Deep (in her) Throat

The sharp tang of metal in her mouth made her wince. It tasted horrid. Swallowing was an effort. The gag in her mouth held her jaws wide, preventing her from avoiding what was coming next. She would have shaken her head, if her ponytail wasn’t tied to the hook buried in her asshole.

Any movement tugged the hook, with the fat metal ball on the end. It was painful to her anus, and exciting to her pussy. Knees spread wide, she dripped onto a plastic bowl placed there.

Humiliation was the key to this game. He said he would prove to her that this sort of thing would excite her. She’d denied it, but He would offer the bowl of her juice as evidence to the contrary.

“Be a good girl now,” He chastened, following it with a laugh. Bound and gagged as she was, there was no other option available to her. She could not say no, could not deny service, could not do aught else but submit.

He slid the blindfold over her eyes, and she heard him walk across the room, opening the door. He trotted downstairs, and the sound of the front door opening, of voices raised in greeting came to her.

The sound of footsteps coming up….many footsteps…and raucous male laughter, which stopped immediately. They must be here. 

The sound of a zipper lowering was unmistakable. The steps moved closer, and hands grasped her head over her ears, muffling sounds. Her mouth was filled with cock, slipping between her opened lips, across her tongue. The groans of pleasure mingled with her gags as he slipped down the back of her throat.

Her nipples hardened. Her body trembled, her ass ached as her face was used as a pleasure-hole.

He came, in her mouth, and on her face,  splatters of his seed hot on her flesh.  She listened as his feet moved away,  feeling the shameful dripping from between her thighs as footfalls moved to stand before her. Again her head was held, a cock pushed and rocked in and out of her open and waiting mouth, again the tangible pulsing as he spurted into her throat. She coughed, not an easy thing to do with mouth held gaping, and felt yet another shaft fill her, take her, use her.

She took them all, not that there was a choice, deep into her throat, even as her pussy throbbed and leaked, dripping into the bowl between her knees.

When there were no more cocks, when the footsteps receded, and her head spun somewhere out in subspace with the stars, He returned to her, and removed her blindfold.

“What a good girl. One more now.”

Her throat ached, rubbed raw, and raspy from gagging.  Her Master took out his own cock, and fed it between her open lips. She wished the terrible gag was gone, wanting to feel his cock, wishing to wrap her sore lips around him and pleasure him.

“I know. This, too, is part of your punishment. I will use you as I choose, my slut. You are excited by that, even though these same lips protest, your cunt betrays you. You are mine.”

He pulled out of her mouth, and unfastened the ponytail from the anal hook. Pushing her to her hands and knees, He took her from behind, the ball buried in her ass rubbing his cock, making them both moan. As he stiffened, and began to spurt, he pulled out of her moist throbbing pussy, and jerked his cum into the bowl, mingling his jizz with hers.

“A nice bowl of cream for my little pussy,” he grunted, laughing as he pushed it towards her. “Every drop, now, right down your throat.”

19 thoughts on “Deep (in her) Throat

    1. beware…the dragons will be out and walking these next two weeks…showing up in all sort of unexpected places…


    1. Hi starshine!

      thanks for your commenting…and the compliment. It was a bit different from the other HEA stuff I’ve been doing, to be sure.

      A bit of jalapeno in the scrambled eggs is good for the heart, yes?



  1. nilla,
    His rule – no one else will be involved. There’s a whole different level when there are others – or so i would have to imagine. As hard as he ever has or will push me- it’s still Him. I know Him, I trust Him, I like Him. Lucky for me you write, so i can imagine. Thanks!

    1. 🙂

      this is a dirty little fantasy that I sometimes masturbate to…and thought maybe someone else would get a little thrill from…glad it was good for you!


  2. I wanted to not like the darkness of this but parts of me did.

    I was also wishing that each man would hold her head VERY still so as not to tear her a new one. 😮

    Night owl

    1. well, the hook isn’t sharp…but yeah…that’s the implied danger isn’t it?


      it’s amazing what is erotic to us (and some fantasies are JUST fantasies…it’s okay to have them…even the dark and dirty ones)


      1. I agree. Also, some fantasies are better left as fantasies. I did that threesome thing once, being the extra female, and got to watch the couple act out their drama, jealousy, and pettiness. Apparently that’s not an uncommon occurrence.

        It was absolutely fascinating to watch, though. 😉

        night owl

      2. you wicked girl, you! 🙂

        I’ve been used by another (not sure if you read any of the Sir P tales, from last year)…while Master was in the room watching (and directing) the action. Was never part of a 3-some tho. I think I’m glad about that. It is a *fantasy* for me, to be sure!


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