Boring Shit

That was an intriguing title, was it not? (much laughing!)

Ms. Constance pointed out in her comment to my yesterday post that my illness had not made me lose my slutty smutness…that’s a paraphrase…and that made me smile. I think the ONLY thing that’s kept my good humor has been that very thing.

I’m working on a story for publication, and that is where most of my energy went today, I’m afraid. That and a great NCIS took my evening, and my creative juices have dried up, just like my rash. LOL.

So you’ll just have to put up with another boring nilla real-life post, I’m afraid. If you really MUST have a story, there’s one on the Dark Fantasies blog…I started it quite some time ago but you’ll see where it begins in the calendar…I think Part One, Catching a Slut came up in December? I’m too lazy to go check, sorry. And I added a new chapter to that today as well, that was for Michele and Southern Sir who have been avidly following the story as I’ve drooled it out.

Yeah, that’s some pretty imagery there.

Drooled it out. sheesh. *laughs*

See? Didn’t I WARN you that my creativity was pffft. Oh, wait, that’s my fart noise. Scratch that. Insert sound of air escaping from a balloon. Not a fart. 🙂

And that reminds me of Ms. Constance’s other comment. You can tell I’m a Ms. Constance groupie, can’t you? I simply adore her. If you go to Aisha’s blogger conference? You will get to meet her, and adore her too.

So Ms. Constance said that none of the comments nor my post about farting gave ANY sort of compassion to the poor Dom/Tops who were the recipients of said “hot air”…which of course made me laugh like a loon. To my way of thinking…you to the poke, you get the smoke. Of course, I’m a bottom, so what I think doesn’t really matter in this instance.

But I’m sure my Master will be pleased that at least one Domme has risen to His defense. 🙂

Did I tell you all that Master and I had a Superbowl bet? Can I tell you how incredibly painful it was for me to root for the Ravens? They are not nice football people, to my way of thinking. And they beat the shit out of my Patriots. So it was hard for me to admit that they would go all the way on and win.

Yet …I had to listen to my voice of reason. I had to go with them. I missed the point spread…and had a moment of panic in the last 4 minutes of the game that they *might* lose…but in the end, they did win.

And so did I.

I got…an orgasm a day for 3 days. Yes. Three. In a row.

Woot Woot Woot.

We’ve had some earthshaking orgasms here, people. Soaked the bed so bad I had to change the sheets. And it was just me and my vibe!!

Tonight is my very last O for a while. He says for a long while. But my birthday is this weekend so I’m hoping He’ll relent and get me a lovely Orgasm or three or four …and He won’t even have to wrap ’em!


Happy Hump Day, ya’ll…I’m off to do dirty things to myself…and maybe I’ll even tell ya about it…later…. *wink*