oh Fuck!

so…I look at my posts, since I’ve been writing like a woman possessed for days. It’s a story that is consuming ALL my free time, and I’m not going to start publishing it here until it is fully done, and I can run it consecutively…And..

I *had* thought that I had one more short story in my queue to tease you all with before HNT, which is a required post by Master….

but FUCK!

I don’t.  And…because I’m in the middle of a very character driven story, I’m not writing a word of anything else until it’s done so I don’t lose the “flavor” of the folks I’m writing about.

How’s that for a teaser? And I’ll tell you that it is another fractured fairy tale, too. I have a thing for princesses, apparently….(yeah, and tentacles, and horses, and …but those aren’t in the story. Well…horses are. 🙂 )

So…you all will have to deal with a stupid “vanilla-esque” nilla reality post.

The reality is that my life is pretty fucking boring these days. Master is away on business, and our texts have been very limited. He won’t be back until Thursday, and I might get a bit of face time this weekend after work or while I’m waiting for the teen to finish his volunteer gig…but pretty much everyone in New England will be glued to the telly at 6 pm Eastern time, holding their collective breath to see if our Patriots can rally and bring down the Ravens and make another Superbowl run.

Yes, my friends, nilla is an American Football junkie. 🙂 At least for the New England Patriots. It was pointed out to me by my family recently that I’ll get no more player shirts for Yule or birthday. Shortly after I got my Tedy Bruschi shirt, he had a stroke. I got my Wes Welker shirt and he blew out his knee…and my most recent shirt?

Yeah. Gronk.


You’ll be happy to know that I’ve not washed that shirt for two games now, since they have won when I wore it, and I’ll wear it again on Sunday. Maybe even on Saturday to work. It’s not “approved” attire, but New England is pretty forgiving about things like that. 🙂

See? Did I not warn you that this would be the most boring post ever?

I could tell you about my dream about Master and me. I could. Hmmm. I dunno…maybe not. I mean it was all about orgasms and being beaten…you don’t want to hear bout that stuff do you?


Well…if you’re sure… *laughing* you pervs!

So I was wearing this neat outfit that I saw on Hips n Curves. They have these AMAZING sales that are like 8-hour sales…but Master has forbidden me to buy any more since I never repeat an outfit and I have a zillion and…yeah. Save the money, nilla, and don’t you dare buy another one.

But in my dream? I was wearing it. 🙂

He had my hair in his hand, and wrapped once or twice around his fist. (isn’t that the most sexy image? And my hair is still long enough for Him to do that.)

I’m bent over the bed in an awkward way, as He has my head pushed down, my left shoulder on the bed, up on one knee, the other kind of hanging off, like He’d just kind of hauled me over the bottom edge of the mattress.

His other hand is spanking me. He’s not said one fucking word. Just spank, spank…over and over.

I’m squirming and moaning and yelping a little, coz yanno…He’s hitting the same spot over and over and it’s becoming excruciating and then….

He lets my hair go, tugging His hand away and says “stay” in this terse ‘don’t you fucking dare’ tone of voice that I *always* obey coz it’s kind of a scary voice, right?

And then my face is mushing into the mattress and I’m howling soundlessly as He had found my fucking pink hairbrush and was beating me with it…ass, thighs, calves, shoulder…

And then He says….

“shut the fuck up…you know you love this, you fucking pain whore,”

and He hits me a few more times and I’m crying and snot is everywhere, mixed with tears, and then…He jabs three of His thick fingers into me, fucking me brutal and hard with them, and I cum quickly, squirting all over the coverlet…and He’s sayin, almost to Himself, “yeah, hell you aren’t turned on by pain much, are you?”

And then I woke up, dammit.


*fans face*

Even *writing* that made me all kinds of hot and turned on. And despite the “O” moratorium…It is “Like Day” which He reminded me, is “sacred to us”…and so I get ONE o tonight…

Oh yay! I mighta expired without one before the 27th!

And I already have a good idea what my masturbation fantasy will be…right?


Okay, I gotta stop writing so I can go “pound my pussy” as Master calls my masturbations. I love that Man!

Happy Hump Day everyone!




14 thoughts on “oh Fuck!

  1. LOL! You and my mother! Football fans. She Loves her team. Orange and Blue…. On game day she has team undies, team socks (knitted by me), team candies… (she saves the orange and blue M&M’s) a bell with the team emblem that she rings when they score… Oh, and for years she had an orange tomcat with a blue collar. Knowing her, she will root for the Patriots on Saturday. 🙂

    As for your O and your fantasy!…. Wheee! I hope you had a good one, cause the 27th is a long way away. I’m looking forward to Friday night. Date night. 🙂 39 days apart… I think we may “explode”. 🙂

    1. Good for her!

      It was a good O, thank you…and it will be a full week before another…in some ways…it was almost worse to have one, because it has made me even MORE horny…

      Enjoy friday …its creeping ever closer!!


    1. Well…it is a dream that has played out in reality between He and I a few times…and with Him holding my orgasms in his hands just now…a lot of symbolism in that little dream…



  2. Well, you said all you ever get hit with is the fucking hairbrush – apparently that’s even in dreams! Maybe next time you can work in the pussy paddle. 🙂 Just a thought.

    1. yeah…his favorite weapon of choice…it has even surpassed the FSCT that he used to like so much. (that has become a tit and pussy smacker, btw…)

      And no…I think you need to try out a few of them first before I ever even think about that whole paddle deal…



  3. LOL @ aisha….she is obsessed with pussy paddles these days. You do not know what a boring post is….or dream either! I am a Pats fan from way back when….
    hugs abby

    1. yay Abby…we can yell at the telly together then. 🙂

      I agree…aisha’s thoughts are always pussy-paddle-bound these days!

      Thanks for the kind words…my head wasn’t much in the writing last night as my story had full obsessive control over my mind!


  4. hehehe nilla – you are too funny – boring – I think NOT!!! I’m so psyched…never heard of Hips and Curves…went right away…YEA!!!!
    My Sir hasn’t said I can’t – right – so off I go!!
    **Jumps up and down**


      1. I’m so glad you liked Hips n Curves. I love love love that black lace chemise with the red under-color…oh I lust for it. It was on sale for $19.99, but mean Master said “no, nilla”…

        smart ass comment? Fiona…i’m not surprised…LOL…but *math*…omg. are you sure you don’t have a dash of sadism in ya?



    1. I think once you sign up (maybe order?) you’ll get those sale notifications in your “in box” via email…its so neat!


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