It was again in Starbucks that we met. The meet was an unexpected moment, something that “suddenly came up”  and  gave us a wee opportunity to see one another, after vanilla life fucked up our plans last weekend.

Such is life, after all. We’ve learned, after all this time, to adapt and roll with it. I was sad, frustrated, but a big girl about it. When the opportunity arose to be with him for an hour or so, I leapt on it. He needed some convincing, mostly because He had things to be doing and I … *wicked grin*…well…..tend to distract Him.

There was some horsing around (on my part). Some frowning (on his part). Some tea drinking (both of us) and some actual work (I wrote two stories!).

I tagged Him with heart stickers, once biting my lip to stop myself from giggling – when He happened to look up and catch me…and said “WHAT?” in that exasperated, don’t-fuck-with-me-little-girl tone.

And I laughed.

Laughed like a loon.

Laughed until I had to hold my sides.

Laughed until I cried.

“You put another fucking heart on me…didn’t you….?”

He finds it, adds it to the collection he has, framing his computer. 🙂

It’s fun, and just good to be together.

And then He gets up to go to the bathroom, and leans over me, pinching me fiercely on my arm…ow ow ow…and so good, too.

When He returns, He manages to tangle his computer cord around His foot and chair. Immediately I spring up from my chair and kneel at His feet, untangling Him. Help Him get it out from under His chair. When I would have risen, gone back to my seat, He holds me by my hair.

“Oh no. You stay. Right. There.”

The world narrows at that moment. I look up at Him and everything else falls away. I hear nothing, see nothing, but Him. It is incredibly intimate, extremely erotic. Somewhat humbling, later. When He lets me up at last, at His whim, and I realize that there were several people near us. Not that I give a flying fuck, mind you. Not really. Just that first rush of embarrassment…which is usually quickly gone. Much better to hold onto the sweet feeling of being at His feet, the intense gaze holding me in my place, the feeling of His hand holding mine in place on His thigh, His hand wrapped around a hank of my hair.


And now, a few days later from that scene, comes a “typical” texting day with my Master. While it may seem to juxtapose with the intense scene you just read, it is just another way we interact, and play with one another.

And of course, He told me to blog it. *sigh*  This then, is Thursday afternoon/evening with nilla and Master:

“Leaving for work. EXTREMELY horny and it is ALL Your fault!”

Thank you. And ZNN-OFF!

“You’re working too hard…take a moment…close Your eyes…and imagine the blank canvas of my ass just waiting…what do You choose first? Hand? Belt? Teeth?”

Scale – I’m selling your ass by the lb! I’m fucking rich!

“MASTER! Bastard! I’m down two pounds so You better sell me quick…!”

All of this is bloggable!

“Whaaaat?? Omfg.”

You have no ‘g’ – remember?

“Do so…she’s just way more sexually active that Your ‘G’…!”

“Leaving for Town in 5. Will call then.”

(via phone) I have a new assignment for you, nilla. These things help keep your mind fresh and active. I want you to find a bisexual woman. Someone we could play with if I choose to do this. She has to either be a Top, or be willing to be firm and rough, leaning towards being a top. I have NO use for another bottom bitch.

“*laugh* are you calling me a bitch, Master?”

no. you’re not a bitch. just a sultry slut.  No rush on this. Tuesday will be fine. *laughs* Wait! Tuesday is Like Day. Okay, Wednesday then. But, you know. No rush.

*nervous laughter* and nilla has to sign off, having arrived at my destination.

He, btw, made this bloggable so you all can commiserate with the “shit” He has to put up with from me. 🙂 Isn’t He cute? After picking up the teen, and heading home and debarking, and getting settled in for the night, I send one last text.

“I am home. And horny. Bastard.”

Somehow, I think He’s smiling over that one.

25 thoughts on “Kneeling

  1. O, this is exciting! He wants you to find someone like Anna in my Naomi fantasy, right? Or maybe a Wendy or Sara? (Not that he’s read that, but YOU know what i mean…)

    Cool, cool, cool. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Where will you look? Such adventures ahead!!



    1. nodding…yes, exactly.

      I think maybe…collar me? Not sure, really. I’m …nervous…and yet..

      that thrill of anticipation…He feeds me even when it doesn’t “look” like he is.

      Clever Dom!


    1. thats it, of course…he *took* it…

      and it was unexpected, and mixed with the vanilla momma of helping him get untangled and *slam* there was nilla, in full submissive mode.

      It was extremely delicious and left me hungry for more!

      Thanks for your comment…you always make me smile, sfp!


  2. Lovely setting up of a picture, don’t go to starbucks that often but will think of that from now on. Can a fellow buy an option on your ass, maybe by multiple of pounds? the ever wondering,

    1. aaah Michelle…are you a switch? 🙂

      You could move here? LOL…we have lots of snow, and cold and…. *laughing*


      1. It is something I’ve always wanted to explore more, that’s for sure.
        And I have plenty of cold and snow (and midwestern sensibilities) where-i-live now.

        I’ve learned to never say never though…

  3. Oh to have been a coffee bean in the bin at Starbucks! Or, in the minds of those people watching. Oh, oh my! 🙂

    As for the rest… LOL. So, you need to find a bisexual Switch eh? Where oh were do you shop for things like that eh? Ballbustermart? Thighs R Us? Switchy-mart? 🙂
    Probably a good thing too that I live so far West. 🙂

    1. where have I heard that sentiment from…”he is not as dom as I would like him to be…”….oh right! I used to say that!!

      It’s true. And one thing that I cannot stress enough is COMMUNICATE!! He needs to know you, inside and out. Master and I struggled very much with this issue…I would get frustrated, mad, upset…and played with others. It was a tumultous end to our first year, one that very nearly ended us. We both have worked very hard in the 2 years since to be more communicative…and He has definitely let his inner dominant “loose” from the reins…


  4. Ugh…I’ve commented twice and it keeps deleting (or not showing)…IDK…

    I love that you two find any time that works for you – albiet time that you (plural) should be working…you make the best of the time that you can. Not only do you spend the time together, but you find a way to connect, you find a moment to include kink. I love that!

    I’m with aisha…can’t wait to hear about how you look for someone and the adventures in your future!!! Thanks for letting us join your journey!

    1. Sorry…and so glad you perservered in commenting! Sometimes word press has hiccups…

      Actually I don’t see him *while* i’m working, but on my way home from work…he lives rather close to where my Saturday job is, so if we get a chance to hook up at SB we make it happen. But we do work hard to have that face time as regularly as we can…both of us know that vanilla time can be an issue!

      It’s a shame when real life interrupts my porn!

      But any time with him is “on” time…he’s very …domly, i guess. We’ll talk “normal” stuff and then he’ll drop in a little D/s bomb, just to watch me blush and squirm. 🙂

      I think I will need to look on collar me or something like that…I am nervous! He does keep me on the edge of my seat, to be sure!


    1. Thanks night owl…it was an intense, though short, experience. I … get kind of lost in my head whenever I recall it. Nothing else existed but Him. And I’ll tell you true, when I first started, I would read posts like this on other blogs where the submissive was told to kneel in public and I would go “yeah, right, *I* would never do that.” But ….here we are. 🙂

      We had a rocky, difficult period there for a while…but getting through it, well…it made it all worth it. It doesn’t magically happen, to be sure. There were many tears along the way…and in time I think you’ll get there too.


  5. I would have bet a good bit of money, that some fine lady would have taken you up on Sir B’s desire for another to join you. I was never good at betting and winning. Tip

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