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The mist swirled and she knew she was seconds away from yet another scenario. She wanted to cry out, to protest. She’d been hunted, and been stored, sleeping. Was it a dream she couldn’t wake from? She closed her eyes.

The sound of insects churring softly brought her to full awareness. Opening her eyes she saw the gilded silver of light from a far-off horizon. Dawn, or sunset, she wondered. The tag on her tit burned, and she saw that there was some sort of writing on it now. It tingled, burned, made her aware.

run well…

Did she hear it, that disembodied voice, or was it only in her head? Rising to her feet, she quickly scanned her surroundings.  She smelled water, that cool, damp scent that only came near a large body of water. Glancing up, she saw the sky was definitely brightening. Her tag tinged  and she knew the hunter was here, too.

There was low shrubbery here, and what may have been the haze of trees off in the distance- or maybe it was only the morning fog that came over water. She felt the sense of his presence drawing nearer and wondered if there was some kind of sensor in the tag on her nipple. She’d had minimal issue with the damned thing, other than the annoyance of having someone taking the liberty of piercing her in the first place.

She crouched, scanning the undergrowth. Somehow, she sensed that he would come from there. Yet the way forward was blocked by what was obviously a very large lake. Smooth as glass now, there was no way to get into it without leaving a trail of ripples behind. Having no idea what kind of creature might live in the depths, she decided to forego entry to the liquid, and moved just beyond the curving shoreline, moving away from the bogland.


He moved through the bushes with stealth, and speed. This time he would not fail to capture his prey. His tag almost chimed with her presence, and of a sudden, she came into view. She was moving slowly around the edge of the lake, darting fast glances over her shoulder.

Good, she was wary of him, as well she should be. His shaft hardened, his mouth smoothed into a firm line, as he began his approach. Vectoring her direction with his, he moved so that he would intersect her path…or drive her into the water. Somehow he thought that she would attempt to avoid that.


Glancing over her shoulder she saw him spring from the undergrowth. She rose from her crouch, and ran along the shore, the loose rocks slowing her. Attempting to veer away, head for the trees, she was abruptly airborne as he tackled her, taking her to the ground. They rolled together for a moment, and she could assess that he was almost a giant compared to her.  His arms were like cordwood, and about as strong as plas-steel, as they wrapped around her. She tried to kick, to knee him, but in moments she was face into the dirt, and he was upon her back.

His cock pierced between her legs as he entered her, yelling in victory. He fucked her, his shaft thick and long as it plunged into the space between her thighs. Her head ground into the dirt by his shoulder pushing her down, as his hands lifted her hips to better take control of her hole.

She growled, writhing to attempt to loosen his grasp, and he slapped her hard on her rump. The stinging swat was painful, and shockingly erotic. There was a humming buzz against her nipple, where her tag was pinned, and an answering buzz in her clit as the thick shaft pummeled her.

She didn’t want….. *ungh*            It had been so long since she’d last…..*uhhhh*     She couldn’t want……..*uhuhuh*          Her last lover had been…..*mmmmmm…ooooohhhh*

There was no coherency to her thoughts, each unfinished, unformed, as he hit her ass firmly, while stroking into her. When he stopped she felt a sharp pang of disappointment. She growled. His finger probed the slit of her ass, finding her resisting backdoor.

She shrieked as he pressed against it, tried to scrabble away. She slipped from his grasp like she’d been oiled, half crawling away, as his cock fell out of her pussy with a wet sucking pop. She made it one foot, two, three, scrambling to her feet and running wildly. He lunged,  missed, lunged again, missed again.

He didn’t miss the third time, grabbing her around her slender body with one strong arm, while taking a fistful of hair in the other, drawing her to an abrupt halt, and throwing her back to the ground. Flipping her onto her back, he fell atop her, driving his cock into her belly with all his pent-up frustration.

She didn’t couldn’t wouldn’t….their nipple tags clicked together with an audible sound, and an incredible sensation slammed into her, centering on her breast, but coursing through every molecule of her being, as if she had been hit with a jolt of sexual electricity.

She came explosively, drenching the ground under her bottom, and his shaft as he plunged into her wet tunnel. He grunted, similarly affected by their touching tags, then grunted again, as his shaft exploded his juice into her waiting womb. Drained, utterly, they lay in a tangle of limbs as the mist fell around them, and the ground dissolved. She hung there, alone, until she felt the spongy floor of her cell beneath her. Yet the voices were clearly audible.

my point!

That was not “her” voice. But the voice of her manipulator came fast on the heels of that first claimed point.

you cheated!

did not!

you did, she was almost free and you supplemented your piece.

i didn’t…he was always superior in strength. you are a poor looser.

The voices were raised in anger, and there was a feeling of eminent scuffling. Then that other voice, just at the bare threshold of  her hearing.  She was too tired to make sense of any of this. She ached, scratched by his nails, the rocks and twigs. Her pussy throbbed, her body spent, utterly exhausted as she slumped on the floor of her cell eating.  She drank three bottles of the crystal cold water, and began to feel drowsy. She was so tired of this. Over and over again. She would sleep, and heal. No idea how long she had been gone. No idea where she was.  She felt the rise of tears, yet ruthlessly pushed them away. She needed to get out of here.

Wherever the fuck ‘here’ was.

There was a chime, soft and distant, but one that she felt more than heard. There was a heavy sense of presence and this time, she could clearly hear the firm, loving tone.

It is time to put your toys away now, my darlings.

There was another brief squabble,


oh no, we’re just having fun!

please, just a bit more? it was just getting fun…

There was a suffusion of calming waves, of gentle reprimand.

……you have had enough, now. it is time for us to go. let us release your toys, and be  be on our way, my darlings…

then the hiss of the mist surrounding her. Oh gods, not again!

17 thoughts on “Tagged (3)

    1. 🙂 Gosh!

      I’ve not seen TZ for …gosh longer than I like to think, actually. I was a teenager…and that’s likely where I get my love of time-conundrum stories, come to think of it.


    1. 🙂

      absolutely! and one more chapter to finish it up and wrap it with a nice bow… (tho I did consider just ending it here, it left too many unanswered questions hanging…)


    1. uhhh…is that a *good* thing…..or a *bad* thing….??!!

      as long as you don’t have little warrior people in there, you should be fine. I prescribe the final chapter for you. !!!


  1. Hmm I wondered how it was going to play out. I have read it all and will admit I found myself aroused at the thought, minus the nipple piercing OUCH>.. Of course I love sex outdoors and am a full blooded live on a hill country girl. Adding a twist of a hunt would be fun for me.

    1. Hi twisted angel…thanks for commenting, first off, and secondly…I’m always thrilled to hear a reader gets all warmed up and feeling good while reading one of my tales! Outdoor sex is on my bucket list…and being hunted has LONG been a fantasy of mine…glad this hit some of your buttons, too.


    1. Thanks Tip…I’m kinda nervous about the final chapter, to be totally honest! I’m really hoping people enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it…it’s longer than I usually do, and I spent hours today tweeking it…


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