Where the fuck?

Hey pervie friends…

I am reading your comments, I am. And I thank you all, always, for taking time to write to me. I’m on a 4-day 10-12 hour per day work schedule all weekend…and I simply may not be able to respond to your comments until after Christmas.

Please know that I value your thoughts…and it really bugs me when I fall behind on responding to you. I’ll keep hacking away at it in the evenings, at least until my energy gives out!

At work, when I get a moment to breathe, I check blog comments via my phone (but can’t respond on it, since it’s a Stupid Phone!)…and they always perk me up. So thank you for writing to me, even knowing I can’t get back to you right away.

Just wanted you all to know I haven’t disappeared!

Today I made the conscious choice to write stories rather than reply to comments so that I would have stories and such for your viewing …pleasure … (giggle).

Happy Holidays and blessed Solstice…didja feel that? The wheel of the year is just about ready to click into the next season!


nilla the almost-absentee-sex blogger.

(PS -Master is keeping me from overextending and staying up wicked late writing by mandating that I wear the chicklet outfit while blogging at night…there is no way I can stay up late with these fucking things on me! Clever, devious Bastard. Smart, too.)