Torture, Again

I’m not sure when YOU will read this. I’m a few days ahead on posts, thank the goddess, as soon I won’t have much time for writing …you guessed it, wife vacation. And the holidays and the like will keep all of us busy, I imagine. I’m not trying to go for a long unbroken spell here, though I believe it has been a few months since I skipped a day.

Master would roll his eyes here and say “what the fuck nilla?” if I told him. Not that he’d be mad about it, per se, but he’d wonder why I was back on the daily posting gig.

Mostly…I just have a lot to say 🙂

Stories to write, vignettes of my time with him …kind of like this post, except I’ve not gotten to the “good” part yet, and you’re saying…”c’mon nilla. WTF? You give us an intriguing title like “torture” and then you go off on a tangent that has nothing to do with torture. C’mon nilla, spill!”

You are, aren’t you? It’s okay, I grok. 🙂 I hate when other bloggers do that…just get to the part that will make me wet… *laughs*

Okay, so here I sit, on a Wednesday night. Master had hinted last night, when he gave me permission for not one, but TWO O’s that I might get a chance for another, tonight.

Which he nixed the moment I called him a while ago.


“Are you writing tonight nilla?”

“Yes Master.”

“Okay then, same as last night …clothespins on the nips, then the clamps on the pins, with the full weights.”

He pauses, as I absorb this. Third night in a row with this gig, and my nipples are getting pretty tender.

“Oh, and let’s add the small anal plug. You’ll be all warm and sore and turned the fuck on…and O-less…!”

He says this in this cheery voice like this is happy news. OMG. The Sadistic Bastard! I’m hurting as I type, my nipples feeling like they are pulled to my knees. The pain burns, you see. From the nipple to the curve of the tit, licks of fire from my aching nipples. And in my ass, the insistent feeling of poo. I need to poo.

Of course, I don’t. It’s the fucking plug. I’m sitting on it, pressing it hard into my rump, and not only do I feel the need to expunge the frigging thing, but it’s turning me on.


I said it out loud. The fucking plug in my ass that makes me feel like I need to take a poo…is also turning me on. My panties (yes, I’m wearing some just now) are wet. Nipples throb dully, and ass throbs too, and all of it serves to remind me that none of these parts are under my control, but His.

He told me He was gonna ramp things up.

HE was NOT kidding.


So….that’s as far as I got before the weights, the pins, the plug all merged together into some miasma of pain and lust that I just couldn’t bear anymore. After 30 minutes of it, I was done. I took the obligatory nipple shot afterwards ….. it’s not a rule, but He enjoys seeing my nipple all crunched up directly after…calls it a ‘dented chicklet’ (for those of you not US natives, a chiclet is a ….thin square of gum…wait, let me show you:


(and it’s pronounced “Chick-lit”)

So there you have it. Imagine a big dent in the center of one of those little “pillows” and you have nilla’s abused nipple.chicklet

Why did I ever doubt He was sadistic? *eyeroll*

The condition for removal of the “toys” is that I go to bed. Last night, trembling with pain and lust, I shut down my computer, then removed the plug from my ass, the weights (slowly, oh gosh don’t take them off fast!), then the pins. I have learned to take them off at the same exact moment, holding my breath and …..slowly squeezing the ends to release them and ….

You know…when I first take the weights off, the clothespins, which have been pointing at the ground, spring up…it’s a fast, hard shock of pain that makes me whimper.

And okay, get wet, too.

Breathing through that, to get to the next part, removal…ah, that’s a fine trick. But by taking them off simultaneously, I’m able to quickly put my toys away and crawl into bed and cuddle my poor aching tits.

Last night, after, I tossed and turned for fucking ever. Sore, and horny. Horny. HORNY!

And when I finally woke up this morning?

Still horny. Still held firmly in HIS control. Liking it. Liking it a lot. Nice to be held, from afar. Nice to be made to want so desperately. Nice to be hurt, nice to be turned on, nice, oh so much deeper than that….to be His.