Dateline: Somewhen on Sunday.

I was blindfolded early, early.

I was beaten, early.

I was (thank you Goddess) finger fucked into my first several orgasms.

But under the blindfold, time doesn’t move. I exist outside of time, in a dark bubble with Him.


Everything is intensified, not knowing what is coming next, pleasure or pain?

At some one of those “whens”, His lips met mine in the first kiss of our time together. It was soft, gentle, tender.


His lips nudged at mine, parting me, slipping His tongue into my mouth, my tongue gliding along His as we tasted one another.  So intensely erotic.

And then the sharp, shockingly painful pinch as His finger took my erect nipple and pinched it firmly. I yelp into His mouth, and He deepens the kiss, not letting me break away to cry out, as His finger tortures my nipple. Just the nipple, just the very sensitive point of me, incredible pain, while His mouth loves mine, tender, deep, gentle.

The contrast is indelibly etched in my memory.

Later there was some tit squeezing, slapping, beating with a variety of toys…He did a lot of titty torture, which I still feel two days later as I move around. Today I am braless as being contained in a tit-sling is just a bit too much. 🙂

There was a point of quiet.

I was laying on the bed, spaced out. Orgasms, pain, all mixed up in my head now, all in random order.

I don’t know, really, how it happened.

He was across the room, tapping away on His computer, doing some work. I knew He was going to do it, and I came aware of the sound of it gradually.

It was peaceful, just two people being together. One of them semi-conscious, but still … *grin*

And somehow…

I dunno how…

My fingers were stroking my slit.

I was wearing long black satin gloves. and still had my panties on, also black, lace on the front, satin at the crotch.

Satin on satin.

Soft, gentle strokes, warmth against warmth.

I must have been smiling, thinking about Him for certain, and feeling my pussy oozing sex juice.  I’d *had* orgasms, and *had* some pain, and was just laying there, gently coming back to my body from…whereever I was…

And the stroking became just a bit harder…rubbing over and over on my clit.

And I was verrrry close to cumming.

Smiling, and almost there…..

“What the fuck?”

My finger stills…uh…oh…

“Are you….are you….”

His voice is incredulous. I smile just from the tone of it.

“Are you …. masturbating?”



“You little fucking whore! You’re masturbating? While I’m across the room, working my ass off, you’re fingering your clit? You little whore, you!”

The bed shifts, as He lies beside me. I snuggle against His warmth. (I was seriously underdressed for the chill of the room)

I’m smiling and languid and He’s …. it’s funny…He was amazed, somewhat appalled, and somewhat bemused, I think.

“Well, get on with it then and finish…” He says.

Immediately I’m embarrassed. He’s right fucking there. Next to me. Watching, and I can’t see Him. How unfair. How humiliating. How…arousing.

I rubbed, and got closer. Clit tingling, nipples puckering, I was *there* in seconds, I think.

I came in a little whimper of pleasure and embarrassment. He’s never, ever done that before, watched me pleasure myself.

“That was a bit fast nilla,” He says, as if doubting me. I think, though I’m not sure, that He checked.

I was wet…I did indeed cum…I just rarely come explosively on my own, and never without toys. It was a gentle lovely cresting of pleasure on my already sensitized clit.

It was erotic, and naughty, and immediately sent my head spinning into subspace all over again. 🙂 Which is really a lovely place to be, isn’t it?

22 thoughts on “Naughty

    1. It was one of the best (I know I say that every damn time)…but it was right up there with our collaring day as a fond, loving memory for me.

      Thanks abby!


    1. 🙂

      yes, that’s it exactly. He laughed because He was having as much fun as I was. We sorely needed it (pun intended!)…

      Thanks sis.


    1. OMFG!

      I laughed out *loud* at that. I could SO see you doing that!

      I think HE would have done that if he had the vernacular for it…

      Yeah. I did it. *still giggling*

      Thanks for the lovely comment, gg!


  1. Happy .. what a wonderful time for you both! I love the way you two are together.. enjoy and thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Thanks nancy…

      it was such a delightful day. So much joy and laughter. I love those times when it’s all about reconnection…mmmm

      and bruises. yeah. I have TWO heart-shaped ones…


      I think not!


    1. yeah.

      He can pull more and more from me. I never think I can…but just when it hurts the most for him to touch me…

      i cum buckets. 🙂

      oh, tmi?

      nah, just my PSA for the day. You too can cum when you think you are “done”… 🙂


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