The Princess and the Pe(nis) ~ Afterward ~

The building gleamed in the rising sun, tones of pink and orange washing over the face of it as the new day burst with joy onto the horizon.

“It looks good, even from here, doesn’t it?”

The princess turned from the window to look at her prince, smiling as she watched him playing with their son in the middle of their very rumpled sheets, in their very comfortable bed. Later she could attribute the wet spot to diaper leak…maybe.

“You’ve been looking at it for months-overseen every possible part of construction, searched the lands for tomes of all types- do you think it could be anything other than magnificent?”

He rubbed the soft red curls of Joslyn, his son.

“What do you say little prince? Did your momma do a fine job?”

The young prince looked up at his poppa with sparkling eyes, and a radiant smile. He bounced a little on the bed, then leaned forward and planted a wet, juicy kiss on his daddy’s mouth. Plopping back onto his rump, hands curled into tiny fists, he answered succinctly.


He didn’t have many words, but that had been one of his first.

His momma flew across the room, scooping him up and covering his face with kisses. He put up with it – she laughed at all the faces that he made as she did so – and he loved to make her laugh.

“Smart boy! Aren’t you momma’s smart little prince?”

There was a short knock on the door of their room, and his nurse came in, curtsying to the prince and princess.

“I’ll get him ready for the big day, Ma’am,” she said, taking him from the princess.

In moments, the prince and princess were alone.

It doesn’t take a lot of skill to imagine what happened next, the two randy young people alone, with a big, big bed, does it?

I forgot. You do like all those sort of details, don’t you? Well, you know, I’ve already spoken of the Princes’ mighty sword, the Princess’s large, round breasts. I needn’t go into all that again, need I?

I didn’t think so.

Now, where was I?

Ah,  yes…one moment, the princess was standing, watching the nurse move into the nursery with her son, and the next, was tugged backwards onto the bed.

“I believe you mentioned that all  type of books would fill your library…yet you have left one out.”

“That is not a book,” giggled the princess, grasping his cock and rubbing it with her warm hand. “Besides, I do indeed have a section on bedsports, so there!” Bowing her head, she blew a soft raspberry against the head of his shaft, making him moan.

“Vixen! I mean you have left out our book, the story of the Princess and the Pea, the story of us.”

“Oh, someday I’ll get around to writing that history down for our children, worry not!”

She dissolved into giggles as the prince licked and blew against her soft belly, the two of them little realizing that I was still in the room. I’ve seen more of those encounters than I could recount even in these pages!

Eventually the prince rolled her to her belly, and lifted her hips. This is a position that I enjoy very much, and judging from the sounds the princess made, so does she! In and out his fat cock slid, gleaming wetly as he moved between her thighs, hands tight on her hips. When she was nearing her climax, he would stop, either fully inside or fully withdrawn, and make her beg.

“You beast! I’m … please. Oh goddess…I need…”

And he would laugh, a deep and wicked laugh.

“Bliss prolonged is deeper bliss, my fair princess.” And he would slowly enter, or withdraw, and ever so slowly reverse. She attempted to buck him, but he held her steady and fast, not allowing her to move an inch.

To further her torment, he would reach under, and flick one hanging tit, pinch one distended nipple. Whimpers and moans, grunts and groans would ensue, until finally he would relent and begin to thrust with hard, long strokes.

When she exploded, he held still, his jaw clenched with the effort of not joining her in release; as she began to ebb, he began fucking hard, stroking into and out of her body, making them both grunt with the force of it.

When he came, she too clenched, fingers grabbing at the silken sheets, her mouth open, eyes shut at the delightful sensations.  At long last he was done, pulling his spent shaft from her with a wet sucking sound.

Flopping beside her, he gathered her close, and they slept for a time.  A bell tolling the hour off in the distance roused her first. Rolling to face him, she kissed his nose, his cheeks, and finally his mouth, all while he slept.

Or feigned sleep…for when her lips met his, he rolled her to her back, one hand in her hair, the other lifting her leg as he slipped between them.

I do believe it possible that the Prince must have alley-cat in his lineage, but I digress.

She may have tried to protest, there was some mumbling happening, but in moments, the only sounds in the room were soft moans, wet splashes, and the slap of flesh against flesh. At some point her heel went up over his shoulder, her ankle hooking over his neck, as he drove deep inside of her, his mouth still attached to hers. They swallowed each others moans as they stiffened in harmony.

In moments, he had tugged her to her feet. Slapping her bottom, he directed her to the bathing room.

“Go, wench, or I will spend all day here rutting with you.” His cock, still stiff, bobbled up and down as he turned her, pushing her across the room.

“Want, want…” she tried to grab for his cock, missed, and fell to her knees.

He moved to scoop her up, but she grabbed around his thighs, and slid her tongue up and over his cock, suckling and giggling until she captured the head, and took it between her kiss-swollen lips.

“You little bi—” his moan caught him, before he could finish, his cock gobbled the full depth into her hungry mouth. Her small nails dug half-moons into the back of his thighs as she worked his aching rod, sucking, licking, massaging him until he felt the tell-tale tightening of his balls. He knew she loved to swallow him, but he wanted her belly filled, another child growing inside of her.

Taking a quick step forward, he caused her to fall backwards toward the floor, her mouth slipping off his throbbing shaft. She caught herself on the downward slide,  her hands  slipping down his thighs, his calves, until she lay back on the floor with him straddling her. He looked down at her with a  fierce expression, his cock huge with his hunger for her.

In seconds, he mounted her, thrusting hard and deep for the third time into her tight and wet pussy (pardon the expression). When he began to spurt, he pressed deep into her, until his balls were squeezed between their bodies, as they emptied deep inside of her.

She wondered at the almost feral way he had taken her, his face fierce and serious and demanding. How that excited, thrilled, enticed her.

Placing her hand on her full-of-him belly, she wondered if some of his essence would catch with her and quicken a child inside her. She was ready-more than ready-to fill the royal nursery with another babe.


Arm in arm, the Prince and Princess walked up the 13 steps to the front of the library. In front of the long expanse of columns running the left-side length of the front portico,  were 13 boys-to-men standing shoulder to shoulder. The youngest was all of 2, the eldest was 80 if he was a day. Linking arms with the old man  in the center was an old woman, and the line of 13 females progressed down the right side, and down in age to the last little girl, who was not much older than the Crown Prince. The long fan of them blocked entry to the building, which featured multiple doors from the wide front portico.

The princess stood, glowing as bright as a candle, her dream at long last fulfilled. Within the building were many rooms, each meant to attract learners of all ages, all interests. As her husband opened the ceremonies, as she looked out to the sea of smiling faces, she saw her brother, her parents, her brother and sisters in law, her husbands parents, and everyone who had helped her to bring her long-held dream to fruition. From here forward in time, books and reading would be open to all who chose to walk through these doors. She thought for a moment of the librarian in her parents kingdom, and silently thanked him for strengthening her resolve to move forward on this project. Standing on the solid reality of that dream gave her an immense thrill. Smiling, she returned her attention to her husband, who was finishing his introduction to his wife.

In bringing her to our kingdom, we have brought a dream to life, and life to a dream. My beloved, mother of your crown prince, and keeper of my heart, my princess, to you I offer blessings on this day of wonder.

He stepped away from the podium, urging her forward. She had no speech prepared,  yet knew exactly what she wanted to say. Her hands shook just a bit as she saw the expectant faces looking at her from all over the place! The courtyard was full, the steps were full, the garden was full…as far as she could see, there were people!

Turning, she pushed apart the linking arms of the old couple, and the two lines parted on queue.

“Let me tell you a story….”

She turned back, gesturing that age-old sweep of arm that meant “come in,” inviting the crowd to move up the steps and into their new library. Her husband hugged her tight, as blessings and smiles were bestowed upon her. And then the crowd surged into the lovely building, to learn, to explore, and to dream.

The End

And now, you curious creatures, much as I’d love to sit and be petted by you, I have kittens to attend to. Fare thee well.

…..with that, the narrator stalks off, stopping to scratch her ear, and look back to see if you’re still watching her stride off,  her tail swishing from side to side. After a moment, a large tabby male slides out from behind a sweetly flowering bush, and stealthily moves to follow her. Since two of her kittens have similar markings to him, I am more than certain that she knows very well that he’s there, don’t you? 🙂 After all, we both know that she’s a very sexy little pussy.  The end!

14 thoughts on “The Princess and the Pe(nis) ~ Afterward ~

    1. Thank you Southern Sir…

      and sorry it took so long for me to respond…I always appreciate you commenting, and enjoying my little tales!


  1. Ahhh, that is the happiest of endings – particularly the library!! And i love that the narrator’s a cat – of course it is, how did i not know that??

    Thanks, ‘Nilla!!

    1. 🙂

      Yes, that was my little nilla twist, making the narrator a kitty…and I’m glad you asked about the library…it was an “aha” moment and needed to be finished!



    1. thanks andi,

      so glad you enjoyed the finale of the Princess and the Pea story…it was a fun story to craft, and so rewarding that so many enjoyed it with me!


    1. thanks ww…so glad you liked the afterward on the Princess and the Pea story…

      and very glad that so many people asked “what about the library!”?


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