The Princess and the Pe(nis) (3)

Are ye ready for the next part? Some big doings are afoot in this chapter. Settle down now, I’ll get there. Okay, so yesterday we discovered that the prince and princess have more in common than either of them know. I love it when things happen that way…you just know there’s going to be some unexpected sparks ahead, don’t you? Well, here we go then….

The deluge came unexpectedly. One moment the sky seemed to be blue, the next, storm clouds boiled up and began disgorging copious amounts of wet onto the earth below.

Which included a solid dousing of the prince and princess, though they were yet miles apart.

I did mention to you that it was quite a Large Storm, if you recall!

The prince pulled the brim of his hat over his face, but it was of no use. The wind tugged it back again, streams of water covering his face in an instant. He felt the hat tumble to the ground and finally accepted that nature was going to give him a shower, will-he, nill-he. His horse kept plodding along, occasionally casting glances back over his shoulder as if to say “you dumb ass” as rain streamed off of him.

The wind began to blow in earnest, and the prince knew he needed to find shelter soon. This had the feeling of a nasty blow to it, and though he would have preferred to turn back to the last hamlet he’d come from, it was certainly too far away now. He thought he must be near the border, but the sheets of rain hid any and all landmarks. Off in the distance he saw a dark smudge on the horizon. Perhaps it was a house, or a barn. He kicked his heels into his mounts sides, trying to motivate the beast, but he only responded with a grunt- and kept plodding forward at a walk. He missed his good horse!


The rain began as a simple drop here, then there. She’d watched the sky darken as she’d sat under a tree, eating a piece of pilfered cheese and an apple. The veil of rain shimmered on the horizon, sending a curl of unease to her belly. She was too far from home, too far from shelter. She thought she must be nearer to the borderlands, closer to the Great Randy CockPrince than she really cared to be, but she’d wanted one last ride around her lands as a free woman.

She rubbed her bound breasts. Really, it was nice to not have them bouncing and bobbling with every dip in the road, every trotting step of the horse, but the bindings were tight and somewhat uncomfortable. Deciding she should move onward, for she knew there wasn’t shelter the way she’d come already, she moved off down the road towards the ever-darkening sky. The wind howled madly, tugging leaves from the tree limbs,and send them tumbling towards them. She’d been hit by several, as had Sandy, which made the skittish mare even more jumpy. She was not enjoying the adventure at all, the funny little horse.

The front wall of rain, for that is exactly what it looked like, hit them dead on, soaking her and the pony in seconds. The wind howled, and the path became mud quickly. Every step brought a splash, as they cleared the woods and entered a long rolling meadow. The road continued down, down, between soft tumbling hillocks of meadow land. A bold flash of light pierced the sky, while peals of thunder boomed. The horse, terrified,  spit the bit, and bolted.

Too busy trying to stay aboard the fleeing horse, she didn’t even have time to scream. The wind howled, thunder boomed and rain crashed down upon them. It was surreal and terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! All at once the horse stiffened, stopping in a sopping kind of skid.

The princess, unfortunately, did not stop, and was hurtled head-over-heels,  straight into a storm-fed run-off, that ran quick and deep between two large drumlins. She landed with a splash, yet the water was deep enough to cushion her fall. She was tumbled and rolled in the flow for a goodly distance before she could regain her feet. Peering through the heavy torrent of rain, to where her horse had stood, she realized that Sandy had turned and bolted, likely heading back to her warm stable. The little traitor!

She shivered, clothing plastered to her, hat gone, and  her hair cascading around her in a wild mess. She had landed on the far side of a flow that was growing steadily deeper. Just in the moments she’d been contemplating the loss of her mount, it had moved from her  ankles to nearly her knees. She sploshed and splashed her way to higher ground, trying to stay upright against the tug of the water. Looking back, she could see that the flow was very fast, and becoming dangerous.  Heart thudding with exertion and a goodly mix of nerves, she scrambled up to where the road reappeared. Impatiently she brushed her hair from her face, as it hung like a wet mop around her. What was that she was seeing? A shape, noticeably darker than the rain,  lay ahead.  She could barely see, with the rain falling in thick and heavy drops, each one a violent blow upon head, shoulders and body. She jolted as another harsh bolt sizzled across the sky, and whimpered as the thunder shook the earth. Running, falling, rising and running, she made her way to the  small building. It was a farmers shed, where he would keep harvest supplies. The farmers homestead could be miles away- or just over the next hill. There was no way to tell, in this weather. Outside, the rolling hills  must be an “upper field” as they called the outermost farm areas, close by, as she’d surmised, their neighboring kingdom.

Still, though there was no change of clothing, no towels, no food, it was dry, and out of the elements. The rain hissed down the sides of the shed, pounded on the roof. She examined the space with the door opened for some light. There were a few piles of old hay here, likely inhabited by mice. Still, she knew it would keep her warm. She peeled off her outermost shirt, and draped it across one pile of hay. Reaching for the hem of the second tunic, she tugged that over her head as well.Spreading that tunic beside the first, she began the task of unfettering her breasts. Dropping that wrapping onto the floor, she massaged her breasts, taking a deep breath for the first time in hours.

Something suddenly blocked the meager light.

“Hello? Is someone in here?”

Realizing with a shock that there was a person there, she though for a moment about hiding in the hay. But hay always made her sneeze, and just now an inopportune snort blew from her.

“Goddess bless,” came the voice, a deep, male voice, “and might I take shelter here?” He stepped into the shed, which felt all the smaller for his size. “Ah, there you are, lad…oh whoa there…you’re no lad!”

The prince, so it seems, had excellent eyesight, don’t you think? Or perhaps the princess’s breasts were just that obtrusive. I’m not sure, but I think this is getting exciting, don’t you?

Then again, I am a bit of an alley-cat, underneath it all! Yes, yes, more story, I see your face. Very well, then.

The princess had yet to utter a sound, other than her untimely sneeze. Should she play the princess card? Her mind turned cartwheels. She had no idea who this man was, but his voice did silly things to her tummy. Her nipples were hard pebbles, pressing against her cold, clammy palms. Despite the dimness of the surroundings, he could tell she was not a young lad. Silently cursing her need to pull off her breast-binders, she quickly decided to not reveal who she was. He might not be a kidnapper, or something worse, but she wasn’t going to trust him, either.

“I…no. I’m not a boy.”

She saw the quick flash of teeth in the gloom.

“Well-I would think it would be hard to hide….those…” He flipped a finger towards her expansive bosom. She rolled her eyes, but didn’t respond to that particular comment.

“I’m just here until the rain stops.”

“Oh shit!” He turned quickly and strode out the door. He returned moments later with a very wet, quite disgruntled horse. The shed was large enough for the two of them and the horse, but not much else.

“Oh! The poor thing!”

Snatching up her shirt she began pulling it down his body, trying to slough off excess water. Wringing it out every few passes, she finished her side. He’d taken off the tack from the miserable beast; she moved around to his side and continued trying to dry him.

Hands settled on her hips, a warm, albeit wet body pressed against her back, her buttocks, even as his chin nuzzled her hair. She stiffened as his lips cruised down the side of her neck.

“Stop that!” she muttered, even as her body relished the heat coming from him.

“You don’t really want me to stop…do you?”

Fingers rose from hips to curl gently under her breasts, flicking softly at her protuberant nipples. Her hands stilled on the horse, who turned and looked at her as if to say, ‘get on with it, girl’. The soft moan slipped out as the tips of her breasts rose higher, tighter, as if beckoning him for more.

His breath was a warm whisper against her neck, his lips gently tracing the thudding beat there, as those nimble fingers accepted the challenge of those thrusting buds, and gripping them, rolled them, pinched them, teased them.

Suddenly the princess had a flash of her parents, her mother’s breast in her father’s hand, and she understood, at last, the raw and savage need that drew one to the other.

Throwing caution to the wind, she turned, moaning, surprising him as her mouth latched onto his.

“Saucy little bitch,” he murmured as his mouth pressed to her lips, teasing them open, and tasting her mouth for the first time.

Mating rituals are so tedious aren’t they? No? You liked that part? I guess that’s why these stories are writ this way, then. No, no more for today. I’m off to lay in the sun and dream. If you want more, you’ll have to return, tomorrow.