“I’m gonna play with you until you cum.”

The voice filled her with dread. She couldn’t see, couldn’t move. She felt the cool air against her tits, her open legs, felt the tug and tension in her groin muscles that protested being opened so widely.

“Gonna play with your pussy until you fucking beg me for more.”

She shivered, trying to shift away, to close her legs, but however he’d tied her, there was no way…the moan escaped as the pressure of a vibrator pressed against her clit.

There was a shock of pain as something closed upon her left nipple.  The sound of moans filled the small space. The vibrations on her pussy were stirring something deep inside of her, making her twist her hips.

“You fucking love this, you cunt, your pussy is so fucking wet…”

The sound of glee in his voice unnerved her.

“I’ll never beg,” she thought to herself, even as her hips rolled, trying to snatch up the vibe and get it deep, deep into the place that longed to be filled.

“Beg for it, whore.”

She whimpered as there was another tug of pain on her other nipple. Her clit throbbed with it, the connection between nipples and pussy undeniable. The vibe was too intense to handle, the pressure making her squeak and moan and writhe.

Shaking her head ‘no’ her hips undulated with a will of their own. The darkness swirled with dazzling lights behind her tightly closed eyes, under the blindfold. The  needs of her body began to overtake her mind, even as his hand slapped hard on her throbbing cunt.



“Tell me you want my cock in your hole!”


Her hips arched upwards, seeking more, needing to be filled there. She didn’t talk dirty. She didn’t…

“Fuck me…please Sir, fuck my pussy. Please Sir, put your cock in my hole!”

With a triumphant laugh, he filled her.