Where the fuck?

Hey pervie friends…

I am reading your comments, I am. And I thank you all, always, for taking time to write to me. I’m on a 4-day 10-12 hour per day work schedule all weekend…and I simply may not be able to respond to your comments until after Christmas.

Please know that I value your thoughts…and it really bugs me when I fall behind on responding to you. I’ll keep hacking away at it in the evenings, at least until my energy gives out!

At work, when I get a moment to breathe, I check blog comments via my phone (but can’t respond on it, since it’s a Stupid Phone!)…and they always perk me up. So thank you for writing to me, even knowing I can’t get back to you right away.

Just wanted you all to know I haven’t disappeared!

Today I made the conscious choice to write stories rather than reply to comments so that I would have stories and such for your viewing …pleasure … (giggle).

Happy Holidays and blessed Solstice…didja feel that? The wheel of the year is just about ready to click into the next season!


nilla the almost-absentee-sex blogger.

(PS -Master is keeping me from overextending and staying up wicked late writing by mandating that I wear the chicklet outfit while blogging at night…there is no way I can stay up late with these fucking things on me! Clever, devious Bastard. Smart, too.)

9 thoughts on “Where the fuck?

  1. I’m so glad that Wolf has not suggested anything like that. It’s bad enough that I get the “evil eye” when he says it’s bedtime after our nightly chats. 🙂

    Happy Solstice Dear heart sister!

    1. Blessed Solstice to you, heartsister! I’m glad you at least have your nightly chat time. that is great. And I’d be careful what you *think* or he may well put on additional restrictions!



    1. Thank you Southern Sir! We’ve begun to turn back…and it’s snowed, and will snow again tomorrow…and (dammit) maybe sunday as well. The winter goddess so loves to fuck with me. 😦


    1. thanks mlb! He is a very good Master that way…He knew I was close to exhausted, and he just has this way of ensuring that I don’t overextend myself! Hope your holiday was a bright and happy one!


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