Princess (5)

She looked at the two man-snakes in her hands. One was large, with a thick and bulbous head. The other was not so large, but both had a heavy-looking sack hanging below. Both also had curly hairs there, and each had a little slit in the top of their staff. As her fists worked up and down, exploring the two man-snakes, they grew harder, longer. Small pearls came out of the slits on the top, and without thinking she lapped one, then the other. The taste was almost the same. The big one was a bit saltier, reminding her of the sea.

Both men stood, frozen in shock and lust as her unskilled hands rubbed in all the right places. Their hands linked on her head, and with each other, completing the circle.

She gazed from one cock to the other. She opted to taste the smaller one first. Mudge groaned as her hot mouth encircled his shaft, his hand pressing her head forward. His man-snake pressed towards the back of her throat, making her eyes water a bit, then he tugged her back by her hair. The head of his cock popped from between her pursed lips with an audible sound, making him moan again. Turning, she took Trey’s much longer, thicker rod into her mouth. The veins on this shaft were more pronounced, making her tongue feel the sensations more intensely. She felt a burning between her legs, and wondered at it.  Trey lurched forward, slamming his man-snake into her, surprising her, and making her stomach feel as though it would rise up, and then he was out of her mouth and turning her towards Mudge.

Moving between the two men, she felt them shivering as they got harder, thicker. Hips pumped as she worked with hands and lips and tongue, unknowing what the end of this dance would bring.

Two silver jets erupted from the men, nearly simultaneously, landing on her cheek, her chest, her fingers. She tasted, she licked, she lapped, a kitten to cream, until it was all gone. Her companions slumped, gasping, to the floor.

She watched, amazed, as the man-snakes grew smaller, and hid in their nest of curls once more. She was charmed at how they changed, from these small creatures, to the mighty and strong beasts they had been when she had played with them. Reaching out a tentative hand, she tried to touch Trey’s cock.

He stopped her.

“No, no, girlie, my cock is tired! ‘Sides, it’s our turn to make you feel good. But not here.”

“No, we outta put her in our bed tonight and play with her and make her feel good, too.”

“I wonder, girl, if anyone ever has touched you before.”

She shook her head, her heart racing. Finally, finally she would find out about all this…

A loud pounding interrupted the trio.

“OPEN UP, IN THE NAME OF THE KING!” a voice bellowed from beyond.

“Go, girl, go wash yourself and stay in your room.” Quickly Mudge stuffed his penis into his pants, drawing the string up.

“C’mming,” he said, with a quick wink towards Trey. He opened the door a scant moment after Ari’s door shut. A trio of guards, dressed in their red suits, stood at bored attention. The leader, a tall fellow himself, still needed to look up at the taller farmer.


“Clarence.” Mudge inclined his head. “Pins night already?” he asked, referring to a game that he and some of the soldiers engaged in.

Clarence hurrumphed, and shook his head, no.

“I’m here to take you and Trey and a girl to the king.”

“My sister’s brothers cousins mute daughter?” Mudge bit his lip to keep from laughing.

“Yes, that’s the one.”

“Girl!” Mudge yelled over his shoulder. “C’mon out here.”

“She’s a bit ….slow…” he said, his tone apologetic, but still loud. Ari heard him, and while she didn’t fully understand why, she came out, a bit hunched over, her hair a messy tangle still from being on the beach.

“This is the girl?” The tone of incredulity from the soldier confirmed that the Prince had run to daddy to try to wrest her away from them.

“This be her. We try to keep her clean, but she keeps…well, she’s slow.” Mudge tried to wipe away the soot that she’d smeared on one cheek, only further mussing her. She understood his warning scowl, and nodded once.

Without further ado, they were marched to the castle to be seen by the King.


King Eustice was old, potbellied, and jovial. His son stood by his left elbow, gloating, as Mudge, Trey and Ari were admitted to the King’s presence. His gloating smile didn’t last long as the trio came slowly down the center aisle, meant to intimidate newcomers. Ari had been raised with plenty of pomp, and the room had no effect on her. Mudge and Trey were too concerned for her performance to attend to the “intimidation” techniques, instead helping to keep her pace slow by a hand on each elbow.

“This is the gail?” the King spoke in a loud aside to his son, in a tone that clearly said “are you nuts?”

The Prince frowned.  Where had the pretty lass who had tumbled at his feet gone? Her hair was frizzled and frazzled, soot marked her face, and her eyes were vacant. In truth, Ari was staring beyond the prince, focusing on the tapestry of a unicorn that rose behind him, a full 20 feet or more across.


“This is the girl we are fostering,” confirmed Trey. “She’s a bit…slow, and mute. Our relationship is tangled, but she is in the way of being a cousin, Sire.”

“The daughter of the brother of the wife of the cousin of Mudge, Sir,” spoke the guard who continued to escort them to stand before the King.

“Close enough, then,” said Mudge with a faint smile.

“What is your name, gel,” barked the Prince. Ari looked at his feet. He snapped his fingers, and she jumped back, almost into Mudges arms, quivering and shaking.

“Now, now, son, you’ve frightened the poor unfortunate thing,” the King said, frowning at the Prince.

“It’s okay gail, we just wanted to be sure that your….best interests…were being attended to.” The King held out a hand, as he would to a stray cat. She shook her head, hiding against Mudge.

“Come, sweet darling, come see your Uncle King,” He crooned at her. “Get a confection from the kitchen, quickly,” he ordered a guard, and the man scurried off.

“I have a lovely treat for you, sweeting, if you come here and let me give it to you.”

She looked up at Mudge, a large tear slowly slipping down her cheek. She’d bitten the inside of her cheek hard to draw that single tear, and to hold back the smile that threatened at the King’s suddenly tender way with her. Mudge nodded encouragingly, and “whispered” that it was okay, that the King was kind and would not harm her.

Limping and listing, she made her way to where the King sat. In moments, the breathless guard bolted through the doors, and ran up to Mudge, before skidding to a halt, and stepping neatly to the King. The royal eyebrow raised at the performance of the guard, but he clipped the treat up quickly and dismissed the man, who, Ari was sure, wanted to fall gasping to the floor.

“Here, gel, come get your treat, now.” The King held the treat out.

Ari clasped her hands around her waist, and halted. Throwing a nervous glance back at Mudge and Trey, who made brushing motions to move forward, she took a halting step, and another.

“Majesty, are you considering taking her into yer court?” Trey asked, just as Ari took the treat and crammed it, in its entirety, into her mouth, chewing loudly. Food fell from between her lips, bespeckling the simple white shift she wore with pink and chocolate bits. She licked around her lips and smiled, the smears from the treat now spread evenly around her mouth. The King stared at her in horror, then looked to where the two men stood, a hopeful look on their faces, if He was any judge.

“No, no, not at all my dear friends. She will do well under your tutelage  I’m certain. I thank you for coming so promptly, but I am certain you have many tasks to attend to. Guard? Show these fine people the way out of the castle.”

He muttered something under his breath to his son, who looked on with a petulant face as they left. Ari swore she could feel his eyes boring into the soft flesh of her but-tocks. She knew the feeling of an enemy, now, for they had just made one.