All is Well!

Hi All…*waves*

Things up here in the frozen north are great…you know, not everyone gets a frikking blizzard for their birthday.

I was so psyched that I was pacing around the house from window to window to window…then running to facebook to post pictures, chat…generally be a nuisance of myself. I’m terrible when I don’t have a normal routine, and too much time on my hands.

I do, in fact, suck at “lazy”!

I did make a sock. Yes. One sock. I must make a 2nd one to call it a “pair” but so far, so good. I had a lovely family party, with cake and presents and just some down time. And oh yeah. We shoveled some snow.

All 6 of us.

So much snow the dog didn’t want to go out in it and curled up on the couch while we were outside digging out.



It took me about an hour to clear the van and dig out the snow that I pulled off the top of it. My older kids did the driveway since I’m old. No, really. 🙂 There are benefits to being middle-aged and I have no issue exploiting  explaining them. 🙂

bad back

old knees

sore wrist (oh no, knitting is theraputic)

cold fingers

And whatever else comes to mind. The sore back thing is just stress…after a good beating by Master? Seems to go away for a few months. Funny how that works. 🙂

We never did lose power though we did get over 2 feet of snow. The wind was ferocious and piled drifts up over some areas, more than 5 feet, while leaving other areas totally bare. It was gorgeously light and fluffy, and each crystalline flake was etched so incredibly gorgeously.

There were a fucking lot of flakes.


It was a great day.

As I write this it is late Sunday night. After a busy work day today, I got to hang out with my Master for an hour, then take my time trolling through craft stores (I am powerless before yarn, seriously!) and bookstores.

I can’t tell you much about my visit with Him because I am sworn to secrecy until He sees my post and approves it first. He wants you all to see the hard-assed Dom He is (and gods above and below HE IS! So fucking mean!) and not so much of the tender side of Him.

There is a very tender, caring side to Him.

Well, and why not? He’s got ME as His lovey-dovey “womanish” sub, right? *giggles*

So that post needs must remain for another day. Monday I hope to get back to our normal routine, and spin some delicious tales for you all, and get caught up on comments, and gods…it’s supposed to snow. And freezing rain. And who knows what-all.

Happy Monday!