  3. Dear bloggers
    From the other side of the ocean I have to point out this:
    As long as you believe in the right for every person to carry fire arms you will have these shootings. USA lies in the bed that it made.
    I feel very sorry for all the people affected, those who were killed, those who lost and those who survived, but will carry scars for the rest of their lives.
    If you – as individuals and as a country – sincerely want to prevent murder with fire arms – don’t allow them. It really is that simple.

    1. Hi LadyP, it’s not as “simple as that”. In the US, for example, ownership of guns is 7 out of 100. In Switzerland it’s 46 out of 100. What’s the difference? The US is divided. Even if the majority were opposed to “the right of every person to carry fire arms,” that would not be enough to overturn the 2nd Amendment. The legal basis for “the right to keep and bear arms” was written into the Constitution by a bunch of politicians in the 18th Century, when it took, at best, some 15 to 20 seconds to reload ones musket. Sure, if we could snap our fingers and make all guns disappear, then it really would be that simple. Also, I wonder if you gave the same advice to the Dutch when Tristan van der Vlis entered the De Ridderhof shopping mall and gunned down six people? Did you also give the same advice to the Norwegians when Breivik killed 77? I sincerely want to prevent all and any cruelty and murders, but I’m at a loss for how to do it. One of the few things that sustain me is a brief glimpse of a world beyond this one — beautiful, loving and unlike anything in any religion. Just reminds me that I am here for a little while, and the best any of us can do is to spread a little love while visiting.

    2. Lady P…I understand your frustration in writing…if only the solution was as cut-and-dried as all that…but it isn’t.

      I’m saddened that there is this kind of thing that happens. That mentally ill people are able to get guns, that children and adults and animals are all killed by guns…

      It is such a complex issue that I don’t feel right in trying to present one side or the other. I have not the elocution skills for this issue. So…I will say that you have the right to state your opinion, and I thank you for being respectful about your presentation…

      And as for me? I’m returning to the joy side of living, and going back to writing the sexy things that give people a quiet safe place to just be, for a time, away from the cares of the day.


  4. Dear Friends,

    I am writing one response to all else who commented here…all of your words and comments are valued, and I’m grateful that you all took time to respond to my painful post. Know that every day I hold you all in my thoughts, and together, we can move forward, through the darkness of this tragedy, and into living fully once more.

    Hug to you and yours,


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