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Through a slot in the wall, food was delivered. She took it carefully, biting gingerly, thinking about exotic poisons. Yet they could have done so several times already.  One bite became two, then fully, rapidly, consumed. It even tasted pretty good-else she was too hungry to care. She ate fast, and drank from the pouch experimentally. Water. Clean, fresher than she’d ever had, and cool. She quaffed it down quickly.

“More water? H20?”

There was shimmer in the slot and another pouch of beverage appeared. She drank most of it, savoring the last few mouthfuls.  In moments she began to feel very sleepy, and slipped to the floor. Cradling her head with her arm, she was out in seconds.


She woke to the same mist as before.

“No!” she yelled, but the mist coalesced around her.

Again the feeling of falling, and the far-off sound of voices, arguing.

“No! No weapons! It was agreed.”

“She took point. I choose the bounty.”

A third voice interceded, an even farther off murmur that lay just on the edge of hearing, then silence.


It was dark. There were search beams crisscrossing the sky, reminding her of the old vid’s of Klieg lights back on Terra One.  She was naked, still, only the chill of her new tag against her nipple the one discomfort. The air here was musty, and it was hard to see what was around her. She remembered that the hunter came soon after her own arrival.

Looking around her, she didn’t see any sign of a usable weapon. Her handler must have lost that issue, then. The trees here were massive, and widely spaced, as in a park. There was a sudden, sharp ping against her breast; looking down she saw her tag was glowing.

fuck” she whispered softly. Placing her hand over her tag gave her a sharper jolt.

‘OW!’ she yelped, then clapped her stung hand over her mouth. Her tit tingled as well. So, she wouldn’t be permitted to hide it? It shone like a fucking beacon. She felt the shimmer in the air of his insertion.

The hunter had arrived.

She darted from her crouched position behind a tree, to the next, and the next. Not sure where she was headed, she listened, darted, listened, darted.

There was a dark blur against her vision…reaching out her hand she found some kind of bush. Dropping to all fours, she crawled through the tangle of low branches. Scratches made her hiss, as limbs dragged along tender flesh, scraping lines along her sides, her back, her legs. It was dark here, the lights not reaching into the depths of tangled growth. Her seeking hand found stone. Reaching up, she felt more stone…some kind of boulder? Pressing hard against the rock as she rose slowly, she discovered an outcropping rising high over her head. She pushed her tit against it, accepting the tingle in her breast as she hid the gleaming glow from the one who was seeking her.


He stood upon a tall rock cliff, gazing below. A large blur of forest flowed from the base of the hillock as far as he could see. The stray and random lights shone hither and yon, but did not reveal the prey he was seeking. She was, as he was discovering, clever. He didn’t know why he needed to find her, but the spirit that guided him assured him that finding her was of utmost importance.  He had only seen her once, from afar. She was lithe, and quick. He admired that.

He felt a tingle against his nipple. His tag glowed in the darkness.

Ah…she was close, then.


The tingle in her tit grew in intensity. For a moment she wondered if the minerals in the rock face were setting something off, and then realized it might be an alarm that the hunter was getting closer.

A pebble fell off the face far above her, bouncing its way down the sheer cliff, narrowly missing her as it popped onto the ground.

He was just above her.

She stilled, breathing slowly, carefully. If she moved an iota he’d know she was here. Still, it was a sheer face, and he would need time to get down. But he couldn’t know for sure that she was here. Her heartbeat quickened at the sound of feet scrabbling over rock, the loose jangle of pebbles bouncing over scree.  Yet she judged he was a good 40 feet or more above her. She wanted to bolt, but she hugged the stone closer, thinking only “granite” as she attempted to merge into the rock.


He knew she was close. His tag glowed and burned against his chest with a sensation that bordered on painful. He felt the *ting*  marking time points, and understood that his limit was nearly up. Because she had managed to evade him on the last chase, his time seeking had been shortened. The spirit guide had chastened him to be efficient and move with speed in locating her. But below, only the still and quiet forest moved.

Another ting sent him plunging nearly blind down the side of the rocky tower. Pebbles slipped and slid under his feet, until he crashed through a small cleft of branches and undergrowth. The forest lay before him…and a clear trail just in front of him showed where someone had crawled through the loam.  His eyes tracked left, right, seeking another trick.

He moved behind a tree, touching where she had touched, crouching where she had crouched. He felt her closeness now, almost scented her. His cock roused as the hunt focused around him, as he followed the trail around tree after tree. Ahead was a thicket, but he wasn’t going to be fooled this time. He passed the obvious entry into the thicket, and watched, close to the ground to see where she had really gone.

The fog dropped suddenly, and he felt the ground move, heard a female sneeze behind him in the thicket. Fuck! She’d fooled him once more….


Point, again!

The deep, disembodied voice followed her back to her prison. She wasn’t sure what she’d done right, but the voice sounded jubilant. She shivered, touching the quiescent tag on her breast. Fog filled her chamber, before she could protest, and she fell to the floor once more, fast asleep, hand outstretched toward something she wasn’t fully aware of.

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