Princess (6)

There was a sound of hushed voices from the other room. She lay in her little bed, listening to the song of the sea through her window. She tried to figure out what they were saying, but beyond the knowledge that it concerned her she had no idea.

She’d been very proud of her performance as an ill-mannered lack-wit before the King. What was a king anyway, but a man in a smelly old robe and a crown? While he seemed nice enough, he was still just a man. Men didn’t impress her all that much, and his offspring was not a pleasant person. He made her skin pebble with nerves, and she knew that Mudge and Trey distrusted him.

She felt the press of the passage of time…she needed to find the one she loved, the man she had seen at the cliffs that day. She’d thought it was the Prince, until she’d gotten a good look at him. He was not the one. She sighed, flopping over onto her belly, head resting on her folded arms. Closing her eyes, she tried to recapture the feelings from that experience.

She remembered the fluttery feeling she’d gotten as she had watched his mighty sword plunge between the legs of the female. Since she’d been here, she’d seen horses and goats do it, and had touched the swords….cocks….of the two men who had taken her in.

Even thinking of the experience, she could recapture the flutter in her belly, only now, with her own legs, she felt the flutter betwixt them.  Unfolding her arms, and turning to her side, she explored there. She touched a small button, and jumped!


Oh my.

That felt…good. Her nipples rose, and she touched one with a long and slender finger. She felt that touch in her breast, but also in that sensitive button place. Her finger returned touching the button. Her nipples crinkled tighter.

OH my!

She pushed between the folds, and felt water.

She was leaking?

Lifting her finger to her nose, she smelled that same sea-smell that had leaked from her friends man-snakes. Cocks. She corrected herself again. She tasted her digit, liking it.

Fingers dipped into folds again, until she found the little space where a probing finger slipped deeper.



A feeling of incomparable bliss.

Her finger slid in, then out. The feeling grew more intense, the finger dipped and moved quicker. There was a clenching against that digit, as her inner muscles began to contract and quiver. Her breathing deepened, her back arched, her mouth opened in a silent moan, as her body burst in rays of ecstasy.

Quivering, she touched the valleys and folds, discovering a lot more moisture. She must have done what her friends cocks did, and leaked out excitement juice, much as mermen did in the sea to fertilize mermaid eggs.

It was a delightful sensation.

In her mind she saw again that man and woman on the beach, the locking of limbs, the cries of bliss. She began to understand…and fantasize…about the movement of a cock where her finger had been.


“It’s not safe for her to remain here.”

“I know, I know. The King isn’t a problem, Trey-”

“It’s not the King I’m worried about- it’s his sneaky cur of a son that concerns me. He was staring at her the entire time, almost drooling over her. If we don’t do something, he’ll just come by and take her, maybe when we’re not even here.”

“Can’t let that happen to our little miss.”

The two men shook their heads in unison. They’d been together for so long that they could complete each others thoughts.

“I could ask Cedric…” Mudge began.

“CEDRIC? Fae! He’s almost as much a lecher as the Prince. He’d be balls-deep in her before he got out of the yard.”

Mudge frowned. That was true. As keeper of the Royal Stables, Cedric was in charge of the breeding program, and he was often fondling his cock under his tunic. Mudge doubted he was really aware of it. Truth was, he was so used to seeing Cedric do it, that he’d forgotten about it.

They went back and forth from candidate to candidate.  Each was ruled out for a variety of reasons. Nelson was too often at the Prince’s beck and call, Will Taft was always half-drunk, Mistress Kimberly would just as soon install the girl in her pleasure house, the cook, while dependable, only had one day off each week, and had just had one, two days ago. She needed to find sanctuary, and sooner rather than later.

They went out to the garden, subject shelved for now.


She heard them go outside, decided to join them in the late-day sunshine. She’d had a lovely nap, then woke and lightly bathed her leg-parts. They were inspecting the beans for insects, she saw, as she left the house. The chickens were feasting on their finds, squawking and setting up a flurry of feathers with every tidbit dropped to the ground. They still made her a bit nervous, those chickens. One of her first tasks had been to gather eggs, and the hens did not like cold hands thrust under their bottoms. She’d been pecked many times in the last week, until Mudge sighed and took up the task once more.

She debated going in to join them, but instead, leaned on the fence and watched.

“Well, there you are, girl!” Mudge waved at her. She curled her fingers at him, in the way of her people.

“Come join us,” called Trey.

She shook her head no, pointing at the chickens.

“Scared of  a few chickens, are you?”

The voice, thick and rich, came from right behind her. Heart racing, she whirled, staring up, and up into the face that had haunted her memory for more than a week.

It was him!

Her man, from the beach.

Her mouth opened, closed. Eyes wide, she took a half step forward, as if to touch him, then froze. An echo of the sea witch’s words came to her, then.

Be certain, Princess. Once th’ deed is done, there shall be no going back. To kiss, to be loved, is the greatest of pleasures, and the deepest of pains. You will feel both, before this is through.


Mudge and Trey hurried from the garden, greeting the man like a long-lost brother. Ushering everyone into the house, Trey moved to set out a tray of nibbles and a beaker of ale for all, except for the Princess, who had taken one taste of it on her first day and spit it onto the floor. She knew by now to fetch her own glass of water from the pail in the kitchen. When she returned, three male heads were close together and speaking in low, conspiratorial tones.

She stood, tapping her bare foot on the thrushes until Mudge noticed her.

“Back so soon, girl?” he asked, trying hard to sound nonchalant. She would have none of it, and stalked up to them, arms folded across her chest and scowling.

“This be Lucas George Woodman. We’ve known each other forever.”

She scowled at Lucas George Woodman. He smiled back at her. He had no idea what was up her bucket, but she was very obviously pissed as hell.

“Say your piece girl, and get it off your chest.” And a fine chest it was, too, he noted silently to himself.

She stared at him a moment.

“Uh…Luke, the thing is…” Mudge began, casting worried looks at the girl. She’d never been so… temperamental…before. Maybe she was having her moon-cycle? He knew his mother and sisters could be hell on earth to live with during those times. Woe be to the man who pointed out that wee fact to one of them, however.

“She’s mute.” Trey spoke in a manner-of-fact tone, taking her by the hand and tugging her into his lap.

“We’ve been protecting her, you see,” continued Mudge.

“The Kings spawn has taken a fancy to her,” finished Trey.

“Aaah.” Luke’s face grew concerned. The Prince was well known for his brutality with the fairer sex, often maiming them in the most horrible of ways as he and his cronies “played”. He had a very strong preference for virgins.  It all became clear to him now, what his two oldest friends were asking him to do. Yet miss high-n-mighty kept frowning at him.

“What is it with you, girl? What are you angry with me about, eh?”

Mudge jumped in. His friend was an only child, after all.

“It’s okay, really. She’s just…a bit…off today. And…-”

“Mudge, shut up!” Trey laughed. He spoke to the Princess. “He thinks you have your moon cycle, girl. You don’t do you?”

She shook her head. It was not egg-laying season for her yet, if that is what the men referred to.  She smiled at Mudge, then went back to scowling at their guest. She wondered why she was so attracted to him. He kept looking at her breasts, and then looked like he was still laughing at her about those stupid birds. He had played swords with another female, and wondered why she was standing away from him?   Human males, it seemed, were as thoughtless as mermen.

Trey pushed her off his lap, and towards Lucas George Woodman.

“You best learn to get along with him, girl. He has agreed to be your new protector. He’ll take you far from the Prince, back to his home in the deep woods, and care for you. It is a good match for you. Likely a good one for him as well.  And we see each other a few times a year, so we won’t “lose” you, either.”

Mouth open, she stared at Trey, not even noticing when Lucas gently took her hand, pulling her to his lap. They were sending her away?

Her heart sank, her eyes welled with tears. A blink, and a silver drop fell from her face to Lucas’ hand. He shivered, suddenly suffused with caring for her.

“ah, doan cry, girl,” Mudge sniffed a bit himself. “We love you, we do. And we’ll come to visit you, as soon as we can. When it’s safe and the Prince has forgotten you.”

Rising, the large man crossed to her, and pulled her into his arms for a giant hug. He almost crushed her, speaking quietly against her ear “if ever you need us…we’ll be there. I vow this to you, little girl.”

Trey took up the hug where Mudge left off. The smaller man was no less overcome than his companion. Cupping her small face in his hands, he kissed each cheek tenderly.

“You’ll always be our little princess,” he said, little realizing the truth of that statement.

In short order, they had put together a travel packet for her, a satchel of food, and then they were off. She was confused, scared, and for the second time, considered sliding off the giant horse, and running back to the sea from where she had come. Yet his arm was snug around her, holding her tight.

Dusk was falling as they made their way out of Mudge and Trey’s small cottage-yard, and down the lane, heading inland, away from the song of the sea.