Seduction Montage HNT

I was feeling more than a bit…randy, shall we say? So I decided that since *I* was feeling a bit…horny…that I should send some pictures to Master and show him what a dirty slut looks like.

And maybe get some kind of reaction.

You know…like maybe an extra O or something. I needed a shower, being a stinky dirty slut in the actual sense, and not just the “inside my dirty little head” sense. So…what’s a slut to do but take a series of shower shots for her Master? So, a bit of soap,


and a nice rinse:


a bit of cream (wouldn’t want dry boobage, now, would we?)


and give it a good rub…



I like that part the best…but all too soon, it’s time to get dressed and put the girls away…


and get on with my day.

Funny, but there’s still a little “peek-a-boob” goin’ on… (and you can’t see it but…I’m wet on both ends…)


BTW…He liked the pics…but I still didn’t get an extra O out of it. (He’s made of strong stuff, that Domly Master of mine!)

And happy 3 year anniversary to nilla and Master; today is the anniversary of our very first in-the-flesh meeting…(9 hours of fucking, biting, spanking, that passed in a frenetic blur.)

20 thoughts on “Seduction Montage HNT

    1. I actually used my phone camera for this…wiped my hands dry, snapped the pic fast, then put it back into my clothing so it’d stay dry!

      Thanks night owl…it’s been a good 3 years…


    1. thank you ytysreloaded!

      I can’t believe it’s been 3 years myself. And we are very much “kinking it up”! (love that!)


    1. omfg.

      I’ve never been zippered and I have a huge amount of nerves about it….

      You Domly bastard! (that made me all quivery, too, dammit!)


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