The Princess and the Pe(nis) (6)

This then, will be the last of this tale. Should I reveal to you that it is a happily ever after tale, or did you surmise that already? You did? Excellent. One appreciates talking to an attentive and intelligent audience, after all.

Now where were we? Allow me a moment to stretch…ah, that’s better. I believe we finished talking about the giant feast? The roasted turkeys, the bowls of roasted vegetables, the fatted cow turning on the hearth? Oh, and the cake was a visual delight…layers of tall, rich cake, thick and delicate frosting. Goodness, but the King’s kitchens worked many laborious hours to prepare for the festivities. Kings and courtiers, hangers-on and friends gathered at groaning tables, and ate, and drank and joked bawdy toasts to the couple.

Ah, but again, I’ve talked about all that before didn’t I? You don’t care overmuch of the scent of roasting meat, the sweet smell of honeyed mead, do you?

Fine, fine, be that way, then.

The prince did indeed carry the princess all the way to the royal mating chamber. It was not the princes’ private rooms, but a special place set aside for the new wed couple to get to know one another. Tradition, that tricky mistress, declared that they would stay within the rooms here for a full week. Food would be brought to them, and slid into a special compartment in the wall, that could be accessed via a clever sliding door on each side of it.

The doors would be locked by the guard that stood outside, waiting for the arrival of the couple, and a second doorway leading to this hallway, would also be locked. The room was constructed of thick marble, a gleaming mini-palace inside the main palace, complete with private balcony, private garden, private baths.

They were followed all the way to those outer doors, where the onlookers were denied entry by the guard there. Ahead was the entry to the room, with that guard as well. She didn’t fight there, no, she had enough pride to stay quiescent in his arms while anyone else could see them.

Once the doors closed, however, she began to wriggle and writhe, and he had to grab onto her ever tighter to hold her. A few quick steps and he dropped her to the bed, and fell atop her.

“There is nowhere to go, you know.” He looked down into her stormy eyes, smiling. He would have said more, but he felt the racing of her heart between two very succulent breasts, and understood the fear within her.

“Let me up, you randy beast!” She pressed on his chest, her palms feeling the heat of him. Damn, he smelled good. She shook her head.

“You tell me to let you up, then shake your head no. Which is it, my queen? Shall I let you up, or shall I kiss you again?”

Without waiting for her answer, his lips lowered and brushed her mouth with his, once, twice, a third time, before pressing firmly, tenderly.

His hands began to roam, exploring his wife’s body. Fingers traced her shoulders, her arms, her hip. He wanted to feel those tits but didn’t want to frighten her.

“You are too tense. Let me rub your back for you.”

He spoke against her soft cheek, knowing touch could gentle where words might fail.  Lifting himself from her, just for a moment, he helped her turn her belly to the mattress. He felt, too, the tiny tremor and felt a rush of caring for her.

Poor thing was frightened of him!

She trembled as she moved over, her still tender breasts brushing past his body, then pressing against the mattress. She didn’t want to be excited by this.

By him.

Yet something remained from her experience yesterday – lust. She wanted to feel those feelings again…the surge and thrust of a man’s cock within her belly, the feel and weight of a man on her, taking her to places she’d never read about in any book.

She felt his fingers in her hair, unfastening her braid, combing through her curly tresses.  The warmth of his knees along her sides, of his bottom settling over hers was arousing her.

She felt the bottom of her shift tugged upwards, and couldn’t stop the small gasp as his hands spread along her bare flesh, just at the curve where her buttocks met her back.

“shhhhh,” he whispered, still believing fear was coursing through her, rather than a rising tide of need.

Thumbs rubbed that tender spot along the edges of her spine, rising higher.

“You really are a princess,” he murmured. “You’ve bruises all over your back here…”

His hands pushed the chemise further and further up her back, baring her skin to his touch. She was melting, her back receiving his touch, even as her woman-folds grew wet with the wanting his touch engendered there.

Yet she had a moment of lucid thought. The bite-bruise on her shoulder! But just at that moment, he pushed her chemise up and over her head.

There was a moment of utter stillness.

She felt the sudden tautness of tension in his thighs. Oh, goddess, how would she explain…

Her thoughts were interrupted as he all but leapt to one side of her, spinning her onto her back.

“Tis you!” 

She struggled to pull the chemise from where it had tangled around her head and arms. Yet his hand landed on her face, clutching a wad of fabric and hair, and holding her captive.

Her breasts were fully exposed to his view, and she felt the flick against one gently bruised nipple.

“Remember this, princess ?”

There was something in his voice. A tone. A pitch. Humor, and in moments, passion, as his mouth landed on her protuberant bud, sucking and nipping at her flesh.

“And this?”

Oh, oh…

Pleasure coursing from nipple to breast to her woman-folds, as his mouth tugged at her. And shock as she realized how familiar the touch of his mouth on her body was.

His hand released the hold on her chemise, moving to fondle and knead her heavy breasts. His fingers teased those peaks to utter hardness, his mouth moved from one to another, kissing, nipping, suckling, rousing her with the pain and stimulation as he worked her tender, bruised flesh.

She moaned, she thrashed, yet still he teased with his touch. Finally, she threw off the chemise, leaving her fully naked. Aroused, her eyes flashed sapphire flames at him, blue eyes clashing with his green ones.

“My little stablemate,” he murmured, as he moved off of her, and began stripping off his own clothing. Their eyes held, until her curiosity got the better of her. After all, she’d never seen his shaft, only tasted it, touched it.

It was amazing.

Long, thick, and rigid, it jutted straight from his body, reminding her of a divining rod as it sensed water. In fact, the tip oozed a dash of liquid, and pointed right at her folds. In seconds, he was atop her with a leap, cushioning his fall with knees and elbows; yet his throbbing cock found its home between her thighs, pressing towards that warm, wet tunnel.

With a smile, his mouth lowered to hers.

“Much better than hay, wouldn’t you agree?”

She giggled.

She never giggled.

But the discovery that her mystery lover was, in reality, her husband made her giddy with delight. Who would have guessed that such miracles could occur?

As they began the ancient mating dance, I left the room, lightly leaping upon the balcony railing, flipping my tail. There are some things a cat just doesn’t need to see.

~ The End ~

17 thoughts on “The Princess and the Pe(nis) (6)

    1. there were multiple people who asked about the library…and you are all correct…nilla does not like hanging ends…



    1. I am thrilled (and amazed) that so many people asked about the Princess’s library…

      and we can’t have that just dangling out there, now can we?



  1. I’d like to take this opportunity to make you laugh.

    Princess and the pe(nis)

    OK. I kept trying to figure it put. Princess and the pen? No. Princess and the penis? Well yes ok. Princess and the whaaaa?

    Then I’m mid self-coitus … Princess and the Pea!


    I never admitted to being the brightest, only that i could shine!



    1. Andi…

      i read this twice. Because it cracked me up both times…and you are of course shining!

      I actually thought so hard about the title that i asked a few people if the title was too corny, too stupid or what. I decided on “or what” and went with it…

      The funniest part was that you were mid coitus when it hit you…that …is hysterical…

      Thanks for sharing!


  2. I just love, love, LOVE reading me some good ol’ Nilla stories…I can’t often relate relate, but this one just sings to me…or as i told Tripp at lunch today, “it just makes my little ol’ romatical heart go pitter patter…” (he laughed at my miming…or was amused at my tapping my boob over my heart..that was probably it actually)

    Thanks for the the good reads…ALL of them!

    ~ Jane

    1. Hi Jane,

      I’m so so sorry it took so very long to respond…life is crazy just now…but thank you…your comment was deeply meaningful to me, and I appreciate it no end. It’s always good to know that people are out there and enjoying what I do…so thank you for saying it…


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