Before and After: a Master-ed HNT

hntThese are the girls.

These are the girls BEFORE a visit with Master.


These are the girls AFTER a visit with the Man.




15 thoughts on “Before and After: a Master-ed HNT

  1. Beautiful breasts. I’m sure your master finds them VERRAH (to steel your word) enjoyable.

    I love that you keep your bras in the picture. They make a nice contrast. Mine got a thorough beating last night and it sent me over the moon!!

    1. thanks…i take them as if He has just yanked down my bra (tho He’s just as prone to popping it up OVER them…

      So glad you got a luscious beating…lucky slut!

      My bruises are all faded and gone now. Then again…so are the shingles so life is GREAT!

      enjoy your bruises!


      1. Thank you…and yanno…it’s not everyone who gets a record breaking (potentially) winter storm for their birthday!!

        All “hunkered down” and ready. Tis howling a gale out there to be sure! And snowing like fuck-all!


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