dragon2Fist in her hair holding her face to the bed.

Hands on her legs, tugging up her skirt, ripping down her pantyhose.


The voice came from behind her, and she felt her wrists tugged to her back, the slick feel of plastic looping around them, tugged tight enough to bite into her wrists.

A finger probed her slit, finding her hole.

She tried to shake her head, but the hand in her hair held her still, held her face into the mattress, nearly cutting off her breath.

There was a sound, she recognized as a belt coming undone, the metal chink of the buckle tugged open, the unmistakable sound of a zipper being quickly lowered.

And then he was in her.

Two hands on her head, two hands holding her forearms, as he pummelled her pussy from behind. Her legs hung off over the edge of the bed as he reamed her, pumping so hard that her left shoe fell off with a thunk to the floor.

Fingers biting into her arm as she felt the cock in her pussy pump its jizz into her belly.

A sigh, a soft moan, the pop of release as he tugged out of her. She felt the mattress below her cunt wet with the drizzle from her leaking hole.

Hands moved, tugging hairs from her head, other hands taking over, mashing her face in the bed.

Fingers probing her pussy, and she knew, she knew what was coming. Fingers smearing wetness on her asshole, fingers poking into that tightly muscled ring. She tried to scream then, voice muffled in the bedclothes, tried to struggle, but to no avail.

There was pressure, as the finger was withdrawn,  as the hot flared head of a cock replaced it. The thick head was relentless, and her anus was sprung open as the invader popped inside.

She screamed again, deep into the mattress, her body taut with the pain.

And then he was withdrawing, pulling all the way out.

A moment of relief, just like after having a big poo, and she thought, hoped, prayed that was it, that he was done, that it was over.

It wasn’t over.

Between one breath and the next, he pressed forward into that tight bundle of tissue, sliding even more deeply into her bowels . He withdrew yet again, she whimpered,  understanding now that he was enjoying the sensations of her ass fighting his assault.

He thrust hard, her asshole relenting to his pole. He slid deep, filling her shithole with the thick hard prick. He ground his hips into her, until she felt the crinkly hair of his crotch against her asscheeks, working his tool all the way into her ass. She tried to push him out, and he ground deeper, corkscrewing his shaft up into her gut.

And holding.

“I’m in.”

There was a sound, which she couldn’t identify. Her head was lifted, and a wad of something shoved between her lips, then sticky duct tape over that.  Something was wound around and around her head, taking her sight. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t fight, couldn’t stop them.

She was rolled to her side, then her back, the other cock still lodged deeply in her ass. The throbbing there was intense, she felt the need to shit, to expel that which filled her so.

She felt, too, the throb in her clit, her nipples.  She felt the flush of shame at that.

Her hands hurt, pressed under her back, against the shirt of the man under her. The bed shifted again.

She shook her head, even as hands came to her shirt, ripping it open, as her bra was ruthlessly shoved up over her tits, baring them.

A cock probed her pussy slit, fingers pinched her left nipple, teeth clamped over her right.

And then he was inside her in one hard thrust.

The man under her moaned against her ear, a soft “fuuuccck”.

The man on top fucked cruelly, a steady pounding into and out of her hole, while the rub of jeans against her stockings tore long tracks where the teeth of his lowered zipper scraped her thigh.

It seemed like it went on forever.

Her pussy ached, throbbed, hurt with the relentless thrusting. Her clit, banged relentlessly, quivered. The orgasm, when it hit, was like a tsunami. She stiffened, back arching even in this awkward position, her cunt clenching and grabbing at the pumping rod, slicking her tunnel with hot juice.

“Whore,” he growled at her, his hands mashing her tits, exciting her body to more paroxysms of orgasmic clenching.

His pace slowed, withdrawing as if reluctant to leave the steaming hole, slammed back as if trying to punch her belly with the swollen head of his cock.

He came, buried in her, hot thick gouts filling her as he growled. The man under her shifted, flexed his hips once, twice, and she swore she could feel his cum jet from him, pouring into her bowels.

They pulled from her, cut her wrists free, left her laying on the bed.