A Fast Note …

LOTTTTTA hours at work these last few days BUT….

did get 90 minutes with the Master-Man Saturday evening after work. He bought me dinner and tea and we were the ONLY ones in Starbucks so He tickled and sneak-pinched me good, and I was laughing SO loud…

when it was time to go the barrista was sad we were leaving (they told us so) and said that I have a “lovely laugh”…so sweet!

And I even finished my holiday shopping afterwards!

On a sad note, my kitty got out on me this morning as I left for work. VERY hard to see a black cat (yeah, I know, a witch with a black cat!) in the pre-dawn darkness…and she was still half-missing when I got home.

She’s in the cellar and won’t come out (no house entry from the cellar). Eventually she’ll get hungry enough to come in, I hope. Snow tomorrow night and maybe a BIG storm on Thursday/Friday. Hopefully, she’ll get caught SOON.

‘nite, every one. ONE more day of work before a 4 day vacation …. woot!!! (Man do my feet hurt…34 hours in 3 days, mostly on my poor tootsies!)



10 thoughts on “A Fast Note …

    • Must be the *strong* coffee there (tho I do drink tea…funny short story…I was *exhausted* that night and when the barrista asked what i wanted, I wanted the LARGEST, STRONGEST cup of awake tea…and she put two tea bags in the cup for me!) I was afraid I’d fall asleep in the car on my way home. I love Starbucks…


    • wow…those aren’t even terribly expensive. I have to have special sneakers coz i’m flatfooted AND I pronate (roll inward?) since I broke my ankle years ago. But still…I’m going to look further into those! Thanks my sister! *(not that I think any shoes can keep your feet from hurting after two consecutive 11 hour shifts on your feet)…


      • I have to admit that I’ve had a pair of the clogs for 6 years. They are beat to hell, and still the best shoes I’ve had for working in a kitchen. (professional kitchen… 12 hour shifts) NO slip soles too… Not even on ice. And I have flat feet too… wide flat feet, and these clogs were excellent. They are the shoes I grab when my feet hurt. The only shoes that have felt better were my Danskos

    • thanks Fondles…it was a much needed recharge for both of us. We’d not had a “longish” time together in many weeks…


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