Mechanic, test run

Prior chapter here…Yeah it’s been a while… and remember here be MEGA dragons….

The cars filled the drive, the chairs pushed around the table. Beer and shit- talk and cards moved around the tabletop.

“No you don’t, you lying sack of shit!” This from his best friend, James.

He nodded.

“I sure as fuck do.”

“No, no way,” the chorus of dissent rang through his friends as they leaned back in their chairs, staring at him. He appreciated the jibes, the shit they were dishing out, but he whistled once, sharp, as one would for a pet pooch.

She came out of the kitchen, wearing only a pair of clothespins on her nipples. He’d had her fuctard of a boyfriend, who he now called ‘pussy’, drill holes through the wood, then fasten a long piece of chain to each pin. As she moved, the chain bounced, highlighting every jiggle of her big tits. The look on his friends faces was priceless, the look on hers, murderous. She came reluctantly to his side, her eyes burning at him. He could understand it, really. He’d threatened to put the pussy’s nuts in his vice grips and start squeezing. He’d seen her hesitate for a moment, and wondered if he’d be forced into a demonstration to get her to comply. Pussy had looked on in horror, his cock shriveled, his balls hugged between his legs.

He had also told her she could wear something, he recalled with an inward grin. He hadn’t mentioned that it would be clothes pins on her nipples, but he had kept his word. He doubted she would see it that way, and frankly that didn’t bother him in the least.

He put his arm around her hip, hugging her close.

“Isn’t she purty?” He flicked the chain, watched her eyes narrow.

“She’s not just decoration, boys. She’s got a lot of hot, wet holes that are, currently, empty. So if you have a bit of an itch to scratch, you can take her in my bedroom, or bend her over the arm of the couch, or I can tuck ‘er under the table and let her move around the table sucking you off.”

He wished he’d thought to bring his phone to the table to take pictures of the shocked  faces of his friends. All three  of them just stared, bemused. The smiles started to grow as he unzipped, took out his cock, and pulled her into his lap.

“Ride me.”

Each rise up, each jolt down set her titchain to swinging.

“Now that’s fuckin’ hot shit.”

James watched her big bobbling tits with awe. He loved girls with big meaty boobs, and had jacked off many times to the fantasy of fucking a big fat pair.

“‘scuse me, Michael, but I think I’ll have some of what you’re having.” He pushed back his chair and moved around the table.  He took her by the chains, and said, “come here, girl.”

“Tiger, her name is tiger. And she likes it rough.” He watched for a moment as James led her into the bedroom, leaving the door open. To his friends surprise, Mike whistled again.

“You got two?” Eyes agog, the brothers Mark and Andy turned towards the kitchen, but they sat back in shock as a slim man, naked except for  a pair of socks, came forward.

“Two house sluts for me, and this one is fully operational too.”

“No way I’m letting a guy suck my dick!” Mark turned shocked eyes on his friend.

“A mouth is a mouth. Under the table you won’t know which one is-”

He was interrupted by a short, shocking scream from the bedroom.

“MAN is her ass TIGHT!” came the cry from James.

Four pair of eyes turned towards the bedroom, three chairs pushed away from the table, as they crowded down the hall.

“You…stay.” Mike pointed back as pussy came, bringing up the rear.

“But she’s my girl…”

“No. She’s MY cunt. Stay. Here.” He mimed squeezing with his thumb and forefinger, then pointed at the floor. Another short yelp had him stepping up to the bedroom. Mark and Andy had moved close, watching as James plumbed the depths of tiger’s ass. His hands held her by her wrists, folded over the small of her back as he drove into her.

“She’s a fighter all right, but boy she’s cum hard already. Soaked my foot the first time.” James laughed. “I’m gonna shoot so much cum up her shitter she’ll be draining for a week!”

“Look at that,” marveled Mark, as he watched James’s fat cock working in and out of the woman’s anus. She let out another short, hard scream as he filled her, and he moaned.

“Oh fuck, she’s cumming again!” He groaned. “Squeezing my cock so hard, fuck fuck fuuuuuuck I”M CUMMING…” 

He drove his shaft hard against her bum, bearing down on the round globes as he pressed as deeply as he could to dump his load. He pulled away, leaving the other men to stare at the stretched and gaping asshole.

“I’ve only seen that in porno’s…and I thought it was fuckin’ fake! Look at that round open ass…” As if moving through a fog, Mark was standing behind her, his pants around his ankles, and his own cock pressing towards that gaping opening. She moaned a weak protest as he pressed inside, hmmmming at the intense feeling of the rectal ring grabbing at his cock, the heat and slickness within. He shoved hard, fast, deeply, and had to work hard at holding back. He’d never fucked an ass before. He wanted to savor it.

Rocking in and out, popping the head of his cock through that not-so-tight-muscle gave him a lot of pleasure. He wondered if he had a bit of a sadistic streak, for every whimper made his cock tighten and swell a bit bigger, until he felt like his shaft was forged from steel. His skin was taut, his penis incredibly stiff. His balls slapped against her slit with every deep thrust, and he was surprised to hear and smell the wetness there. Sure enough, when his fingers ran under her, he found her pussy dripping.

“You fucking whore! You like being ass-fucked!” His tone was incredulous. He popped in and out of her sweet backdoor again, then slid unresistingly into her cunt from behind. He swore he could feel steam boiling as he glided into her hot, soaking cumhole. He fucked hard, slamming into her with a force that pushed her across the bed. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her ass.

“stay. just like that. I want both. both holes.”

He slid out of her pussy, and back into her ass, not noticing when the bed shifted and Andy crawled up, shoving his cock into her mouth. Andy grabbed a hunk of hair and shook her.

“You bite me, you’ll regret it.”

“I don’t bite, Sir,” she gasped as Mark slid deeply into her butthole.  It was the last thing she said before Andy’s cock filled her mouth.

Poker was long forgotten as the men used her holes.

“I bet you’ll cum before me.” Mark threw the challenge at Andy, who was enjoying the feeling of a woman taking his entire shaft into her mouth and throat. His girlfriend rarely sucked cock. It might be time for a new woman, he thought, savoring the wet, hot, sucking mouth, the stroking tongue, the clenching throat.

“You’ve been at this longer than me, old man,” Andy replied, gasping as she gagged on his dick.

“You’re not gonna be able to hold back if she keeps sucking you off like that, little boy,” retorted the older brother. “I’ve got experience on my side…”

“You got age on your side, man. That ripe ass is gonna suck your dick dryer ‘n the Sahara!”

“Put your money where your dick is.”

“Thanks, but my dick is happy right where it is…and so’s my money.”

“Girl, you make him cum, you get half my winnings.”

Before long, wagers were placed with all the men, on what Mike dubbed “Poke-her”.

For the first time, tiger began to fully let go. To be a fucktoy because of her boyfriends lame-ass, that was humiliating. This was sexually humiliating, but she’d never cum so hard, so many times. Her ass hurt, but it felt…good, too.

She squeezed her ass tight as Mark slid inside her again, and sucked deeply on Andy’s cock. She wondered what would happen if she got them to cum at the exact same time. She kind of wished her owner would get more involved. Her pussy was wet and empty, and she was suddenly almost desperate for him to fuck her, use her, take her hard and beyond her control.

“Stop cheating!” Mark slapped her ass, her hip, her thigh. Distracted, she stopped clenching, moaning around Andy’s cock.

Somehow it didn’t matter to her anymore which man won, she knew she was the ultimate winner. It was true that her boyfriend had gotten them into this mess…but now she began to think she owed him.  Not that she’d ever share that with him.