Dom Dice

He holds my hand and walks me into these traps…then laughs at my gullibility as I feel the steel cage snap shut on me.

Friday night he offered me a “deal”… I was SO horny. No orgasm on Wednesday…just because he could. Never orgasms on Thursdays, and he was well on his way to “no” on Friday…but then.

Aaah, but then.

He says “oh, okay nilla, one orgasm.”

There is a pause, and I wait.

(I know, I couldn’t believe my patience, either!)


Doesn’t that get my full attention?

“Or, Master?”

“Or. You have a few options. I know you like options, nilla.”

I swallow, wondering if HE can hear it, that nervous tickle that presages one of his “options” …too many choices are not good for submissive sluts, after all!

“One. You can have your regular Orgasm tonight. I know how very needy and wanton you are. However.  If you take it, there will be NO chance of extra O’s this weekend. Maybe even none until Tuesday.

“Well Master, I am very horny.”

“nilla,” (he says this with a cross between patience and long-suffering) “You are *always* horny.”

“Well…yessir, I am…but i’m UBER horny today. No O since Tuesday, and I woke up so horny….”

Choices, nilla. Option two. You can take a full O…and then a HALF-orgasm for tonight’s Orgasm.

I might have moaned just a little bit over this disclosure. But he continued on.

With option two, you win a  roll of  the dice for tomorrow, and Sunday. There’s a 50-50 chance of getting an o on at least ONE of those days, if not *both*.

Well. Hmm. Math is not my forte. Math is stupid. Just thinking about math makes me sweat. But I do know that 50/50 isn’t terrible odds.

Then there is option three.

Oh fuck. Now i have THREE choices? This is hard! I don’t think I said that part aloud…but I may have.

Option three is to have NO o tonight, a total pass, and then your odds of getting an orgasm on BOTH Saturday and Sunday go up to 75%.

I brighten. 75% is way more than 50%. And it would happen BOTH days, not an “option” for maybe. I really like the sound of that. But. He can be tricky. He gave me time to think about it, and get back to him about it later Friday evening.

So I thought about it.

And went for option three.

He texted me Saturday morning.


I swear I heard him laughing at me all day at work. Despite the teasing, I DID get an O at day’s end. I had to have a half o first, a 3/4 O next, and then the third part was the full o.

I was so primed, it took me longer to put on the accoutrements (anal plug, chicklet outfit, vibe) than it did to complete the task. I think I was done in less that 7 minutes.

Yes, I was that horny, that primed.

So, here it is, Sunday night and I have my orgasm orders. We had another brief meet today, and we laughed and talked and he told me face to face what my “reward” was.

It’s amazing to me to watch his face when he’s in “full Dom” mode surrounded by the vanilla world. It’s intimidating, and intense and erotic.

You get another o tonight, little girl. Lucky you. But. 1/2 orgasm on the front end. Then you can have your orgasm. Same outfit as last night, btw. And oh.

After your orgasm?

Wait six minutes.


6 minutes.

Then you get another half. I insist.

I blink. Stare in a combination of shock and awe. “But…but Master…after 6 minutes…why…that’s so cruel.”

He smiles at me, and I see the Beast shining there, out of his leonine eyes.

I *know*.” Isn’t that just terribly wonderful?